Parallel Printer Port Access through Java

Have you ever tried to access the parallel port (printer port) inside a Java program? Well, if you have, you have probably already downloaded the commapi package that sun offers to perform this task, or tried using portio or any other thing that might resolve your problem. The fact that you are here indicates that none of these programs seem to work! And we need a solution... fast! Well folks, here it is [Windows - Linux]. It turns out that you can write code in C and Java can use it through the Java Native Interface (JNI). Take a look at the installation instructions to setup ParallelPort on your PC [Windows - Linux].

ParallelPort is a simple Java class that enables you to read and write bytes to and from the parallel ports on your computer. I have personally tested it on Windows 9x platforms with different types of processors (mainly Intel 486, Pentium MMX, Pentium II), and it presented me with no problems (send me an email if you are having problems). It can also run under Windows NT (and the like) but you need to install a kernel mode driver (see UserPort or DirectIO, below).

What you will find here:

Projects that use ParallelPort

NOTE: If you have used ParallelPort and want to be famous like the people above, document your project, take some pictures, put it up on the web and send me the link! I'll add your project here.


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By Juan Gabriel Del Cid Portillo. Ported to Linux by Jonas Blank
Last revised: September 12th, 2007