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May 09, 2006

Livesearch on AlltheWeb

Today we are introducing a new search technology called Livesearch on AlltheWeb. It helps you find what you want faster, by showing search results instantaneously as you type. Livesearch also shows related queries, spelling suggestions, and enables you to use keyboard shortcuts to help you find the right query faster to get to the results that you want. As some of you might be thinking, this is an evolution of Instant Search and other search technologies we�ve been working on.

Personally, I hope this will level the playing field between my wife and I. You see, even though I work for Yahoo! Search, she has a PhD in communications research, and is clearly the better searcher. When we look for the same topic, she always finds the right answer before I do.

But now, the tables will be turned! Livesearch has that uncanny knack of figuring out exactly what is on my mind. As soon as I start to type a query, Livesearch suggests the right query and shows me the results page before I even press a search button. For example, I wanted to look for �mission impossible 3�. Just as I finished typing �mission�, Livesearch is already recommending �mission impossible 3� as the search, and then instantaneously shows me the results page. I am looking forward to surprising my wife with my new found speed next time we search together. Heh.


Give the product a try and then use our feedback form and message board to let us know how we should evolve and improve the Livesearch product for you in the future. Since it's a beta, we will be making improvements as we go. For example, we�d like to support Safari, so drop us a line if you�d like to see that.

AlltheWeb is a search destination that has its roots as a showcase of new and innovative technology - for example AlltheWeb was the first site to roll out the calculator functionality within the search box. The site will remain true to its roots as we continue to introduce new technologies there in the future.

Don Chennavasin
Yahoo! Search


Finally, testing something out on one of the other search sites Y! owns. Nice work guys.

This had been suggested numerous times by Search Engines WEB on this Blog ....

...and it is pretty certain that Without these constant Blog Posts - this would have never happened~!!~

Now, if you would only start linking the user names to the URL again. ;-)


Fresh & relevant results will bring people back to your engine(s). To some this might seem like a great technological breakthrough but I beg to differ.

I like it. You're mixing in 'auto suggest' features with some clustering.

Needless to say; on Y livesearch suggests Yahoo. Yahoo, yellow pages, yahoo mail, youtube, yahoo games, etc. An interesting battle of the brands!

If I try to start typing in [web hosting] then I get the results I want by [web h]. Livesearch suggests; web hosting, free web hosting, yahoo web hosting, web host and cheap web hosting. Whether these are entirely clusters or based heavily on what people are commonly searching for (I recall your alt, ext, assoc links between keywords use that) this is still a helpful keyword research tool.

Look at how well [yahoo web hosting] does for a [web h] search though. Is that odd? Or is it simply that Yahoo's collected data has a natural bias towards users looking for Yahoo products?

Great job! I like how the results include the y! shortcuts. now if you could only do this on a mobile...

hmm, isnt't the name of this product a bit strange since there's microsoft's live suite of services, including live search???!!!

Nice technology here.

But Guys,I find it more and more tedious trying out different betas at different places.

you got to find a way to roll them out from yahoo.com or atleast one source of truth.

Sounds like a great idea. Though I'm a bit insulted by the fact that you've (gone down the MSN & Google path and) decided that this is something that I, as a Opera user, isn't interested in (instead of letting me test the service and decide for myself).

Maybe it's just me, but; I thought that presenting a service that only works in a couple of browser/OS configuration was a thing of the past. Especially from someone which is in competition with the one company that benefits the most from lack of cross-browser compatibility in web-sites and services...

Ya the naming of your product is pretty damn lame, Microsoft already has Live Search so it looks like you guys weren't good eneogh to come up with your own branding so you just copied someone else, you search is pretty bad compared to Microsoft Live Search, actually you could say they blow you out of the water, especially when it comes to image search.

bit of advice, improve your results and change your name, and also how about changing your yahoo homepage, everytime I see it I think I am back in the 90's

And by the way...
There seem to be an error with the URI validator of mt-comments/this blog. Keeps returning an error if I supply an URI in the comments form. The actual error message says something like:
"Comment submission failed for the following reasons.
Comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: content: h-t-t-p:"
(The dashes are mine, the validator didn't accept the original spelling...)
Once I emitted a value for the "Weblog URL" field, the comment went through...

Care to explain what technology is being used that other browsers lack the support of?

The suggestions you get on the fly are all well and good, but kind of suggestons are they? They're just more search terms. What would be radical is if the suggestions you got on the fly were more encyclopedic in character. So when I typed in 'teeter totter' the list of suggestions I actually got was this:

# teeter totters
# little tikes teeter totter
# teeter totter plans
# gym dandy teeter totter
# hedstrom teeter totter
# naturally playful teeter totter
# how to build a teeter totter
# teeter totter watch
# teeter twirl teeter totter

What's this tool supposed to help the user actually DO? Is is supposed to help the user do the same old same old search ... just faster ... by doing some of the typing? I mean, seriously, 'teeter totters' as a suggestion in response to 'teeter totter'?!

I say forget the LIVE part of it. The sheer whiz joy of watching the list of suggestions change with each keystroke wears off pretty fast.

What I'd like is this:

(i) I type in 'teeter totter'.
(ii) I can then either SEARCH or CHECK INDEX
(iii) SEARCH delivers the usual results; CHECK INDEX gives me the following list:

Teeter Totter
Buy one
Build one
Pictures of
Events staged on
Misc mentions of

And when I click on one of those suggestions, the results I get dependably fit these categories. So if the web page is some random guy saying, "I have no clue how to build a teeter totter" then that shows up under results returned under Teeter Totter: Misc mentions of, but not under Teeter Totter: Build one.

Now for all I know, this fits into the category of been-there-tried-that and that's just not what people want.

As for me, I want smarter search. Not slicker UI.


Homeless Dave,

Couldn't agree with you more. Intelligent search vs someone trying to hawk a used car as new...brilliant.

Have you all seen the "new" home page for Yahoo Australia? Perhaps we are in for an update here too.


I kind of like it. Maybe could use a little tweaking as stated above but kinda handy at times. Be neat to see it on yahoo when it gets perfected.

I also seen different results pop in and out of the Yahoo serps yesterday. They were much better results in that there were more relevant sites than the mess that the serps currently have. They were pretty good as in better than MSN and equal to Google in my opinion. There were 4 different sets of results. One very old. One as it is now. And 2 new ones. One can be seen in Yahoo australia. But there was another set also that I just don't see anymore. It was awesome. Is there an update or an algo tweak in the process?

What the heck happened to alltheweb.com? All I get is a Yahoo window with the words "Sorry, Bad Request" when I look for it.

I Want My alltheweb!!!! (`(

Yeah! What happened to Fast Search AlltheWeb?
I, too am annoyed and mystified!