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Emergency Response

In cases of major national disasters in India, AIF has been involved in relief and rehabilitation efforts. AIF has undertaken three campaigns for relief and rehabilition:

1. In 2001, following the Gujarat Earthquake
2. In 2004, following the Tsunami
3. In 2005, following the Kashmir Earthquake

AIF takes a multi-phased approach to disaster relief: relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation. AIF's focus is the long-term rehabilitation of communities, and it dedicates most of its resources to this phase. In Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, AIF funded organizations in the affected communities for up to three years following the earthquake so that our NGO partners could identify long-term solutions to improve the lives of people affected by disaster.

AIF's grants fill gaps in the efforts of government and large international organizations to ensure that it is not duplicating their efforts. By displaying patience in making grants and being connected with communities consistently, AIF makes a long-term impact in the lives of affected people.

To learn more about AIF’s specific responses to disasters, please download the following reports:

1.Gujarat Earthquake

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