Home Informations:Here you will get a description of the Ancient Tupi language and some general information about this idiom. Phonetic Alphabet and Phonology of Ancient Tupi language. An Ancient Tupi/English dictionary. Some Important informations about Ancient Tupi Grammar. Some interesting Links concerning the subject. Send to us your comments and suggestions

This is the best site about Indigen Populations of Brazil. Look at about the customs and traditions of the Xavante people. Here you will find a complete list of all Indigen trbes of Brazil with their concerning informations about the linguistic trunk of each of them.
These are some of about 208 Indigenous people that are getting to survive in the contact with the national society of Brazil. This site offers a gratuitous course of Ancient Tupi by email and presents several other important information about the Tupi language.
Here you will find a basic dictionary of Brazilian Indians language and many others subjects of interest related with the Indians of Brazil, his history, customs, art, etc. Here you will find one link for an interesting page that will daily bind it to the majority of great periodicals of Brazil and the world.
Site of The Indian National Foundation (FUNAI). This Foudation has the purpose of to put into practice the Indigenous policy of brazilian government. This site provide informations about SIL in Brazil, their work and history. Here there are information about the Indigen groups of Brazil, their languages and cultures, alphabetiztion and education among them. You will find stuff written in these languages and technical papers about these languages.
Clique aqui: Versão PORTUGUESA deste site.

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