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Azerbaijan has an astronomical glory thanks to the presence of in XIII century the famous Maragha Observatory in the South Azerbaijan established by Middle Ages' Azerbaijani astronomer Nasiraddin Tusi. A new remarkable stage in the development of the national astronomy started in XX century. In 1953 in Azerbaijan began to operate permanent astronomical expedition. The expedition inspected several districts of Azerbaijan, including Shamakhy, and has given a conclusion (June, 1953) about final selection of the Pirgulu site for building of an Observatory. Activities on elaboration of the projects on creation of the observatory were carried out at first in the Institute of Physics and Mathematics by organization of the Department of Astrophysics (March, 1954), and then reorganization of this Department into the independent Sector of Astrophysics under the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR with the status of research institute (July, 1956), and at last, authorization of organization of the Observatory on the basis of Sector of Astrophysics and its Astronomical Station near the Pirgulu Mountain (November, 1959).The construction of the Observatory began at the end of 1958. At present there is a nice small living settlement for the Observatory, which is named after academician Yu. Mammadaliyev and has offices, apartments, cottages, school, kindergarten, hotel for guests, postal office, market,  garage, etc. ShAO is named after N.Tusi (September, 1981). The official date of foundation of ShAO is 13 January 1960. There are 10 Azerbaijani names in the sky and one of them - the minor planet - is named after the “ShAO”. In 2002 on the base of Batabat Division and Aghdara Astronomical Station of ShAO there was organized Batabat Astrophysical Observatory within Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS, which is located in the territory of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (Azerbaijan)

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