VTE Terminal Widget

The VTE widget is a new terminal widget meant to replace zvt. It is used by gnome-terminal as of GNOME 2.2.x


Unicode support
Recently added support for UTF-8 display, select and paste. Currently supports fixed-width, iso10646-encoded and wide fonts.
Background pixmaps
A very fast implementation of background pixmaps and pseudo-transparency means all users can have beautiful desktops without heavily impacting their work.
Secure and portable
Only a small external program is required to interact directly with the operating system and pseudo tty interface. This is easily ported to different Unix systems and auditable for security.
Easy to use and feature rich
Through a simple api adding a complete terminal execution environment to any application (including secure tty setup and utmp/wtmp logging) is next to trivial (3-4 function calls). It can also be used as a direct text display engine with colour/attributes and cursor addressible display without the need for a separate sub-process. Features include configurable colours, pixmaps/transparency, beeps, blinking cursor, selecting by word characters, and more. Plus all the usual stuff like selection/pasting, and scrollback buffer.
xterm compatible
It aims towards being a terminal-compatible dropin for the xterm program. This is to aid interoperability with foreign systems. The rarely used Tektronix graphics terminal component has been dropped however.
Dingus Click
Allows auto highlighting of a set of text matching a regular expression. Used by the gnome-terminal to launch a web-browser when the user shift-clicks on a URL.
Actively developed
Steadily improving feature set and stability.

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