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August 2-4: Forum on Botanical Education & Outreach
August 4-7: Annual Scientific Conference

Pyle Conference Center
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Symposium: Evolution of mating systems in the genus Mimulus
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Abstracts received so far:

  1. CARR, DAVID E.*, MICKY D. EUBANKS, AND CHRISTOPHER T. IVEY. - Inbreeding and its effects on plant-herbivore interactions.
  2. DOLE, JEFFEREY* AND ADAM PORTER. - Forces shaping mating system evolution and speciation in Mimulus : inferences from hybrid zones.
  3. DUDASH, MICHELE R.*, COURTNEY J. MURREN, AND DAVID E. CARR. - Explorations into inbreeding depression, phenotypic plasticity, and their potential roles in colonization success.
  4. FENSTER, CHARLES B. - PrePCR Mimulus Genetics: Inferences and Predictions.
  5. GALLOWAY, LAURA F. - Plasticity of sex allocation in Mimulus guttatus: comparisons among ecologically different populations.
  6. KARRON, JEFFREY D.* AND MICHELE R. DUDASH. - Evolution of mating systems in the genus Mimulus . [Symposium Abstract]
  7. KARRON, JEFFREY D.*, RANDALL J. MITCHELL, JOHN M. BELL, KARSTEN G. HOLMQUIST, AND BENJAMIN FUNK. - The influence of Mimulus ringens floral display size on self-fertilization rates and patterns of paternity.
  8. KELLY, JOHN K. - Testing alternative hypotheses for the maintenance of genetic variation in flower size.
  9. MACNAIR, MARK R. - The evolution of self fertilisation in the Mimulus guttatus complex.
  10. MCARTHUR, E. DURANT. - Dr. Robert K. Vickery, Jr., scientist and mentor: contributions to Mimulus genetics, evolution, ecology, and systematics.
  11. MITCHELL, RANDALL J*, JEFFREY D KARRON, KARSTEN HOLMQUIST, AND JOHN BELL. - The influence of Mimulus ringens floral display size on patterns of pollinator visitation.
  12. RITLAND, KERMIT. - Field estimates of inbreeding depression in monkeyflowers using naturally occurring variation.
  13. WILLIS, JOHN H.* AND LILA FISHMAN. - The genetic basis of floral divergence and reproductive isolation between selfing and outcrossing Mimulus species.