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HSE listed 226 fatal workplace injuries in 2003/03 and employers reported 154,430 non-fatal work injuries. In 2001/02 an estimated 2.3 million people in Great Britain were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work.

There are about 100,000 successful personal injury claims a year, normally paid by the insurer providing employers' liability insurance. Unions win the lion's share of personal injury compensation payouts. Each year settle claims worth over £300 million - £321 million in 2000.

Trade unions provide legal advice and support for pursuing compensation claims for occupational injuries and work-related diseases. Increasingly unions also [provide legal support for non work-related issued workers and their families, including road traffic accidents.


What's your body worth? www.hazards.org/compensation

Industrial Injuries Advisory Council www.iiac.org.uk

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority https://www.cica.gov.uk/portal/

The Compensation Myth: TUC Report on 10 myths surrounding compensation in the workplace www.tuc.org.uk/extras/compensationmyth.doc

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Engineer ousted after rupturing bicep
An engineer from Cumbria who rupturing the bicep in his right arm at work has received compensation, but has lost the job he loved.
PDF version available for download
1 February 2008

Health workers may be due extra payouts
The British Medical Association says an NHS work-related injury and ill health compensation scheme has been under-paying some claimants.
PDF version available for download
19 October 2007

Miner compensation delays criticised
A Government department has been accused of delaying compensation to ex-miners whose health suffered as a result of working down pits because of “significant weaknesses” in planning the payouts.
PDF version available for download
20 July 2007

Proposed shake up of personal injury claims will harm vulnerable says Kevin Rowan
North East MP Sharon Hodgson is urging Justice Minister Jack Straw 'to listen to the Northern TUC head Kevin Rowan on a proposed shake-up of the claims process for personal injury cases.'
5 July 2007

TUC backs Law Society Compensation proposals
Commenting on ‘Fast and Fair', the report from the Law Society published today (Friday) which suggests changes to the UK's compensation system to make it faster, fairer and more efficient, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
13 October 2006

TUC welcomes reversal of Law Lords asbestos decision
The TUC today (Monday) warmly welcomed the Government's decision to reverse the effects of a recent House of Lords ruling that would have deprived hundreds of victims of asbestos and their dependants from their entitlement to full compensation.
17 July 2006

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