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For more information on Violence at workclick here for the relevant chapter of the TUC guide to health and safety "Hazards at Work

HSE estimate the number of incidents of violence experienced by workers in England and Wales was 849,000 in 2002/03.

Workers in the protective services, for example police officers, were most at risk of violence at work. 14 per cent of workers in protective services experienced violence in 2002/3. Health and social welfare associate professionals, including nurses, medical and dental practitioners were also at relatively high risk: 5 per cent experienced violence. Shop workers and teachers also suffer from high levels of violence in the workplace.


HSE: Work related violence

International Labour Organisation Violence at work report

USDAW Freedom from Fear campaign

UNISON guide to violence [pdf format]

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

One in three nurses attacked at work
Almost a third of UK nurses suffer frequent violence at work, according to new research.
PDF version available for download
7 March 2008

Mental health nurses face attacks
More than half of nurses on mental health wards have been physically atatcked, a survey has found.
PDF version available for download
15 February 2008

Mini cab deaths running at one a month
Nine mini cab drivers have been killed by passengers in the last nine months, according to the union GMB.
PDF version available for download
1 February 2008

RMT victory on rail assault pay
A Northern Rail policy which would have reduced pay to many workers injured in violent workplace attacks has been withdrawn.
PDF version available for download
1 February 2008

MPs back abused rail workers
Rail union RMT has welcomed a call by MPs for Northern Rail to stop docking the pay of workers who need time off after being assaulted or abused at work
25 January 2008

UNISON lays down the law on violence
UNISON has issued new guidelines showing how workers can use the law to prevent assaults, convict offenders and sue employers for compensation.
PDF version available for download
30 November 2007

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