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AUTHOR: KV | PUBLISHED: Oct. 19, 2000 | COMMENTS (50)

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"Who is the best...Who will win....Who will be....Dead or Alive?"

In the Dead or Alive tournament, the purpose is to be declared the best fighter in the world; however, each of the combatants in the tournament has his or her own personal reasons for entering the contest. Even the tournament's organizer/sponsor has a hidden agenda.

Kasumi is one of the twelve participants in the Dead or Alive tournament. She is part of a ninja clan whose members are considered some of the best martial artist in the world. Kasumi is the best female ninja in her clan, and her martial arts skills rival any of the male members. Kasumi's younger ½ sister, Ayane, is the only known female of her clan whose martial arts skills approach the level of her expertise. Kasumi's main reason for entering the tournament is to find her missing brother.

Pros: Kasumi is one of the main protagonists of the DOA series and is portrayed as a woman of action and deeds. She is willing to risk everything in order to search for her missing brother, including being cast out by her own clan and then hunted by them for being a renegade ninja.

Cons: Kasumi's character and story is unfortunately somewhat muddled by series poorly explained plot line. She also suffers from the "jiggle wiggle peek-a-boo factor" for which the series is both famous and infamous.

Overall (8.14/10): Kasumi is a very pleasing character. Her background story and search for her brother are interesting plot devices. However, Kasumi's character potential, background, and the story about the search for her brother are very underdeveloped in the game. The game's infamous jiggle wiggle peek-a-boo factor also hurts the seriousness of her character.

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Overall Score: 8.14 / 10

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