'A Benefit for Laughter, Love, and Music', Memorial for Bill Graham

'A Benefit for Laughter, Love, and Music', Memorial for Bill Graham



'A Benefit for Laughter, Love, and Music', Memorial for Bill Graham, Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA



Polo Field, Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA
United States
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One of the greatest concert experiences of my life.


My girlfriend Debra and I got there at 4 am that morning, and ended up front row middle, right in front of the stage. I even got my photo in the Datebook section of the San Francisco Chronicle! I had never been that close at a Dead Show, at least not since I was a little kid, and would see the show from backstage! It was so weird, because I had been backstage at the Huey Lewis show at the concord pavilion the night that Bill Graham took that fateful helicopter ride. I saw him reading "The Pink Section" (Bay Area locals know what that is). A few hours later he was gone. I was so sad, but then so happy to get to share that sunny day in Golden Gate park with all of my friends. What a beautiful day that was. Thanks, Bill, and thanks Grateful Dead and all the other great performers that made it such a magical day!

holloween shows


i hooked up with a buddy who was working in SF and i was working in Chicago he called me up and said why don't you come out for the halloween shows i was like Hell yes I'm there... the 4 night run was amazing and on the 3rd night we got the bad news but also that night we heard about the show for bill so my buddy took me to the airport and told the customer service peeps that i was his brother and i needed to stay a few more days so i could see a doctor and get better before i flew back to the windy city and since he flew so much the woman helped him out so i was one fortunate son and was able to say goodbye to the man who brought rock n roll to the us...me and john arrived at the park god rest johns soul as well he is no longer with us...and we sat about 50 people back....its a day i will never forget... peace ...



Could not believe that Bill was gone...I had just "shook the hand" of Mr.Graham for the first time at a JGB show at the Warfield just a few months before. He was such a larger than life character. Me and two of my friends got there in the morning time around 10 a.m. and were amazed at how many people were already there. We went to the store bought a case of beer and made our way back to the park. The music that day was amazing. We went up front near the stage for the Grateful Dead's set and for the John Fogerty backed up by the Dead set...absolutely outstanding. We met some Hell's Angels up on the hill hanging out in the trees. They turned my friend on to some really good doses. Seems like we drank all day and never got drunk lol...go figure. We spent the whole day trippin and listening to the music play. I wish I could remember all the acts that day( I don't know maybe it was the doses, all I know I could not leave her there). What a party for the one who provided so many parties for all of us. If the day was summed up in one word it would be....unforgettable!

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...none but ourselves can free our minds"


Is Bill Uncle BoBo?


I have a show (not labeled) and I believe Bobby says to the audience something along the lines of "say hello to uncle BoBo"?? & everyone says hello. Then he goes every body take a step back etc... I love hearing them banter with the crowd.
I always really dug that.

Thanks for sharing your memories