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Jackson: Not too late to stop war

Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger was among famous names to march in London.

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start quoteThe British and American governments are about to destroy all hopes for peace anywhere in our world for ever.end quote
-- Vanessa Redgrave
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Demonstrations outside U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. CNN's Harris Whitbeck reports (February 14)
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New faces join veteran protesters. CNN's Maria Hinojosa reports (February 14)
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Will this weekend's anti-war protests have any effect?


LONDON, England (CNN) -- Politicians, human rights activists and celebrities joined millions of ordinary people on the streets of Europe on Saturday to protest against a rush to war with Iraq. These are some of their views:

U.S. civil rights leader Rev Jesse Jackson: "It is not too late to stop this war. We must march until there is a declaration of peace and reconciliation."

Actress Vanessa Redgrave: "The British and American governments are about to destroy all hopes for peace anywhere in our world for ever. This war has already begun."

Paris march organizer Pierre Villard: "This is a message to George Bush. People are here because they do not think this war against Iraq is good for the world. It is also a message to the French government -- go to the United Nations Security Council and if you can, use your veto."

Rome protest organizer Luigi Bobba: "We are not anti-American, we are friends of the United States, but we are also friends of peace. We are against Saddam Hussein, but we are also against war."

British Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn: "Tony Blair does not have public support, Labour party support or much parliamentary support for this war. He needs to think about that if he wants to survive politically. He lined up far too closely with George Bush after September 11 and he now feels there is no other way out. There is another way out -- he can say there is no credible evidence and there is no credible threat.

German pastor and activist Friedrich Schorlemmer: "We Germans in particular have a duty to do everything to ensure that war -- above all a war of aggression -- never again becomes a legitimate means of policy."

Human rights activist Bianca Jagger: "We do not want war for oil, which will leave a trail of blood of innocent lives in Iraq and of American and British soldiers. We want to live in a world where peace, democracy and security are enshrined in the United Nations charter."

Hollywood star Tim Robbins: "It is very inspiring and amusing how many people have come out in this genuine and spontaneous way to embrace peace and reject war. It reminds us there is a human and gentle spirit out there in this world."

British playwright Harold Pinter: "The planned attack on Iraq is a pre-meditated attack of mass murder. Resistance is embodied today in this massive gathering and the word I want to direct to Tony Blair is -- resign, resign, resign."

Alex Mosson, Lord Provost of Glasgow, Scotland: "We are saying quite clearly, and we are the voice of the majority, that we don't want this war."

Paris protester Gerald Lenoir, 41, of Berkley, California: "I came to Paris specifically to demonstrate alongside the French. I am here to protest my government's aggression against Iraq. Iraq does not pose a security threat to the United States and there are no links with al Qaeda."

Berlin demonstrator and Dresden bombing survivor Sigrid Schonewille, 70: "This is not a war about terrorism. This is about oil and U.S. domination."

Pop star Ms. Dynamite: (To Tony Blair) Don't insult or underestimate our intelligence. You are not God, just a man. How will you cope with the guilt and the sea of blood which will remain on your hands?"

Elsie Hinks 77, wife of retired Church of England priest: "What I would say to Mr. Blair is stop toadying up to the Americans and listen to your own people, us, for once."

British Labour MP George Galloway: "I would rather be eating cheese and reading Sartre on the banks of the river Seine than eating popcorn with a born again bible-belt fundamentalist Republican administration in Crawford, Texas, execution capital of the world."

London counter-protester Jacques More, 44: "War is a last resort and it's a necessary resort when evil dictators rule and murder their own people. The military don't want to hurt the innocent but it's sometimes necessary to go in and stop a murderer."

Copyright 2003 CNN. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Associated Press contributed to this report.

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