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May 16, 2008
Providence, R.I. (Lupo's)
May 19, 2008
New York (Radio City Music Hall)
May 18, 2008
New York (Bowery Ballroom)
May 15, 2008
Charleston, S.C. (Music Farm)
May 12, 2008
New York (Terminal 5)
May 13, 2008
New York (Madison Square Garden)
May 08, 2008
Atlanta (Lakewood Amphitheater)
May 06, 2008
New York (Town Hall)
April 30, 2008
New York (Bowery Ballroom)
April 27, 2008
New York (Virgin MegaStore)
April 24, 2008
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Bring Ya to the Brink
Producer(s): various
Label: Epic
During the course of 25 years, Cyndi Lauper has certainly played the singing minstrel, but also revealed deep lyrical introspection as an observer of society's foibles. On "Brink," she craftily meshes the two personas. Melodically, Lauper still just wants to have fun, with jaunty dancefloor jams (she traveled the world to work with beat masters Basement Jaxx, Digital Dog, Peer Astrom, Scum-Frog and Rich Morel), but after a twirl under the disco ball, listeners have the opportunity to explore layers underneath. "Same Ol' Story" is among Lauper's most inviting melodies ever, as she talks about how folks hold others to a different set of values than their own. "Raging Storm" is a thunderous blast, until you observe its thoughtful theme of aligning life priorities. There's an overall retro feel to the production that will no doubt delight minions, but those same faithful are old enough to appreciate meaning behind the melodies. —Chuck Taylor

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