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Projects using Bazaar

This is a short list of some of the projects that are already using Bazaar. If you use Bazaar for your project then feel free to add it here.

Open Source Projects

  • Akarru - Akarru is a content promotion engine, a digg clone with GPL license made in php.

  • anewt - Almost No Effort Web Toolkit. The name says it all.

  • Apport - Automatic crash interception, analysis, and reporting.

  • APT - Debian Packaging Tool

  • Backwards is another CMS that uses Bazaar for development.

  • BeeSeek - An Open Source and peer to peer search engine.

  • BitlBee is a IRC to IM gateway

  • bless - A full featured hex editor.

  • ctrlproxy - An IRC proxy.

  • DoIt - A task execution tool (build tool).

  • dotCommunity - An open source community system.

  • Drupal - A content management system that must be seen to be believed. There are some notes of their migration at casestudies/Drupal

  • DVC.el - A powerful emacs interface to popular distributed revision control systems (bzr, hg, git, monotone, tla)

  • Edubuntu Cookbook - a book written using Twisted Lore

  • Epilicious is an extension for the Gnome web browser Epiphany. It lets you synchronise your local bookmarks with the bookmarks in a Delicious account.

  • FSP client - FTP-like client for FSP protocol

  • Guile-GNOME - Guile bindings for many GNOME libraries

  • jaramiko is an ssh library for java

  • java-gnome, enabling you to write GTK and GNOME programs from Java.

  • KatchTV - KDE "Internet TV" application (Vodcatcher/podcatcher)

  • Linux Foundation

  • Luke-SDK - Source browser and software developer's toolkit. Only local bzr branches are currently implemented.

  • GNU Mailman - The GNU Mailing List Manager.

  • man-db - manual page browser and database

  • Mapsworldwide? A tool that can display the geographical locations of users via google maps.

  • Mifar - medical image file archive. A system for tracking projects, subjects, images, and other files associated with large subject-focused systems.

  • Minirok - a small music player written in Python and inspired by Amarok

  • Nose Discovery based unittests for python.

  • Panoramic Feedback - Bazaar used for in-house development of 360-Degree Feedback tool

  • pam-krb5 is a PAM module for Kerberos

  • paramiko is an ssh/sftp library for python (not Bazaar related, but used by Bazaar, and uses Bazaar for development)

  • People is an Address Book framework using DBus for the freedesktop.

  • PIDA is an integrated development environment, using vim or any editor and using any version control system.

  • Piuparts is a package installation, upgrading, and removal tester for Debian. They keep a branch list here.

  • pkgcore is a reimplementation of Portage for Gentoo Linux.

  • pkg-config tool for compiler/linker flag management

  • Planet Feed Reader - "an awesome 'river of news' feed reader"

  • pmount - Wrapper for the GNU/Linux mount command to allow unpriviledged users to mount removable media.

  • PostgreSQL for Debian - Multiversion/Multicluster PostgreSQL database infrastructure for Debian, and PostgreSQL packages

  • powerchick - An electronic comic book reader.

  • Psycopg - DB-API 2.0 compliant PostgreSQL database adapter for Python

  • PyChart - a Python library for creating high quality Encapsulated Postscript, PDF, PNG, or SVG charts

  • pyhjb - a python client library for accessing JMS 1.1 (Java Message Service) messaging providers via HJB, the HTTP JMS bridge.

  • pymsn - An msn client library

  • pyseen - Photo viewer and organizer

  • Qomics - A french comics strips collection manager

  • rcms - A ruby-based content-management-system

  • Smart Cache - Fast pure Java proxy server

  • Smart Cache Loader - Very configurable web spider in Java

  • GNU Solfege - Ear training software

  • SVGSlice - Image slicing plugin for Inkscape

  • telepathy-butterfly - A Telepathy connection manager for MSN

  • Upstart - replacement init daemon

  • Virtual Object System - Distributed object model based on C++, and multiuser virtual reality system

  • Wiktory - wiki-like human driven indexing.

Bazaar related

  • Bazaar - Arguably one of the best revision control systems in the world.

  • The Supermirror - The next generation version of the supermirror is of course being done in Bazaar

  • Config-Manager - This is a tool used to break a project into several branches. This project is developed within Bazaar and includes support for Bazaar.

  • Patch Queue Manager - This tool takes merge instructions via email from authorized developers and merges the changes into a PQM Controlled Bazaar branch. A wonderful way to do multi-committer development.

  • Launchpad - One stop shopping for free software development.

  • BzrTools is a suite of plugins for Bazaar that is of course code managed with Bazaar.

  • Bugs Everywhere A distributed bug tracker that works with Bazaar and Arch

  • BzrPublish - Simple tool to ease publishing Bazaar-based projects over ssh. Uses Michael Ellerman's HTML Log and Tags Plugin.

  • Bundle Buggy - Merge queue and review tracker used for developing Bazaar

People using Bazaar

Companies using Bazaar