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Mario Andretti and Colin Chapman pose with a formula 1 car and a JPS Esprit in the showroom of Jamestown Motors in California (circa 1979).

Colin Chapman (owner and founder of Lotus Cars) had a long-term sponsorship relationship with the John Players Special cigarette company. The relationship worked so well that "Team Lotus" was the most successful team in Formula one racing for its time. It still ranks near the top in most of the all-time records even though it has not raced in many years. The distinctive black and gold colours of the JPS sponsored Lotus cars is reflected in both the commemorative Esprit and the earlier JPS Europa.

So how many JPS Commemorative Edition cars were actually built? It is "common knowledge" that there were to be 100 for the UK market, 100 for the US/Canada market and 100 for the Rest Of the World market. It seems clear that these production figures were never achieved and that approximately half the 300 planed were actually built. One opinion is shown on this document from Andrew Ferguson where he reports that a total of 185 were built. On the other hand the Esprit book written by Walton states that there were 94 British cars, 26 US cars (10 of the US cars were calif. spec emissions ), and 27 for the "ROW" of world....for 147 total. Lotus told Walton that the first commemorative JPS Esprit was completed by 13 December 1978 as unit number 78120550G. The last was ready on 27th July 1979; unit number: 79070278J.

Another opinion about the number of JPS Esprits produced can be seen in this letter from from Steve Lacey of Lotus Cars to Mr. Parkinson in Nov 1989. Steve claims only a total of 123 JPS Esprits were built - 92 Domestic, 13 ROW, 10 Federal and 8 California cars.

If you know of any JPS Esprit owners please make them aware of our register so we can list as many of the JPS Esprits as possible on this register. The policy of the register is to display e-mail addresses for those who wish it. To ensure privacy, other contact details will not be released to the public. To contact any of the individuals on the register simply leave a comment on the home page or e-mail me at: and I will have them contact you.

Apart from "yours truly" there is a growing list of known JPS Esprit owners. This register is designed to identify those owners so we can provide one another with mutual support. (Where do you get replacement World Champion badges anyway?)

Known Owners are:

(to see the details of each car - if available - click on the car spec and number)


car spec and #

e-mail address

Federal cars

Mario Andretti

Federal # 001

the Andretti family web site

James Strickland

Federal # 002

Alexandre Emond

Federal # 003

Andy Wayne

Federal # 004

Will Granger

Federal # 007


Federal # 009 (destroyed)


Jess Marker

Federal # 010

Ray Tobey

Federal # 017


Federal # 018 (for sale)

905-686-4055 (Toronto area)

John Ridley

Federal # 019

e-mail address ?

Steve Frey

Federal # 020

Vallejo CA

Jon Isherwood

Federal # 023

Bill Galbraith

Federal # 024

Andrew Bobro

Federal # 027


Federal # 028 (for sale)


Federal # 029 (for sale) (Classic cars)

Frank Pusateri

Federal # 031


Federal # 035 (for sale)


Federal # 036


Federal # 039

e-mail address ?

Rich and Peg Flowers

Federal # 040


Federal # 042 (for sale)

tel: 630-940-9969

Phil Mitchell

Federal # 044

Al Zelt

Federal # 046

Bob Tufts

Federal # 047

Phil Mitchell

Federal # 049 (for Sale)

Wayne ?

Federal # 053 (for Sale)

David Fitch

Federal # 055

Raymond Robinson

Federal # 056

Raymond Robinson

Federal # 091 (for sale)


Rick Kirkbride

Federal # 100

Domestic cars

Jerry (once Nigel Mansell's)

JPS Turbo

Paul Phillips

Domestic # 002

e-mail address ?


Domestic # 003

e-mail address ?

Chris Barrett

Domestic # 004

Nick Warren

Domestic # 005

David Harrison

Domestic # 006

Geoff & Pauline Harrison

Domestic # 007

Michael Lawrance

Domestic # 010

Martin Andre

Domestic # 013

e-mail address ?

Brian Walley

Domestic # 018

Sandra Rossi

Domestic # 019

e-mail address ?

Colin Finch

Domestic # 020

e-mail address ?

Graham Harrison

Domestic # 021


Domestic # 022

e-mail address ?

Nigel Carter

Domestic # 023

e-mail address ?

Charles Bloomer

Domestic 024 (for sale)

David Kent

Domestic # 025

Barry Wayne

Domestic # 028 (sold)

Peter Folprecht

Domestic # 029

Ian Munro

Domestic # 032

Graham Capel

Domestic # 033

K. E. Plowman

Domestic # 034 (for sale)

Tel: 01527 403136 (UK)

Timothy Hart

Domestic # 035

e-mail address ?

C. Ratwell

Domestic # 037

e-mail address ?

M. Taggard

Domestic # 040

e-mail address ?

Graham Capel

Domestic # 044

Alfred Moreton

Domestic # 044 (for sale)

D. C. Thompson

Domestic # 047

e-mail address ?


Domestic # 048

e-mail address ?

Jeremy Carson

Domestic # 061 (for sale)

listed in Club Lotus

Jonathan Chapman

Domestic # 063

Liam Fahy

Domestic # 064

Mark Jarrold

Domestic # 066

I. McDonald

Domestic # 068

e-mail address ?

Charles Willment

Domestic # 070

Fred Nally

Domestic # 072

D. Campbell

Domestic # 073

e-mail address ?


Domestic # 077

e-mail address ?


Domestic # 079 (for sale)

Coys auction

Paul Stringer

Domestic # 083

Peter Ritson

Domestic # 085


Domestic # 086 (for sale)

Tel: 01754 880687 (UK)


Domestic # 087

e-mail address ?

Paulette Appleby

Domestic # 089


Domestic # 092

e-mail address ?


Domestic # 094

David Parkinson

Domestic # 095

e-mail address ?

Steve Simmonds

Domestic # 096 (for sale)

listed on e-bay Mar 2006

dominique Hilarion

Domestic # 098

David Noble

Domestic # 099

Stewart Milne


Rest of World cars

Rescue Me Please!

ROW # 010

Pierre-Alain Gaillard

ROW # 012

Emmanuelle Barideau

ROW # 017


ROW # 020


ROW # 023

Located in Japan - 1998

Ian Peters

ROW # 025


ROW # 027


ROW # ???

Located in Sydney Australia

Some vintage racers still flying the JPS colours.

This is an appeal for assistance. In 1978 Mario Andretti was Formula One World Champion. In April 1979 Lotus presented him with a 1979 Lotus Esprit before the Long Beach Grand Prix for being champion. This presentation was covered by various members of the press and we understand photos and an article on the event were printed in at least one automotive periodical. We understand copies of the photos and the article were offered for sale on E-bay recently. The JPS Register is willing to pay a resonable finder's fee for someone who can provide us with original copies (see oxymoron collection) of these items. Thanks for your assistance.

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