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Join Host Bob McDonald for Quirks and Quarks

Quirks & Quarks Podcasts

Quirks & Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom… and everything in between.

The Quirks & Quarks podcast is updated Saturdays.

Quirks & Quarks - 2008-05-17

Landing of the Phoenix, Dieting Fish, Cold Dry Bugs, Mantis Shrimp Super Sight, The Big Rip

Right click to Download Quirks & Quarks - 2008-05-17
[mp3 file: runs 53:26]

Quirks & Quarks - 2008-05-10

The Love Flower, Food for Thought, Rats in the Clouds, Monte Verde Greens, The Ferocious Summer

Right click to Download Quirks & Quarks - 2008-05-10
[mp3 file: runs 53:25]

Quirks & Quarks - 2008-05-03

T. rex:nothing to sniff at, Babbling Baby Birds, Spin Science, Intelligence

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[mp3 file: runs 53:22]

Quirks & Quarks - 2008-04-26

Pulling the Plug on a Carbon Sink, Diet and Baby Sex, Plight of the Bumblebee, The Hot Topic, Argus Satellite

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[mp3 file: runs 53:26]

Quirks & Quarks - 2008-04-19

Kluge, Neaderthals Speak, Barbary Lions, Greenland Floods, Arctic Ice Shelves

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[mp3 file: runs 53:26]

qq-2008-05-17_01- Landing of the Phoenix

The Phoenix mission to Mars lands next week carry Canadian instruments.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-17_01- Landing of the Phoenix
[mp3 file: runs 17:28]

qq-2008-05-17_02-Dieting Fish

Fish diet to stay out of trouble.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-17_02-Dieting Fish
[mp3 file: runs 8:36]

qq-2008-05-17_03-Cold Dry Bugs

Antarctic flied dehydrate to avoid freezing.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-17_03-Cold Dry Bugs
[mp3 file: runs 8:30]

qq-2008-05-17_04-Mantis Shrimp Super Sight

A savage shrimp sees in ways other animals don't.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-17_04-Mantis Shrimp Super Sight
[mp3 file: runs 8:58]

qq-2008-05-17_05-The Big Rip

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-17_05-The Big Rip
[mp3 file: runs 9:26]

qq-2008-05-10_01-The Love Flower

An orchid seduces wasps.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-10_01-The Love Flower
[mp3 file: runs 10:41]

qq-2008-05-10_02-Food for Thought

The benefits of breast feeding for the brain.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-10_02-Food for Thought
[mp3 file: runs 7:31]

qq-2008-05-10_03-Rats in the Clouds

A species missing for a century has been rediscovered.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-10_03-Rats in the Clouds
[mp3 file: runs 8:14]

qq-2008-05-10_04-Eating Monte Verde Greens

Seaweed discovered in one of the earliest American human settlements.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-10_04-Eating Monte Verde Greens
[mp3 file: runs 9:00]

qq-2008-05-10_05-The Ferocious Summer

Tracing a terrible season for Antarctic Penguins.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-10_05-The Ferocious Summer
[mp3 file: runs 17:31]

qq-2008-05-03_01 - T. rex: nothing to sniff at

Re-examining the skull of Tyrranosaurus rex to determine just how well it could smell.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-03_01 - T. rex: nothing to sniff at
[mp3 file: runs 9:50]

qq-2008-05-03_02 - Babbling Baby Birds

Finding out that baby birds babble, just like humans.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-03_02 - Babbling Baby Birds
[mp3 file: runs 7:46]

qq-2008-05-03_03 - Spin Science

A Canadian researcher uncovers a 100 year old mystery about the science of vortices.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-03_03 - Spin Science
[mp3 file: runs 8:50]

qq-2008-05-03_04 - Intelligence

Trying to understand what intelligence is and how we measure it.

Right click to Download qq-2008-05-03_04 - Intelligence
[mp3 file: runs 25:28]

qq-2008-04-19_01-Pulling the Plug on a Carbon Sink

Pine-beetle killed forests in BC are releasing huge amounts of carbon.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_01-Pulling the Plug on a Carbon Sink
[mp3 file: runs 9:55]

qq-2008-04-19_02-Diet and Baby Sex

Womens diet before conception may influence the sex of their offspring.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_02-Diet and Baby Sex
[mp3 file: runs 8:13]

qq-2008-04-19_03-Plight of the Bumblebee

Wild bumblebees in Ontario seem to be disappearing.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_03-Plight of the Bumblebee
[mp3 file: runs 7:27]

qq-2008-04-19_04-The Hot Topic

A new book on the problems of and solutions to future climate change.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_04-The Hot Topic
[mp3 file: runs 18:00]


A new kind of spy satellite will be tracking carbon emissions from space.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_05-Argus_Satellite
[mp3 file: runs 9:23]


A new book looks at just how jury-rigged our brain actually is.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_01-Kluge
[mp3 file: runs 17:10]

qq-2008-04-19_02-Neanderthals Speak!

Computers model the Neanderthal vocal tract, and possibly what their voices sounded like.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_02-Neanderthals Speak!
[mp3 file: runs 8:41]

qq-2008-04-19_03-Barbary Lions

Tracking lions from the tower of London.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_03-Barbary Lions
[mp3 file: runs 8:28]

qq-2008-04-19_04-Greenland Floods

Watching lakes on the Greenland Ice Cap drain away.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_04-Greenland Floods
[mp3 file: runs 9:02]

qq-2008-04-19_05-Arctic Ice Shelves

Ellesmere Island's ice shelves are disintegrating.

Right click to Download qq-2008-04-19_05-Arctic Ice Shelves
[mp3 file: runs 9:38]

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