mark City Profile
• Profile of Saitama City
• Basic Objectives of Saitama City
• Ward Profile
• Saitama City Visitor Information
• International Exchange
• Message from the Mayor
• Profile of Mayor Soichi Aikawa
mark Daily Life Information
• Consultation Services in Foreign Language
•Why Don't You Join the Neighborhood Community Association / Block Association!
• The Saitama City Association for Global Awareness
• Mother and Child Health Handbook
• Foreign Resident Registration and Certificate
  • For Persons with Disabilities
mark Emergency / Medical Facilities
• Medical facilities that accept emergency cases during holidays
• Medical Information Guide
• Municipal Hospital
• Emergency Psychiatric Service Hotline
• Cooperation with correct usage of ambulance service
mark Disaster Prevention / Fire Prevention
• What to do in an emergency? How to be confident about earthquakes
• Being prepared at home
• Being prepared for wind and flood damage
• Where are the evacuation sites?
• Refuge and emergency water supply stations designated for each ward
• How to dial 119 (fire, emergency, rescue)
• Mandatory installation of fire alarms in residential households
• Beware of self-service gasoline station overfilling accidents!
mark Garbage Collection / Sewage system
• Household garbage disposal(Excluding Iwatsuki Ward)
• Household garbage disposal (Iwatsuki Ward)
  • Regarding Water Usage
  • Plea for correct usage of sewerage system
  • How to lay sewage pipes under private roads
mark Education
• Admission to elementary and junior high school
• School district (elementary/ junior high)
• School Entry Health Checkup
• School expense subsidies (Aid for school supplies, etc.)
• Educational counseling
• Promotion of special support education
• List of public elementary, junior, and senior high schools
• Volunteer Work by Foreign Nationals

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6-4-4 Tokiwa, Urawa Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture