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About ntfsprogs

ntfsprogs are a collection of utilities for doing stuff with NTFS volumes.

When building ntfsprogs, you can decide between two major parts:

  • make all” will build all the utilities that are distributed in the binary packages in the various distributions. These include useful stable utilities.
  • make extra” will build the “development grade” utilities. These are a set of utilities that will become stable and useful some day, but are not fully implemented and/or tested yet.

In addition, there are three optional extensions to the ntfsprogs package:

  • –enable-ntfsmount: also compiles ntfsmount
  • –enable-crypto: adds support of encrypted files to libntfs and also compiles ntfsdecrypt.
  • –enable-gnomevfs: adds the “ntfs://” protocol support to gnome-vfs.

The ntfsprogs use libntfs as their backend.

Users utilities:

These are the utilities that users can already use right now. Many of them are usually installed by default or made available for easy installation by your distribution. Alternatively you can build them from source.

The following tools are planned, but not yet implemented:

Developers utilities:

These tools are already usable as well, but might be of little to no use to typical users. They are mostly intended for file system analysis, so if you don't know what they're good for you don't need them.

The following tool is planned:

Other (basic) utilities:

These are utilities to perform basic operations on the volume without the need to mount it first.

  • ntfscp: the 'cp' (copy) command.
  • ntfsrm: the 'rm' (remove) command.
  • ntfscat: the 'cat' (show contents of file) command.
  • ntfslabel: rename the volume label.
  • ntfsls: the 'ls' (list directory contents) command.
  • ntfstruncate: truncate files to a given size.
  • ntfsmove: moves the file's data to another set of clusters on the disk.

Contributed utilities that are not components of ntfsprogs:

Utility that were contributed and are not maintained, supported or reviewed by Linux-NTFS project members can be found at the contrib section.

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