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About the TUC


Text only

The TUC site provides a text version for users who prefer fewer graphics and simpler screen rendering and reading. Click on the 'text only' link at the top of most pages.

Accessibility tools

Apart from your existing text only facility, the following additional accessibility functions have been built in.

Page map

A non-visible page map (in the HTML) that lets users (especially those with screen readers) skip to the main content

Text legibility

High contrast text colours in screen readable Verdana font have been used and the main text is scaleable in size. This lets users control the default font size; try the SIZE button in your browser.

Users can override the site style sheets with their own preferences if required.

Access keys

The site is access key enabled:

1    Home page
2    Newsroom

3    Search
4    Site map
5    Accessibility information

6    Jump to main content
7    Jump to related information links (right margin)
8    Top of page

9    Jump to page map
Older web browsers

We have checked that the pages are navigable in much older browsers like Netscape versions 2 and 3.

Web standards

Some of our content does not meet current best practice, but we are working towards:

  • standards compliant code, eg XHTML 1
  • W3C WAI Level A standard
  • Bobby Priority 1 Accessibility

The current design implemented in September 2004, uses CSS 2 validated style sheets.

Content delivery

We provide some of our content in alternative formats:

Further information

See more information about this site.

Tolpuddle Festival

TUC LGBT Conference

The TUC is not responsible for content of external internet sites

Political Links

The POWER Inquiry

Please also see the complete list of web site links.