Amstrad MEGADRIVE computer.

A BIG Shock.

The Teradrive is radically different in design from the Teradrive.

The design is far cleaner, without the hand wiring.

The Teradrive has extensive hand wiring and has fittings for upgrading the unit.

Inside the Teradrive is extremely cramped, and I worry about heat whenever I  use it.

 The Amstrad unit is still cramped, but there is room for air flow. The Teradrive has ZERO free room.

Let's lok at the Bootup BIOS. Phoenix Bios.

The Teradrive is non standard, and has a VERY strange interface. This is where the Amstrad is clearly superior.


Let's get a really close in view of the Megadrive daughterboard.




Many thanks to Daniel Amend for the great pictures!Visit his site ThePong in the links area.

  Overall the Amstrad Mega PC is a very nice piece of Kit, with several advantages over it's Japanese counterpart. However, it is not as nicely finished and equipped (External video support) as it's Japanese counterpart.

A true rarity, a complete system will cost you. But this is a great machine, and it offers some of the best quality video you will ever see from the megadrive.

Unless you live in Europe, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Insured shipping from Europe for the complete package is sure to run almost $200 US.

If you have the cash and the desire, go for it. It's not going to go down in value, that's for sure.                             Return to Main

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