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Charlotte County's high schools offer young adults the optimum environment in which to expand their horizons in preparation for their futures. The high school curriculum provides both generalized and specialized educational experiences, preparing students for the postgraduate endeavor of their choice - continued education, military service or immediate entry into the workforce.

Extensive course offerings, ranging from basic to advanced levels, are available in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Art, computer education, drama, foreign language, humanities, music, Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) and vocational education are only a few of the electives offered in the curricular area.

Advanced Placement (AP) programs give students the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in selected subject areas. Many colleges give credit and/or advanced college placement to students who attain an acceptable score on the AP examination.

Junior and senior students who qualify may enroll in approved college courses under the Charlotte County Public Schools Dual Enrollment agreement. The high schools as well as the postsecondary institution offering the coursework recognize credits obtained in this manner.

Additional dual-enrollment opportunities are available to Charlotte County Public Schools students through the Charlotte Technical Center. Students can attain career education credits and certificates in areas including child care, patient care, cosmetology, electronics, drafting, culinary arts and business office technology, to name a few.

Student government, band, chorus, drama, model U.N., mock-trial competition, service organizations and subject-related organizations are fundamental to an ongoing and active co-curricular program.

Athletic pursuits, including but not limited to wrestling, football, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, track, golf, tennis, soccer and swimming, are part of the district's sports program.

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