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Urban Entomology Program
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  Publications and Media (with printable pdf files)

Myles’ Publications

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

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The Termite Situation In Toronto & Ontario

The first 25 years—Kirby’s Report, 1965

City of Toronto Termite Bylaw

Distribution of Northern Termites
  History of Termite Control & Funding in Ontario

MOE Report on Status of Termite Infestations in Ontario (1989) (part 1, part 2, part 3)

1993 Termite Report: City of Toronto

First Termite Shield on Toronto House

Termite Control Project, City of Toronto: Final Report, 2002 (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8)

Termite Control Project, City of Guelph: Final Report, 2002 (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Termite Control Project, City of Pickering: Final Report, 2002 (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

Advancing Termite Control In Canada

Geocoding of Termite Distribution in Toronto

New Toronto Ward Map

Intensity of Termite Infestation by Toronto Wards and Councillor Contact Information

Proposal for funding to City of Toronto: Termites & Bedbugs


   Termite Control Methods

Manifesto of a termite researcher

Yard Wood Management
  Physical Barriers for Subterranean Termite Control

Block-wide Termite Control (BTC)



World of Termites in Cyberspace  > TOUR STARTS HERE

Photo Links:
  List of all 288 termite genera in the world with links to soldier photos
  List of 181 termite genera with photo links
  Photographic plates of termite soldier mandibles
  Photographic plates of termite worker mouthparts
  Photographic plates of termite worker legs

Termites of the World by Continent

  Genus and Species Lists

  North American
  South American

Illustrated Termites of North America

  Family Keys by Alate or Soldier
  Mandibles of North American Termite Soldiers
  Termopsidae (Rottenwood Termites)
  Kalotermitidae (Dampwood and Drywood Termites)
  Rhinotermitidae (Subterranean Termites)
  Termitidae (Higher Termites)



Termite Biology
  Termite Taxonomy (clickable  thumbnails ! ! )

Termite Phylogeny

  Beneficial Uses of Termites

(including Decompiculture and Termiticulture)


Termite Movies (Spectacular Animated GIF files!)
  Termite Picture Gallery (some new pics)

SEM - Scanning Electron Microscopy

  Use of Termites in Prospecting for Gold
   Anatomy of a termite, Hoplotermes amplus
  Home Inspection and Termite Control Options
   Tent Fumigation for Drywood Termite Control
  An In-Door Flight of Subterranean Termites

Video of Coptotermes deep inside a stump (EverestVIT: 1, 2, 3, 4)
   The nest and castes of Constrictotermes cyphergaster

   Termites as agricultural pests in Saudi Arabia
  First record of the genus Microcerotermes in the United States
  Mysterious shelter tube structures in California driveway
  Worldwide Database of Termite Morphology
  Science Magazine NetWatch announcement Oct. 24, 03

Amitermes of Venezuela

Canine Termite Detection in Toronto

PowerPoint Presentations

Evolution and Ecology of Wood

Advancing Termite Control in Canada

Block-wide Termite Control (BTC)

Block-wide Termite Control is a Reality

Drywood Termite Control Options for the Azores

Review of the History of Termite Taxonomy

Gnathamitermes and Two Related New Genera

Physical Barriers for Subterranean Termite Control

Studies of Ants and Termites at the Nevada Test Site

Termite Resistance of Royal Building System

Termite Resistance Lab Testing

The Bug Barrier Tree Band

Termites of Catalina Island

Further Resources

  Fun Facts
  Publications (New pdf files)
  Termites 101
  Link Screen
  Termite Tables
  Other Wood Pests
  Newsletter - Termite Tips
  Termitologist's Bookshelf
  Termite-Related Dissertations
  Viewer Questions and Answers -- Dec. 2003
   Viewer Questions and Answers -- Apr. 2000
   Viewer Questions and Answers -- Feb. 2000
   Viewer Questions and Answers -- Jan. 2000
   Viewer Questions and Answers -- Dec, 1999
   Viewer Questions and Answers -- Nov, 1999
   Viewer Questions and Answers -- Dec 1998 - Oct 1999
  Subterranean Termite Zones of North America
   Contract Testing of Building Materials for Termite Resistance

Integrated Pest Management in Housing by Sam Bryks

Potential of radionuclides in the control of subterranean termites

Termite Web Resources

     International Isoptera Society (IIS) Homepage

R. Constantino's Catalog of the Living Termites of the New World
A. Brune's feature on Termite Guts: World's Smallest Bioreactors
Operation Full Stop--Coptotermes Control Program in New Orleans
Under US EPA Review, Dow Agrees to Remove Dursban from Market
Biology and Control of Termites (Cupims) in Brazil (new)
United States Department of Agriculture Extension Service (new)
The Biology of Macrotermes (VHS Video) by R.H. Leuthold & J. Affolter (New)
Termites in the Tree of Life (new)

Links to Other Termite Sites


Other Insects:

Bed bugs in Toronto

Gladiators: Order Mantophasmatodea

The Bug Barrier Tree Band for Cankerworm Control

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