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From: T.E.Dickey <dickey@clark.net>
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Subject: Re: What is vi? (Re: Betting on Unix)
Date: 16 Mar 1997 12:34:27 GMT
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In comp.editors Gerry S Hayes <sumner@CMU.EDU> wrote:
: None of the vi clones conform to POSIX yet, AFAIK; vim lacks ex mode
: (strange, since vi is just the Visual Interface to ex), nvi lacks
: modelines.  Elvis is best for vi compatibility as far as I've seen.
I have a copy of a Posix document from 1993 for vi that doesn't mention
modelines (which version are you referring to?).

when I'm testing vi-compatibility with vile -- which I do when there's
no other design considerations overriding -- I find that elvis/vim/vile
all are about equally non-vi-compatible, while nvi _is_ (since I cross-test
with other implementations).

Thomas E. Dickey