A Few Important Announcements

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted much at all since January. My sub-par posting frequency is mainly because of two reasons:

  1. School
  2. Having a 28.8 kbps dial-up

I can easily manage the first one but posting pillar content regularly with a 28.8 kbps dial-up is just impossible. On my dial-up, average sites take about 3-4 minutes to open while ad heavy sites like JohnChow can take as much as 10 minutes. This makes research heavily time consuming and almost impossible. In a nutshell, it’s an absolute pain in the butt. Due to the dial-up, I can’t also properly market my blog; even commenting is difficult and pitching to bloggers about the awesome post I just wrote can take an eternity. Now, why can’t I get broadband? There’s no broadband in Eritrea people. You can get Satellite Internet here but that costs a hell of a lot.

Even though I haven’t been posting much in January, the real reason isn’t that I wasn’t able to produce content, the real reason is that I have dial-up. See, I have tons of posts written down with 1 big series completed. But why won’t I post all that? I know it won’t receive the recognition it deserves. You really can’t market your blog if you have a 28.8 kbps dial-up and, moreover, you can only use up to 3 hours a day.

As a result, I’ve decided to make a few major changes to this blog. The most important one will be the change of focus. From now on, I will not give blogging tips. I will only post news, reviews of blogs you might find useful, and reviews of sites that might aid you in your blogging journey. No blogging tips, no make money online tips, nothing of that sort from now.

But don’t worry, my reviews will still help you to improve your blog. I will be reviewing services, interesting blogs, useful sites and the like and I’m sure they’ll make up for my blogging tips. Also, this major change in focus will only be temporary. I will be returning to India in June and my Internet problem will be solved there since they have up to 8 mbps Internet. From June onwards, I will resume giving you guys blogging tips and the like. There are just over 90 days since my return to India…

Another change that I’ll be making is that I won’t be marketing this blog one bit. No marketing, no pitching, nothing. I will be networking of course but not marketing. Even though I can still market a little bit with my dial-up, I want to test and see whether a blog can or cannot grow in 3 months with zero marketing. I’m sure it will be a nice casestudy.

I will start posting the reviews soon and I’m sure you’ll like them. Stay tuned by clicking here to subscribe!

Alexa Redirect WordPress Plugin: Boost Your Alexa Rankings

One of the ways you can boost your Alexa rankings is to use the Alexa redirect URL

(http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?) before your blog URL whenever you link to your posts internally. However, if you do this manually, then you it will likely affect your search engine rankings. Finally, the guys at Blogulate have come up with a solution: a WordPress plugin that’ll keep both Alexa and Google happy!

The Better Alexa Redirect WordPress Plugin is designed to improve the Alexa ranking of your blog by prefixing all your blog’s links with the Alexa redirect URL.

For example, a link like:


will get transformed into the following when the user clicks on it:


The great thing about this plugin is that it uses Javascript for prefixing your blog URLs with the Alexa redirect URL. And since search engine bots can’t read Javascript, your search engine rankings remain unaffected.

Download Plugin | Plugin Page

TechnoMoney Gets a PR4!


Woohoo! Just checked the blog’s PageRank today and it’s been updated to a PR4. Not bad. I might have gotten a 5 if I didn’t sell links.

Did your blog also get a new PR?

And if you’re wondering what has happened to me well just stay tight and hold on. I’m currently writing a big series on headline creation. Will be back soon :)

Free PR9 Edu Links!

Links from .edu sites are often sought by search engine optimizers. And they sure as hell are rare.

Well, I’m about to give you a link to a PR9 edu forum, yep you guessed it for free…

*Drum Roll*

Forum: https://alum.mit.edu/discuss/

MIT Alumni Association

So start spamming posting before the moderators crack down enforce no-follow :twisted:

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7 Things I Hate About Blogging

Thumbs Down

I love blogging. But occasionally there are times when I just want to bang my head against the wall in frustration. Being a blogger is great most of the times, but it can be a pain in the behind sometimes.

So, here I present to you, 7 things I hate about blogging, in no particular order:

It Takes Time

Blogging can be one of the most time leeching activities ever. Being a blogger means being a writer, marketer, entrepreneur and system administrator at the same time. Which, of course, makes blogging a very time demanding thing.

Yes, you can outsource, but outsourcing is only for the rich I’m afraid.

The Silence

I just hate the silence. In fact, it’s the number one thing I hate about blogging.

Whenever I email an A List blogger, either to help them or to give them a heads-up on something new or to ask them about some plugin they use, they just never reply. They say they are busy, I say it’s pure BS, hire a Virtual Assistant for god’s sake.

The Ignorance

This kind of falls in under the point given above. I hate it when the A Listers are so damn ignorant most of the times. For example, only after you promote their blogs like anything and after you’ve guest posted for them a couple times, do they mention you. They say that good content gets rewarded; well, I haven’t received my rewards yet.

The Splogs

Splogs are the scum on the face of the Earth. They are doing nothing but polluting the whole Internet. Seriously, someone needs to do something to stop splogs taking over the world.

The Spam

Seriously who invented spam? No I’m not talking about the food. I’m talking of those damn spam comments advertising Viagra. And really, how stupid can spammers get? I mean at least try to fake a genuine comment. Do they actually think that I’ll publish their comment that’s stuffed with the word Viagra?

The Coycats

You aren’t a blogger if you don’t detest copy cats. Believe it or not, my blog is only a few months old and I’ve had my posts and ideas stolen without credits.

I know imitation is the best form of flattery, but there’s a fine line between imitation and blatant copying.

Long Boring Posts

I’m sure you must have noticed this. There is a new fad in the blogosphere recently. Most blogs I subscribe to have started to post essay length posts, sometimes discussing about everything that falls within that particular topic. Seriously, save me from a headache and divide your one 5000 word essay into five manageable posts.

Packing value into a post doesn’t mean you pack so much value like the Internet is going to die tomorrow. And then these people complain of blogger’s block. Ah, get a life and for god’s sake please don’t publish posts more than 700 words if you are in the blogging niche.

I can handle a 2000 word post from StevePavlina but that doesn’t mean I’ll do the same for your blog…

Express Yourself…

What things do you hate about blogging? Are they the same as above? Anything different? Don’t be shy to voice your opinions.

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Leo Babuta Gone Crazy: Zen Habits Now Opensource!

The news is actually about two weeks old but you might have missed it. A couple weeks ago Leo Babuta of Zen Habits actually released the copyright of his content on his blog and in his ebook. Now that effectively means that you can copy his content, give away his ebook to everyone etc without asking his permission. Disastrous move, in my opinion. Well, at least for him. He’ll sure loose revenue and might even loose his Google rankings due to duplicate content after this move.

My suggestion to him is to of course revert back and copyright his stuff. Opensource is meant for software, not content.

In the meanwhile, feel free to use his content on your blog, with or without permission. Hehe, if you’re the evil kind then you can even fake guest posts on your blog done by Leo himself! :twisted:

Advertising Blogger: Tracking the Coolest Internet Advertising Deals

Megaphone An important part of your blog’s marketing campaign should be advertising on other blogs in the same niche. Now the only problem is that you don’t know all the blogs in the blogosphere. The A-Listers charge too much and you can’t afford that.

That’s where Advertising Blogger comes in. Advertising Blogger tracks advertising deals throughout the blogosphere and posts some gems at times. On the blog, you will find daily posts on a profitable advertising deal of a small to medium sized blog.

Advertising Blogger is owned by the same guy who owns Contest Blogger.

I recommend that you subscribe to Advertising Blogger if you want to get the maximum bang for the buck for your advertising efforts. After subscribing, you’ll know exactly where to advertise.

The #1 Thing That Annoys Me: Silence

We always hate it when people don’t respond to us, don’t we? We hate times when people give us nothing but silence.

Silence has been a global pandemic in the blogosphere. This disease has one unique characteristic though: it affects only the famous. Small time bloggers are completely immune.

I’m sure you have emailed the A Listers a couple time until now and I’m dead sure that 99% of the times, they didn’t even reply. That’s what I hate: silence. And I’m sure you hate it too. The A Listers blame it on their busy lives. But I digress. This is 2008 people. There is something called a Virtual Assistant (VA). You can hire a VA to reply to unimportant emails. Seriously, most of the A Listers have such a high income that they easily afford a VA. Yet, they remain ignorant and choose to not to reply to emails.

Heck, sometimes they just scan your email and give you a quick reply, which turns out to be wrong as you asked something else.

Something funny happened yesterday: I emailed a fairly famous blogger with an advice for marketing their ebook. It was so easy that I couldn’t believe that they were overlooking it. I told them that they could market it through the EntreCard Shop. They replied to me saying that EntreCard didn’t appeal to them and thus they don’t use the widget. Umm, dude, I didn’t even say anything about the widget!

While on the other hand, us small bloggers jump at the prospect of helping a fellow. We tend to reply to an email as quickly as possible with a thorough answer.

Most famous bloggers are all ignorant. Of course there are exceptions, but those are few and far in between.

Power sure corrupts, doesn’t it?

Keep Track of the Sitepoint Marketplace

Blog selling is all the rage these days. Blog buying can actually be more lucrative than blog selling, especially if you are into flipping. Also, even though you have to pay quite a fortune to buy one, you don’t have to do the groundwork on established blogs, which obviously works in your advantage.

Sitepoint’s marketplace is one place on which you should keep an eye on. Everyday many websites are sold and bought on Sitepoint. However, if you sell and buy every day, it can become quite a chore keeping track of the marketplace. Fortunately, there’s a cool tool that comes to the rescue.

Sitepoint Watch is an indispensable tool for buyers, sellers and flippers alike. It presents all the information in a much more presentable way. On Sitepoint Watch, you can see all the newest and ending soon auctions at a glance. You also don’t need to refresh the page to update the information, which is a big plus.

Sitepoint Watch

It’s Time to Break Up With Your Web Host

Cute Dog

Experiencing too much downtime? Does no one answer your questions? Account suspended for “over-usage”? Server crashing too regularly? If the answer to any of the questions is a Yes then it’s time to break up with your web host.

Too Much Downtime

We all hate downtime. We our blog is down, it’s inaccessible, which means we’re loosing sales, revenue and readers by the second. Now, in an ideal world we would have 0% downtime. Unfortunately, that’s never the case. You are bound to experience some extent of downtime each month.

I’m sure you will at least experience about 5-10 minutes of downtime each month. You don’t have to worry about downtime as minuscule as that. However, you do have to start worrying once your blog’s downtime amounts to more than a an hour or two every month.

Every host has bad and good months. One month you’ll get 5 hours of downtime while the other month you might get 1 second. You should seriously consider changing your host if your blog’s downtime is in hours, month after month.

Server Crashing Too Regularly

This is part of downtime, but still deserves a separate sub-heading.

You have been having several Diggasms, day after day. However, with each Diggasm you noticed your server crashing a thousand times. A couple crashes is perfectly normal because of the Digg Effect but any more than that and it’s time to break up with your host.

No Support

So you were just trying to “tweak” your blog’s settings or changing CHMOD permissions and “accidentally” screwed up. Now you can’t access your site directly, or even through FTP. The only solution is to contact your host’s Technical Support. So you shoot out a quick email, grab some coffee and refresh your email every 10 minutes hoping to see a reply from your host. Hours pass but still no reply, and it’s soon time to sleep.

No luck the next day either. You drop your host another email. Meanwhile, your blog is offline and loosing readers and revenue by the second. Finally, your host replies and corrects the problem two days after your first email.

If you’ve had one of these encounters, then seriously switch your host now!

Account Suspended For “Over-Usage”

We always vie for the elusive Digg frontpage, don’t we? And when we finally accomplish it, we are joyful for days and absolutely euphoric.

Sadly, for some of us, social media success results in stress and anger rather than euphoria. The reason is of course our host. Mass success in the social media sphere is extremely hard to attain. Nothing can be more frustrating when your host decides to play “naughty” and bans your shared host account for “overusing” resources, just when had reached the frontpage.

This had happened to me, unfortunately. In the beginning of January, I published an article: 161 Most Useful Keyboard Alt Codes which went hot on StumbleUpon. I received 10,000 visitors in a little over 9 hours. And guess what happened after that? Boom! My host banned my account and I it took 2 weeks to negotiate with them, which resulted to about a 3 week downtime…

If the same thing has happened to you too and you are still with the same host, it is time to change your host immediately.

You Outgrew Them

Now you are finally an A Lister with an audience of over 10,000. You get the Digg Effect at least once a month. However, there are downsides to success too, albeit minor.

Your shared hosting account can no longer hold your blog. If your host doesn’t provide VPS and Dedicated solution then it’s time to shift…

If you are in such a situation then I recommend you switch to a host which sells only dedicated (or VPS) hosting. No shared. With hosts that sell only dedicated or VPS hosting, there’s more room to upgrade. Also, their plans tend to be much better and cheaper than hosting companies who sell shared + reseller + VPS + dedicated.

Too Expensive

So you finally got yourself a shiny, brand new dedicated server. It has everything you wanted: Quad Core, 1 TB Hard Disk, 8 GB RAM etc etc. The only problem: it’s putting a huge dent on your budget. Did you ever think you can get the same configuration with a much lower price on another host?

If your hosting expenses have blown off the charts and your business isn’t big enough to support it then it’s time to sit down and do some research work. Search for a host that has similar or more features with a lesser price tag. Due to the competitiveness in the hosting niche, you’ll be surprised to find a boatload of hosts that meet this criteria.


You might not realize it, but your host might be keeping you from reaching your A List status. If you are seriously frustrated with your host, then please change. Yes, it can be a hassle and things can (and often do) go wrong while changing hosts but it’s certainly better than loosing readers and revenue by the second. Just choose your new host wisely.

(Photo Credit: *christopher*)