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  • April 2, 2008: Tungsten Graphics Announces Custom Graphic Driver Enhancements for New Intel® Atom™ processor — Support for embedded developers and their specific graphics requirements
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Tungsten Graphics is a company with core expertise in 3D graphics driver development founded by a group of graphics experts with an unrelenting desire to pursue state-of-the-art graphics technologies.

Working with Tungsten Graphics ensures that you will deliver compelling and rich multimedia graphical user experiences in your products.

Shorten your product development cycle and gain faster time to market with the modular architecture of TG-Gallium3D. With TG-Gallium3D you can achieve greater flexibility in the selection of operating system, hardware GPU and APIs for end user products.

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Our team has the depth and breadth to effectively integrate diverse technologies and make innovative developments with a proven track record of developing graphics technology based on the most prevalent standards in the industry including OpenGL and Direct3D in a wide range of windowing and window-less environments.

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A message from our CEO

Our goal is to enable your success. We achieve this by:

  • Hiring the “best of the best”
  • Leading-edge graphics technology development
  • Integrating your needs with our expertise

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