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April 10, 09:41 PM

strike effect

A lot of you are asking what effect the strike had on the season. Tonight's episode is the one we would have shot the week the strike started. We didn't make any changes on the script. We had a cool Christmas episode that was scrapped but other than that, there really weren't any big losses creatively. The next episode takes place a month or so after this one. It is called Chair Model and concerns Michael's first post-Jan dating.


I need help. I'm dying to have more "That One Night" to listen to, but the links don't work.

The Office is the best sitcom on TV,great cast of characters
led by Carell and Wilson,funny guys.Tonights show was no good.What happened? 3o Rock is not funny. Earl is right behind the office.

Was that The Office? It didn't feel like it. I hope that this isn't the new feel of the show, because it feels cheap.

"Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who were fired for obvious reasons"

Do I sense some truth hidden in sarcasm?

I am thoroughly disappointed. My favorite show on television is turning into a pop sitcom.

I predict DVD sales will drop alot this season.

I wanted to love it - I truly did but the "pain" in the episode outweighed the pleasure. I did not laugh. I just wanted to leave the party too. It is such a fine balance between script and actor's timing to carry off the brand of awkward humor that has been the hallmark of this show - Don't get me wrong, the show as a whole is brilliant. I just didn't see it tonight.

Great episode, not only because it was "WONDERFULLY PAINFUL"...

... I think it's a touching comment on the subtlety and strength of PAM and JIM's relationship that he could try to bail on her (read: prank) and instead of getting upset, she reels him back in (read: better prank.)

i really hope the writers don't take the last post by rebecca too seriously, her opinion does not reflect the majority. for jim & pam, we just need reminders every now & then of why their relationship is so special, what they overcame, they broke the friend barrier, etc....sort of like flashback reminders without flashbacks

I understand why you have to make Michael and Jan breakup..the storyline is probably used up..but you have to keep Jan around.. she is a great character!
I disagree with Aaron who complained about the direction of the show..

Does this mean Jan is off the show?

now that michael and jan broke up, it would be funny if jan keeps michael's condo and has hunter move in with her

Wow! People this episode was HILARIOUS!! How can you say that it wasn't funny?!? There are two groups of people out there--those that GET The Office and those who don't.

So does that mean that Jan and Michael are over????

Jenna mentions that someone will leave the show and it is not Pam of Michael. Is it Jim?

How much longer do we have to deal with the Andy and Angela thing, the "monkey" and Dwight scene is much more interesting

the next episode is a month away??????/that sucks!!!!!!!!

the later ofiice episodes just seen to lack something that the first episodes had. i'm not saying these episodes are bad, it's just not as good.

the later ofiice episodes just seen to lack something that the first episodes had. i'm not saying these episodes are bad, it's just not as good.

Michael should try online dating with Dwight as his wing-man! Painful awkward moments abound. Which is the HEART of the series.

where did the candle idea come from? funny.

Many people in the fandom believe that Ryan's fall from grace is imminent. Do you all have plans to bring him back down to earth? Or will he continue to be our eyes and ears at Dunder Mifflin corporate?

Unscrap the xmas episode. We deserve it considering how long we waited for the episodes to return. Nobody will mind having a xmas episode in the middle of the year.

There are so mnay relationships to keep track of now. Do you see more episodes moving outside of the office setting? Great episode

So will there be an eposide next thursday?

Greetings from Indianapolis! This is chaos. Have you all considered the healing powers of your comedy? I broke my leg last summer and watched the first three seasons for the first time all fall and got better reeally fast!!

So I think that Michael and Jan should break up and Michael finds a new hot girlfriend to make Jan jealous.... that girl would be played by me :) What'd ya think?

So Jan's 'workshop' was brilliant. I about busted a gut...candles...ah yes! So stay-at-home-Jan! Who came up with that idea?

I like the vilain idea..how about Jim's X Girflriend?

The episode was awesome, although it seems like there are fewer and fewer episodes taking place in the office. That said, are you confident that the new spin-off isn't going to ruin the original?

Thank GOD they broke up. Jan makes Michael mean and angry. Which is just icky rather than Fun and strange

Oh, wow. I didn't think they were going to stop dating!

Great episode, by the way. I was hoping for a "that's what she said," and I got it.

Thank god the strike is over!

Why did you choose to use the "next in line" show when you came back, instead of writing something new?

will you use this year's christmas episode idea for next year? if not, can you tell us what would have happend?

Pleasssssseeee make the future episodes funny! Please? I can't take any more sadness in my world. I'll have to stop watching and put on some old Seinfeld.

I LOVED the episode, laughed out loud. I especially liked the subtle comments like Michael saying the wine had an "oak afterbirth," and Jim just giving his look.

Whose idea was it to have Michael say "that's what she said" all the time?

Can you give us any spinoff info? A title, anything?? Audition times and locations? I mean, what?

when is tonights episode online to watch?

will you use the christmas show as a basis for next year?

the next episode sounds interesting....

why not a christmas in july themed episode?

Hey, awesome show!

I'm from Scranton, and during The Office Convention Ed Helms was given a t-shirt that said "Scrantastic" that a friend of mine made. They are really popular here in good old northeast PA and I was wondering if somehow he could wear it on the show. It would be a real thrill! Thanks!


So why all the drama? I mean this is probably the biggest drama episode, not counting the jim/pam one.
Is the next season gonna be more drama sided than humour?

Are there any particular tv shows or movies that inspired any of you to become writers (specifically comedies)?

Also, who created Pam's Dunder Mifflin animation at the end of the commercial? Do you ever outsource that stuff to fans of the show?

Can you say SPOILED?

POST-Jan? Did they really break up?

Sounds awesome, I can't wait to see it!

I wanted to hug michael all the time....
Jan really schruted it.

The Office was refreshing when it majored in office humor, not the characters. Now that the comedy relies solely on the plot lines of the starring roles, you have nowhere to go but down. You already lost the best thing about the show which was Jim and Pam not being together, now that they are there is no need to watch them cooing with each other every episode. Bring the comedy back to the office, focus on workplace situations, there's many more. My suggestion, not that anyone cares, is that you need a villain. Introduce someone into the office that can tear Jim and Pam apart, make it interesting again and stop altering the characters beyond recognition to come up with storylines. And Jim's hair looks terrible.

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