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First pictures sent after Mars probe lands safely

Space scientists are celebrating after successfully landing a probe on the surface of Mars.

Deaths reported in Sri Lanka train bombing

At least seven people were killed and dozens injured when a bomb exploded on a train during rush hour in the Sri Lankan capital today, military officials said.

Cigarettes: the last gasp

Cigarettes will be banned from public display in shops and vending machines are to be scrapped under dramatic new plans designed to curb smoking among young people.

Prison nightmare may be coming to an end for Pervez

His surroundings are grim and forbidding, but Sayed Pervez Kambaksh believes his long nightmare is almost over.

French school film is the Class act in Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or was won by a French film that chronicled a year in the life of an inner-city school.

Divers 'should contribute to rescue costs'

A British diver and his girlfriend who survived a night in shark-infested waters off Australia's Great Barrier Reef are being asked to help pay for their rescue.

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What slump? House prices keep rising by the seaside

It already boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant and a helipad, and Prince William, Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan have all chosen it as a holiday destination. Now, a survey has found that house prices in the seaside town of Rock in Cornwall are rising faster than any other coastal settlement in the country.

Defiant Mugabe threatens to expel US ambassador

The Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, accused the United States of political interference and threatened to expel its ambassador yesterday, as his party, Zanu-PF, began its campaign for next month's election run-off.

Fury over Berlusconi's bid to solve rubbish crisis

The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, faces the first real test of his new government after his demand for a speedy end to Naples's interminable rubbish wars was greeted at the weekend with violent clashes and a call to arms by residents of the areas chosen for new dumps.

Hiddink heads list of Chelsea tough guys to replace Grant

Chelsea want a tough disciplinarian manager to succeed Avram Grant – but also, crucially, someone who is willing to discuss team tactics and player selection with club owner Roman Abramovich. The frontrunner is Guus Hiddink, always regarded by those close to Abramovich as his "insurance policy" to take over at Stamford Bridge.

HSBC faces rebellion over £120m executive bonus plan

HSBC is set to be the next big British company to feel the wrath of its shareholders over directors' pay, when plans to make as much as £120m in bonuses available to its executive team will be presented at the bank's annual general meeting on Friday.

Mosquito invasion brings disease risk to UK

An Asian mosquito species is poised to arrive in Britain, bringing with it the risk of a potentially lethal disease that the insect can pass from one person to another.

James Frey's happy ending

His sensational memoir sold more than five million copies. But when he was forced to admit fabricating some of the details, his life fell apart. Now he's back, with a work of fiction – and it's already a bestseller. Guy Adams reports

Caroline Flint: You Ask The Questions

The Housing Minister answers your questions, such as 'Will house prices fall by 10 per cent?' and 'Who's Westminster's sexiest man?'

Manuel Marulanda: Commander of the Farc guerrilla army during four decades

This septuagenarian leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the Farc, stamped his personality for better or worse on Colombia more effectively than any of his compatriots in the 20th century.

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