Tina Clayton Lord Roberts Roberts Roberts Rogan Vickers
Timespan: 1978-1981, 1984-1997
  • Krista Tesreau (1994-1996, 1997)
  • Karen Witter (1990-1994)
  • Marsha Clark (1984-1985)
  • Kelli Maroney (1984)
  • Andrea Evans (1978-1981, 1985-1990; pictured above)
  • In 1978, Irene Clayton visited her long time friend Victoria Lord Riley to seek a huge favor. Dying, and with not much time left, Irene asked Viki to take in her teenage daughter Tina upon her death. Being Tina’s godmother, Viki agreed. A few weeks later, 16-year-old Tina Clayton—{originally played by Andrea Evans}—arrived on her "Aunt Viki's" doorstep.

    Viki and her husband Joe went out of their way to make Tina feel at home in this difficult time. Shortly after her arrival, Tina developed a crush on local scumbag Marco Dane. Marco, upset at Viki for threatening him on her friend Karen Wolek’s behalf, decided to use Tina’s infatuation to bestow his own brand of vengeance. Opening a “modeling studio,” Marco sweet talked the naive girl into posing for him. He then took Tina’s head shots and superimposed them over nude images, and proceeded to blackmail Viki with them. Demanding that she pay him off in exchange for him not making the photos public.

    In 1979, Tina began working at a local pizzeria where she met Greg Huddleston, son of Talbot Huddleston (another of Viki’s enemies.) For months, Tina and Greg engaged in what was your typical teenage puppy love relationship. Later, Viki and Joe grew concerned when Tina began hanging out with an unruly crowd. In 1980, 18-year-old Tina entered into her first adult relationship with the much older Johnny Drummond, whom she successfully seduced away from Becky Lee Abbott. Their relationship, however, came to a halt when Johnny ran off to be with Becky.

    Tina didn’t have much time to be upset over the breakup with Johnny, as she’d soon be visited by Ted Clayton…her father. What Tina (who had not seen Ted since she was a young child) didn’t know was that this wasn’t actually Ted Clayton, but rather Tom Clarkson—a con who wanted to get his hands on Tina’s inheritance. Tina welcomed phony Ted with open arms. Moved by her devotion, Tom felt remorseful about his deceit and later revealed his true identity. Things became more chaotic, though, when the real Ted Clayton arrived—proving himself to be even more nefarious than Tom. Like Tom, Ted also had dollar signs in his eyes. After failing to woo Viki, he grew increasingly unhinged and kidnapped Tina, holding her for ransom. Detective Ed Hall closed in on Ted, and after a violent stand off, shot Ted dead in front of Tina. In the aftermath of the traumatic events of that past year, Tina decided that it was time to leave Llanview to clear her head.

    In the summer of 1984, Tina—{now played by Kelli Maroney}—returned to Llanview. While away, she had discovered in her mothers diary that Ted Clayton was not her biological father after all. As she settled back into town, Tina began a search for her true paternity. As the year wound down, Tina—{now played by Marsha Clark}—became frustrated, making little headway in her quest.

    In early 1985, Tina—{again played by Andrea Evans}—stumbled into Victor Lord’s “secret room” at Llanfair and was stunned to discover a letter addressed to Viki written by Victor himself, confessing that he and Irene (Manning) Clayton had once been secretly married…and that Tina was his daughter! Tina later presented this letter to an unnerved Viki, who denied that it was true. Tina attempted to get Viki to accept the truth, but she wouldn’t hear of it and accused her of having forged it. When the letter was later mistakenly Xeroxed into the programs of the Banner’s 50th anniversary gala, news of Tina being a Lord was now made public. Mortified, a livid Viki accused Tina of being behind the ordeal, and angrily slapped her in the face.

    That summer, Mitch Laurence (Tina’s nefarious ex-boyfriend) arrived in Llanview. After hearing of Victor Lord being Tina’s father, Mitch originally schemed to marry her for her new found inheritance. Unable to resist him, Tina became putty in Mitch’s hands. Later, as Mitch rummaged through Victor’s things he discovered a document from Victor, stating that if Viki were to ever slip into another bout with her multiple personalities that the entire Lord estate would revert to Tina. Tina reluctantly aided Mitch in his plans to turn Viki back into Niki Smith, her alter ego, in order to cash in on the decree. Things, however, went haywire when Tina caused Mitch’s scheme to kill Clint Buchanan (Viki’s husband) and frame Viki for the murder to backfire. Confronting Mitch, Tina grabbed for the gun. As a struggle ensued, Harry O’Neill happened upon the scene. Mistaking him for Clint, Mitch shot Harry dead. Though Tina insisted that Mitch was the killer, her words fell on deaf ears when, thanks to Mitch having previously set up an alibi for himself, all signs of the homicide pointed to Tina. Upon being arrested, Tina was put on trial for Harry’s murder.

    During the trial, Viki (who had momentarily become herself again) testified in Tina’s defense. Thanks to Tina’s lawyer, Pete O'Neill (Harry’s brother), questioning her too hard, Viki morphed back into Niki Smith on the witness stand and revealed Mitch as Harry’s murderer. Tina was cleared. An APB was put out on Mitch, who was eventually apprehended and sent to prison. With Mitch seemingly out of the picture for good, everyone remained frustrated when Niki didn’t revert back to Viki. Now being in control of the Lord estate, however, Tina wasn’t complaining. Deciding that she wanted Clint for herself, Tina took advantage of the situation—blackmailing Niki into posing as Viki to divorce Clint. When Viki/Niki was later committed to a sanitarium, Tina closed in on Clint.

    One evening, as a drunken and depressed Clint passed out, Tina seized the moment and climbed in bed next to him. The next morning Clint awoke with horror over what looked to have happened between the two of them. Now that the divorce from Viki was final, Tina claimed to be pregnant with his child and threatened to abort it if he didn’t marry her. With his back against the wall, Clint breathed a sigh of relief when Dorian Lord exposed Tina lies about the pregnancy.

    In early 1986, as the Niki situation remained stagnant, Clint came up with an idea. Pretending to take an interest in Tina, he conned her into going with him into the bedroom. In the meantime, he managed to lure Niki into the room to “catch” he and Tina in ‘the act.’ The shocking sight was enough to bring Viki back out. As a joyous Clint and Viki tightly embraced, an embittered and embarrassed Tina was again left out in the cold.

    With a chip on her shoulder, Tina decided that if she couldn’t have Clint then she would take over Llanfair. Against Viki’s will, Tina redecorated the mansion in her tacky best. The struggle for Llanfair became so heated that the authorities had to intervene. Though it took time, Tina and Viki soon made amends and sought to put the past behind them. Tina, meanwhile, took up with her distant cousin, Richard Abbott. Though not in love with Richard, she did love the idea of being his wife…his rich wife, to be exact.

    In the spring, Tina intercepted a suspicious letter addressed to Clint from a Rosa Vasquez in Texas. Ever the snoop, Tina ventured to Texas to investigate the meaning behind the note. When she arrived, she was greeted by Cordero Roberts, Rosa’s gorgeous young grandson, who informed her that Rosa had just passed away. Completely mesmerized by Cord’s good looks and warm Texas charm, Tina remained in town for a couple of days—allowing Cord to play tour guide. Though enchanted with Cord, Tina ultimately returned home and continued to pursue her plans to marry Richard.

    Tina was surprised when Cord arrived in Llanview, after having tracked her down. Still infatuated, he was desperate to touch bases with her again. Not seeing Cord as anything more than a struggling photographer, who now was working for The Banner, Tina continually blew him off; insisting that they were not right for each other. Cord persisted in his attempts to woo her, much to Tina’s growing annoyance. Tina, however, later found out something shocking that instantly changed the way she looked at Cord…

    Paroled on a technicality, Mitch returned to town with a new image; presenting himself as a “man of God.” Al Roberts, Cord’s father, suffered a heart attack. As he lay on his deathbed, he confessed to Mitch that Cord was not his biological son, but rather the product of a teenage affair between his wife Maria…and Clint Buchanan! Mitch alerted Tina of the startling news. Tina, now all set to elope with Richard Abbott, kept him at bay as she contemplated her next move. Deciding that Richard’s millions were chump change compared to the Buchanan billions, Tina suddenly dumped him and eloped with Cord instead. Using the information that it had been Asa Buchanan (Clint’s father) who had arranged for Clint to never know his son, Tina blackmailed him into leaving Cord $1,000,000—under the guise that the funds were left to him in Al Robert’s will. Stoked, Tina had what she wanted all along: money, and lots of it!

    Tina blissfully enjoyed her new role as Cord’s wealthy wife. Though she had married him with dollar signs in her head, it didn’t take long for her to genuinely fell in love with her husband. In the meantime, Tina earned a new enemy in Maria Roberts; Cord’s interfering mother. Maria knew that Tina was up to no good and desperately wanted her son away from his new bride. After learning that he was the son of Clint Buchanan, and that the inheritance had come from Asa rather than Al, Cord wanted to return the money. While Cord was giving Asa back the check, Tina was off buying the tiny Caribbean island of Devil’s Claw—sinking every cent of their joint bank account into the real estate deal.

    Cord was upset at Tina’s purchase, but was livid when he later discovered that Tina had known all along that he was Clint’s son and figured out that it was why she had done the 180 and steadfastly eloped with him. When confronted, Tina desperately tried to talk her way out the corner she was in. Cord, though, wasn’t fooled and told her that their marriage was over. As Tina anguished over their impending divorce, things became more complicated when doctors alerted her that she was now pregnant. In early 1987, Tina left a message on Cord’s answering machine, telling him of the pregnancy. Maria, however, erased the message before he heard it. The enigmatic Max Holden, meanwhile, arrived in town and was sent on a mission by Maria was seduce Tina out of Cord’s life for good. When she heard no word back from Cord about their baby, she assumed that he didn’t care and allowed Max to pursue her. She agreed to go with Max on a trip to Argentina where he had business.

    While in Argentina, Tina and Max unwittingly got caught up in a dangerous drug ring led by Dante Medina, father of Gabrielle Medina, whom Max had recently had a passing affair with. In an ensuing mêlée, Tina was taken hostage. After having learned of Tina’s pregnancy, Cord (with new girlfriend, Kate Sanders) made a haste to Argentina in hopes of persuading her to return home. Cord caught up with Max, and together the two tried to rescue Tina, but by then it was too late. Tina’s captures had tied her up and placed her in a raft in the middle of the ocean. Max, Cord and Kate arrived in time to witness in horror, Tina going over the very steep Iguazu Falls. Unable to locate her, Tina was assumed dead, forcing them to return to Llanview and deliver the solemn news of her demise. Tina, however, survived the fall…

    After being discovered by locals, Tina was kept alive in the jungle. Gabrielle (now very pregnant with Max’s baby) heard of this, and sent out a guide to investigate. He later returned with a feverish and weak Tina. As her fever subsided, a sorrowful Tina told Gabrielle about her ordeal and assumed that she had miscarried her baby in her terrifying tumble over the falls. Soon after, Gabrielle went into labor with Tina assisting in the delivery of a baby boy.

    Ashamed to be a unwed mother, and believing that Tina was married to Max, Gabrielle anguishly turned her newborn son over to Tina—believing that she could give him a better life. Tina anxiously accepted the infant and raced back to Llanview. Upon returning to town, she learned that Cord was at that very moment marrying Kate. With the baby in her arms, she hurriedly made her way to the church, but was too late—arriving just moments after the two had said their “I do’s.” Tina’s presence stunned everyone, namely Cord. After presenting him the baby as theirs, Tina exhaustedly collapsed at Cord’s feet.

    With Tina’s return, Cord and Kate’s marriage was now rendered invalid—much to Tina’s delight. Tina and Cord named the baby Albert (“Al”) Roberts II, after his recently deceased stepfather. Tina, meanwhile, was horrified when Gabrielle arrived in town, upon discovering her lies. Pleading with Gabrielle to not blow the whistle on the charade, Gabrielle insisted that she hire her as the baby’s nanny. Maria later learned that baby Al was not Cord and Tina’s child after all and threatened to expose Tina’s charade if she didn’t grant Cord an immediate divorce. Tina had no choice but to comply, and sadly looked on as Cord and Kate planned to remarry.

    Maria decided that she wanted Clint all to herself and laced a pair of earrings that Tina planned to give Viki for her birthday with a deadly poison designed to kill on contact. Tina discovered Maria’s nefarious scheme, and confronted her. In an ensuing scuffle, the poison from the earrings splashed on Maria. After Tina watched in horror as Maria fell to the floor dead, she was later was arrested—then put on trial for Maria's murder. During the ordeal, the truth about baby Al’s true parentage was revealed. Tina was found guilty and was sent to prison. Believing in Tina’s innocence, Cord worked vehemently to clear her. When new evidence eventually surfaced, Tina was exonerated of the murder charges. Ecstatic, Tina and Cord made love. Although it looked like a reconciliation was in the works, a conflicted Cord decided to press forward with his plans to remarry Kate. Kate, however, could see how much Cord really loved Tina, and subsequently called off the wedding and left town.

    Despite Tina and Cord’s lingering feelings for one another, both continued to see other people. Cord began dating Sarah Gordon, Clint’s physical therapist, while Tina continued her affair with Max—later accepting his marriage proposal. Toward years end, Tina received a tip that a white baby boy had been found in the jungles of Argentina. As it turned out, following Tina’s fall of over Iguazu, she went into distressed labor and gave birth in a feverish state. The native Indians, afterwards, took the child.

    With Max by her side, Tina went on a international journey for her missing baby in early 1988. After having returned to Argentina to investigate, they learned that a character named Rolo, an old enemy of Max’s, had taken off with the baby and was demanding a million dollars for it's safe return. Rolo was eventually apprehended, but the baby was now in the hands of his accomplice, a woman named Lita—who had taken the child and sprinted to Italy. Following behind in hot pursuit, Tina and Max located the baby in an Italian convent. Dressed up as a nun and a monk, the two were aided by a slow-witted convent worker, narrowly managed to retrieve the child, and got out of dodge. Upon returning home with the baby, Tina presented their child to Cord. They named him Clinton James (“CJ”) Roberts.

    As Tina and Max’s wedding date drew near, Max eagerly awaited the big day. Those closest to Tina, however, noticed her hesitance. In March, the wedding day finally descended. During the ceremony, as she recited her vows to Max, Tina mistakenly uttered “I, Tina, take thee Cord…” The crowd gasped. Mortified, Max immediately called off the wedding. Although Tina’s blunder was the first step in reuniting her with Cord, he was still dating Sarah. Bo Buchanan, meanwhile, returned to town and developed a strange infatuation with Tina. Still kicking herself from her mistake at the alter, she allowed him to seduce her into bed. As a result of the impromptu affair, Tina was horrified to learn that she was now pregnant. It was soon discovered that “Bo” wasn’t really Bo after all, but rather the evil Patrick London, who had undergone incredible plastic surgery to look like his double in order to plot against the Buchanan’s. The news was anything but solace to Tina.

    Patrick was later killed, leaving Tina very conflicted on what to do. The psychotic Ursula Blackwell, who had been fixated with Patrick, became obsessed with Patrick’s baby that Tina was carrying. Wanting the child for herself, and afraid that Tina would abort it, she kidnapped Tina at gunpoint. Ursula then proceeded to take her back to her home, a New Jersey lighthouse and alerted Tina that she was going to spend the next nine months there. Also being held hostage was Ursula’s wheel chair bound father, Cornelius.

    Working diligently to rescue Tina, Cord and Max tracked down her whereabouts and made a careful entrance into the lighthouse one stormy evening. Arriving in a nick of time, Ursula had lost what little sanity she had left and was seconds away from killing Tina. As Cord and Max burst in, Ursula immediately pointed her gun at them and readied to fire when Cornelius sped across the floor in his wheelchair, plowing into his daughter. He ended up being shot. The force of the bullet sent his wheelchair soaring toward the window of the lighthouse, where Tina was standing. The two collided and, in a shower of glass, fell from the lighthouse to the sandy beach below. Ursula’s father was dead, while his body had softened Tina’s fall. The violent altercation caused Tina to miscarry, while Ursula was sent to an insane asylum. In spite of the fall, Tina amazingly came away with not much more than a few bruises. Following the ordeal, Tina and Cord reconnected. With their bond of love stronger than ever, she joyously accepted when he proposed. The two remarried in November, in a double wedding ceremony with Asa and Renee.

    In early 1989, Tina showed Gabrielle the location near Llantano Mountain where she and Cord planned to have a house of their own built. As the two continued exploring the grounds, Tina became caught in a trap. Promising to go get help, Gabrielle rushed back to town and alerted Viki, who returned with her. Together they managed to free Tina. Cord and Roger Gordon arrived behind Viki and Gabrielle, after having heard about Tina’s accident. The scheming Michael Grande also arrived, toting a gun. After a fight, Michael’s gun went off. The vibration set off an avalanche of snow, which sealed them in, along with Wade Coleman, Leo Cromwell and his daughter, Christine. As they wandered about, they were shocked to discover a tunnel that lead to a massive, brightly lit, lavishly constructed and furnished underground city called “Eterna.”

    Although brilliantly designed and constructed, as the days turned into weeks, the trapped group discovered that Eterna wasn’t very sturdy, and was littered with miscellaneous booby traps. Tina nearly plummeted to her death in a hidden abyss, while Cord narrowly dodged gigantic falling rock. On the outside, meanwhile, Clint and a rescue team tirelessly worked to drill and/or blast their way in. One day the walls began to crumble as explosions were detonated everywhere. Ash, shoot and debris came pouring down as fire began to sweep through the city. They all settled in for the worse. Tina and Cord tightly embraced before a gigantic explosion rocked the interior of Eterna. When it was over, they were shocked to see light from above. The explosion had opened a fault line in the rock. It was their last chance to escape. Rushing for the light, they barely avoided the final echo’s of Eterna’s last breath. As they raced into the arms of their shocked loved ones, the angel statue tipped from its pedestal and fell to the ground, consumed by the ravaging flames.

    Following the Eterna ordeal, Tina’s penchant for greed again got the best of her. Upon discovering a bright diamond cut from the crown jewels of Mendorra, which had been stolen from Europe, Tina decided that she had to have all of them for herself. What she failed to consider was that there were others who were seeking the jewels as well; most notably the crotchety Elizabeth Sanders and her maniacal son, Jamie…both of whom Tina was all too familiar with. Tina’s quest for gold led her to Atlantic City where she was dismayed to run into Elizabeth and Jamie, who subsequently abducted her—holding her hostage. During Tina’s captivity, she was even more unnerved when Ursula Blackwell again showed up, nuttier than ever, and wanting revenge. Ursula strapped Tina into a faulty homemade electric chair. As she was about to be roasted, Cord and the FBI arrived in time to free her. Jamie, Elizabeth, and Ursula were all catered off to prison, while a humbled Tina went home with her husband.

    Trouble continued to follow Tina in 1989, when she unwittingly became part of Gabrielle’s baby switching controversy. Alicia Grande and Brenda McGillis simultaneously gave birth to baby boys. When Alicia’s child died hours later, at the hospital, Gabrielle switched hers with Brenda’s healthy child. Tina overheard Austin Buchanan blackmailing Gabrielle about the baby switching. After trying repeatedly to get Gabrielle to confess, Tina took matters into her own hands and sought to blow the whistle herself. Gabrielle later found out that Cord had helped Asa bury Austin when Sarah shot him after he'd raped her. Since that was obstruction of justice, and Cord could be sent to prison, Gabrielle blackmailed Tina into keeping her mouth shut—threatening to blow the whistle on Cord if she didn’t.

    The baby switching scheme was later exposed. During Gabrielle’s trial, it was revealed that Tina (despite not being directly involved) had known about Gabrielle’s misdoings and withheld information from authorities. Tina was sentenced to six months in a halfway house for failing to reveal her intimate knowledge of the notorious switch. Unable to look the other way this time, a livid Cord exploded at Tina. He accused her of reverting back to her roguish ways and demanded a legal separation.

    Tina was released from the halfway house in the fall. Eager to reconcile with Cord, she was dismayed to discover that he and Gabrielle’s younger sister, Debra Medina, had began to bond in her absence. To clean up her sullen image, Tina went to work for a non profit adoption agency named “Lord Love the Children,” which claimed its mission statement was ‘to find homes for parent-less children.’ The charity was run by a seemingly angelic religious couple Ambrose and Selena Wyman. As she become more engrossed in the service, Tina was startled when a little girl involved in the organization told her that she still had parents. Though Tina’s nerves were temporarily calmed by a sly Ambrose, when she alerted him to what the child said, a nagging feeling compelled her to investigate further. Tina recruited Cord and, with his help, discovered that this “adoption agency” was really a child selling ring that was kidnapping kids from their homes, and giving them away to the highest bidder. Before they could alert the authorities, Ambrose lured Tina, Cord, Max, Gabrielle, Roger, and Viki to a warehouse on New Year’s Eve and locked them inside with explosives. The group was able to disarm the bomb, but Ambrose returned with a gun. As Max attempted to tackle him and wound up critically shot. Cord and Roger, meanwhile, wrangled the gun away from Ambrose. Police arrived subsequently, and the Wyman’s were arrested.

    As 1990 opened, Tina and Cord were beginning to heal their troubled marriage. A jealous Tina, however, remained discontented by her husbands lingering friendship with Debra and often picked fights with her, much to the irritants of Cord. The final straw came when she attempted to set Debra up to be publicly humiliated. When Cord discovered the plan ahead of time, he exploded, and told her that he wanted a divorce. When his mind couldn’t be swayed with her pleas, a heartbroken Tina packed up three year old CJ and moved to San Diego.

    Tina—{now played by Karen Witter}—returned to Llanview that summer, hoping to mend fences with Cord. Although startled by her reappearing, Cord held firm to his previous assertion that they were finished. Disappointed, and still mooning over the divorce, Tina began seeing the charming (yet reprehensible) Johnny Dee Hesser. As they bonded, he invited her on a vacation to Badderly Island. Feeling that it was time to move on from Cord, she readily accepted and off they went. Shortly after they arrived, however, Tina was shocked to run into Cord there—who had also just arrived with Bo, Sarah, and Megan.

    Being forced to coexist on the island prompted Tina and Cord to bicker incessantly, especially with Cord’s not appreciating seeing her there with Johnny. In the midst of their fussing and fighting, their passion erupted and the two wound up sleeping together. In the aftermath of their being intimate again, Tina and Cord’s lingering feelings for each other became stronger. Badderly, meanwhile, was quickly becoming a disastrous place to be. As uncontrollable weather plagued the island, the group was also dismayed to learn that it was under siege by mobsters, led by Johnny’s father, Carlo Hesser. Deciding that it was time to leave, and quick, they made a hasty escape—returning to Llanview exhausted.

    Upon returning home, Tina realized that her heart was still with Cord—who, ever since they slept together, had become less frigid and more receptive to her. Hopeful for a reunion, she decided to break things off with Johnny…but learned that it wouldn’t be so easy. Johnny simply refused to take no for an answer, developed an unhealthy obsession with her, while revealing more and more of his nefarious side. To complicate things further, Tina discovered she was pregnant and—between Cord and Johnny—didn’t know who the child’s father was. The two men, meanwhile, each asserted that he was the father, and regularly fought over claim to the unborn child. Tina was later thrilled when amniocentesis revealed that the baby she was carrying was a girl, and that Cord was indeed the father. Upon learning the news, an upset Johnny burst into Llanfair and confronted Tina; demanding that she tell him that the test was a mistake and that the child was his. Annoyed by his presence, she ordered him to leave. Johnny exploded into a rage, knocked her unconscious and attempted to kidnap her. Viki, under the alter of Niki Smith, arrived in time to save Tina…shooting Johnny dead.

    Viki, at the time, had suffered a stroke and was left unable to walk or speak. Niki, however, miraculously had full use of all her vitals. In the aftermath of Johnny’s killing, Niki reverted back to Viki, who once again was in an impaired state—with no recollection of what had happened. Tina became the lead suspect in Johnny’s murder, despite her not remembering anything because she was unconscious at the time of his death. Tina was eventually exonerated when an audio tape in Tina’s bedroom that had been left recording in the final moments of Johnny’s life revealed what truly happened. Viki, meanwhile, was not charged either, as it also confirmed that she had killed him in Tina’s defense.

    The murder of Johnny caused an immediate, and dangerous, feud between Carlo and the Buchanan’s that was aggravated when he abducted Sarah, who was then presumed dead. Feeling responsible for all that had happened, in February 1991, Tina (now nearing her due date) fled to Texas in shame. Upon arrival, she went into labor. Cord followed behind her and delivered their baby girl. Ecstatic to be parents for the second time, the couple returned home with their newborn, who they named Sarah Victoria—after Sarah Gordon Buchanan (who was still assumed dead) and Viki. Days later, Tina and Cord married a third time.

    Tina and Cord’s third marriage was proving to be less chaotic and more serene, as she was enjoying the role of wife and mother. In the meantime, she decided to pen a biography on the lives and times of the Lord/Buchanan families. After shopping around the manuscript, she caught the attention of a publisher named Hudson King, who offered her a huge advance. Tina began spending much time with him, hammering out the details. Cord, meanwhile, felt there was something ‘not quite right’ about him and discovered that “Hudson King” was a con man. Tina initially resisted what Cord was telling her, but was eventually convinced. To smoke the truth out of him, they staged a scene where Cord burst into Hudson’s apartment while Tina was there, pulled a pun and fired a blank shot at Tina, “killing” her. Cord then pointed the gun at Hudson, threatening to kill him if he didn’t admit who he really was. The trick worked, a terrified “Hudson” confessed that he wasn’t who he claimed to be. Shortly thereafter, the police arrived to take him to prison.

    At this time, now that Gabrielle had been sent to prison, Tina began to expand her circle of friends. She first touched bases with Sheila Price, a physical therapist who worked at Llanview Hospital, and later stood by her when she was being snubbed at Llanview’s exclusive country club. Tina then befriended the quirky Luna Moody, who had mistakenly parachuted into a party she was hosting. Filling in where Gabrielle left off, Luna soon became Tina’s closest confidant.

    By late 1991, Tina’s niece Megan Gordon Harrison had been diagnosed with Lupus, and her health was now failing. When the family realized that her husband, Jake Harrison, had been kidnapped by terrorists in Jaba City, Cord insisted on going on a rescue mission to save him. Sensing danger, Tina pleaded with him to not leave, but he assured her he would be back soon. The newly arrived Blair Daimler, meanwhile, volunteered to go with Cord. Days later, Blair returned to Llanview alone, with solemn news that Cord had been shot and killed by one of the tyrant leaders. Tina, and the rest of the family, mourned Cord’s death. She, meanwhile, lay the blame on Blair’s shoulders and the two from then on became mortal enemies. The family faced more grim news in early 1992, when Megan succumb to her illness.

    While Tina continued mourning Cord, she was startled to see Hudson back in Llanview and now going by his real name, Cain Rogan. A vulnerable Tina allowed him to charm his way back into her life, and soon the two developed feelings for each other. As they bonded, they both developed a mutual disdain for Alexandra (“Alex”) Olanov, and together the two plotted to make trouble for her. They decided to steal the Cleopatra jewels and set Alex up for the crime. The plan, however, backfired as Alex caught wind of what they were up to. Posing as a cleaning lady, she lured Tina and Cain into stealing the jewels themselves, then watched as the alarm sounded and they were caught. As Tina and Cain were being carted off to jail, Alex devilishly made off with the jewels. Tina and Cain located the stolen jewels, planted them in Alex’s penthouse, and called in Hank Gannon. Their trap succeeded in freeing them from police custody, but because the whole situation was so complicated, and because Alex maintained that the two lovebirds had set her up, no one knew who to press charges against.

    In early 1993, Tina and Cain’s relationship was reaching a boiling point. The two became inseparable, and were now lovers. Their budding relationship was put to the ultimate test, however, when lo and behold—a very much alive (and slightly disheveled) Cord returned to Llanview. After sharing an emotional reunion with Clint and Bo, he asked about Tina. They told him that she was out of town in Atlantic City, but decided to hold off on telling him about her current involvement with Cain.

    Upon learning that Tina was in Atlantic City, Cord quickly hightailed it there—eager to reunite with the wife he hasn’t seen in over a year. Upon tracking down the hotel/casino where Tina was sharing a room with Cain, he knocked on the door. Dressed in lingerie and awaiting Cain’s return, Tina answered. She took one look at her husband and before he could utter a word, she fainted. When she later awoke in his arms, she inquired him to tell her the story of what had happened to him. As it turned out, he had been shot and plunged into the river in Jaba City, but was quickly rescued before Blair could find him. Moments later he was kidnapped by the terrorist troops and sent to a work camp, where he languished for a year. His motivation for escape was none else than Tina.

    Tina, still shocked and beginning to worry about what would happen when Cain returned, quickly packed her bags and returned home with Cord. In Llanview, she made everyone promise to keep silent about Cain, whom she continued to see in privacy. When Cord later walked in on the two them, he flew into a violent rage. Furious, Cord remembered Cain as “Hudson King,” the phony publisher who tricked Tina into working with him while writing her book. Tina nervously explained to Cord that Hudson was really Cain and that they were in love, much to his heartache.

    It soon became clear that Cord had changed since his ordeal in the Middle East. Now suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, his behavior went beyond the point of testiness to regular bouts of fury and plain nastiness. He’d often shout at Tina, the family, and their kids. As a result, CJ didn’t like to be around Cord, whom he barely remembered, and now saw Cain as his father figure—which infuriated Cord all the more. Bitter, he set about looking for a way to destroy Cain and Tina’s happy romance. After investigating Cain’s background, he discovered his ex-wife, Angela Holliday (who still carried a torch for him.) Angela followed Cord back to Llanview, and quickly announced herself as Cain’s former misses. Tina was unsettled by Angela’s presence but, to Cord’s dismay, she accepted Cain’s explanation of their marriage being over.

    Tina and Cord’s marital conflict was put on the back burner that summer, when seven year old son CJ, and his best friend Al Holden, fell into a ground abyss after having lit fireworks on an unstable mountain land. For days, the town of Llanview: headed by Tina, Cord, Max and Luna frantically rallied to save the boys. Upon discovering that the ground underneath Victor Lord’s secret room at Llanfair was a direct path that led to were the boys were trapped, a drill team began to dig a passage way. Cord and Max both readily volunteered to tunnel through the underground canal themselves to rescue the two boys.

    As Cord held up the heavy rock, Max pillaged through the rubble and was finally able to grab hold of the kids, who subsequently climbed through the debris to safety. Cord, meanwhile, lost his balance. After falling to the ground and being knocked unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital where he awoke with selective amnesia. Remembering everything prior to his rescue mission to Jaba City, he still believed he was happily married to Tina. When Dr. Larry Wolek warned that stress could be detrimental to his health, Tina agreed to play Cord’s benevolent wife as he recovered—forcing she and Cain to, again, meet in secrecy. Cord eventually regained his memory, made peace with his and Tina’s marriage being over and finally agreed to grant her a divorce. Tina and Cain were now free to be together, and by years end were engaged.

    In early 1994, Tina and Cain were planning for “the perfect wedding,” while Cord and Angela continued to look on with disappointment. On Valentine’s Day, the two were married at Llanfair, with Bill Medley and Darlene Love serenading the event. What no one knew, however, was that Angela had beforehand and hired a phony minister to perform the ceremony, thus making their nuptials invalid. Tina and Cord raced off to their honeymoon, where they lodged at a lavish hotel. When it was check out time, they discovered that they had racked up an expensive bill that they couldn’t pay and sought to make a hasty escape. Jumping out of the window and running away, as the angry manager chased behind them.

    A couple months after having departed town with Cain, Tina—{now played by Krista Tesreau}—returned alone. Turns out that Cain wasn’t the reformed con man he had presented himself to be, and wound up skipping out on her with all of their money. Tina took some solace in Angela’s treachery with the false priest turning out to save her the trouble of having to divorce him. As she sought to focus more of her energies into being a mother to CJ and Sarah, she was surprised to be introduced to the mysterious David Vickers—who had arrived in Llanview, announcing himself to be the illegitimate child of her parents, the late Victor Lord and Irene Clayton. As Tina got to know her new found brother, she was disturbed by the growing sexual chemistry between them.

    As time passed, the two found it difficult to contain themselves. Giving into her passion, Tina allowed David to seduce her into bed. After the tryst, she was wracked in guilt and revulsion over her succumbing to incest. To calm her nerves, David revealed to her that he was a fake and that he was not Victor and Irene’s son. Although initially furious with the deception, Tina was relieved and their affair continued. David, meanwhile, shared the disconcerting news with her that her real biological brother was none other than rapist and town pariah Todd Manning (who himself was still unaware of his true parentage.) Seeking to get their hands on the multi-million inheritance that was coming to Todd from Victor’s estate, Tina agreed to withhold the news from everyone that David wasn’t who he claimed to be.

    Together, Tina and David amended the plan so that Tina could claim the $27.8 million instead of Todd, and decided to marry so they could share the fortune. In January 1995, they darted off to Los Vegas to elope before an Elvis impersonating justice of the peace. Cord caught on to the elopement, but not the reason behind it, and rushed off to Vegas to stop Tina from marrying her own brother. Arriving too late, he walked in the chapel the moment “Elvis” pronounced David and Tina man and wife. Bursting out in horror and disgust, Cord demanded an explanation as to how and why Tina would marry her own brother. Unable to lie, Tina confessed that she and David weren’t biologically related after all, and coaxed him into remaining silent about their having just married.

    Shortly after marrying, Dorian blew the whistle on Tina and David’s extortionist schemes to Viki, who immediately confronted the two. Fearing that Viki would alert the authorities, the two frantically packed—planning to hastily flea Llanview and meet back up together in Spain. They, however, didn’t move fast enough. The traumatic events caused Viki to again morph into her multiple personalities. Under the influence of the cold and clinical alter “Jean Randolph,” Viki threatened to press charges against David if he didn’t immediately end his and Tina’s marriage. With his back to the wall, he had no choice but to comply, and lied to a stunned Tina, claiming that he never loved her. In the meantime, Todd was exposed as the true Lord heir.

    Heartbroken and embittered, Tina didn’t take the divorce well and began to lash out at other. She renewed her long time dissension with nemesis Blair Cramer, who was now married to Todd. Sadistically, she alerted her brother that Blair had only married him for his money. 1995 continued to get worse when her good friend, Luna Moody Holden was shot and killed in Angel Square. Toward years end, Todd too was shot in Ireland and presumed dead. Being his closest next of kin, Tina seized the opportunity to try to take over as publisher to his growing newspaper, The Sun—while fighting Blair for control of his estate. As 1996 opened up, Tina and Blair continued to battle over ownership of Todd’s newspaper. Fighting dirty, and using the fact that Todd hadn’t yet revised his will to include Blair as his benefactor, Tina got an injunction. Cord, meanwhile, objected to of her vicious methods and tried to convince Tina to leave a now pregnant Blair alone. Tired of arguing, she finally agreed to let the issue drop.

    In the spring, Tina announced that she was accepting a position as a professional shopper for a department store in Baltimore and would be soon leaving town. In April, she packed up ten year old CJ and six year old Sarah, and departed Llanview. As Cord himself readied to leave Llanview for London in early 1997, she and the kids returned to visit him before he left the country. Upon his departure, Tina and the kids returned to Baltimore. In 2003, a now grownup Sarah came back to Llanview after having run away from Tina’s custody. During this time, it was revealed that as CJ and Sarah matured, she supposedly took back up with Cain Rogan and went on the run with him, without alerting anyone of her departure and whereabouts. Cord reportedly hired a private investigator, but made no headway in tracking her down.

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