Hole in the game plan as crowds buzz

If pre-show buzz is anything to go by, Hole in the Wall will premiere to a big crowd. That's the good news.

And how do we know this? It's based on the fact that studio audiences for the shoots turned up in droves -so much so that producers had to turn many away. That's the bad news.

In television production, organisers frequently overbook audiences, to factor in the usual "no-shows" who simply don't turn up. It often leaves them having to be creative on the day of the shoot.

In the case of Hole in the Wall, it seems everybody turned up, which TV Tonight hears was a more than awkward situation. Angry ticket-bearing patrons were none too happy they had travelled to the studios for their night of entertainment only to be turned away. It follows on from audiences being sent home at Seven's Deal or No Deal last week due to the illness of the host.

A spokesperson for FremantleMedia apologised for the inconvenience saying they had structured audience numbers in keeping with all their event programs.

"But with the hype and excitement around Hole in the Wall we had a far better than average role-up for the first few studio records.

"Unfortunately we had to turn some people away and then did our best to include them in the audience for a future record. We adjusted our numbers for the later episodes. If the audience response is any indication Hole in the Wall is going to be a massive hit."

If you went along to a shoot, or were turned away, let us know your thoughts in the Studio Audience Spoilers.


Benno said...

I have no idea what this show is about, anyone care to enlighten me?

Daniel said...

Here's the first article on this site, AFAIK, about Hole in the Wall.

On a side note: David, is it possible to tag each article? e.g. this article could be tagged "Hole in the Wall", "Nine Network" and "FremantleMedia". That way you could find articles about your favourite show/network/whatever easier!

David Knox said...

There is a search function for now but change is coming......



itsross said...

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Ian said...

this pretty much explains it


I wouldnt give it a whole show all by itself, more as a "round" in an apporaite show.

the Ellen Degenerrs show features it.

Benno said...

I know this sounds awful, but i saw another short video of another japanese game show, where contestants had to watch an illiterate person trying to read, and if they laughed, they got whipped by a giant whip on the bum.