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    Playing With My Wii All Weekend Long

    By Joe Haygood | May 26, 2008

    So after months of searching and neverending comments of frustration on several of our podcasts, I finally have purchased a Wii.  Funny thing is how I came about it, and how the Gamespot crew for once screwed up by not badgering me to no end about buying something used.

    Basically, I was wandering around my local Gamespot, which I am prone to do, because I actually like the employees there, and they normally have a decent selection of PC games, a rarity at Gamespot nowadays.  I was there with my wife, who was looking for a new DS game, which she found in the way of Professer Layton (if I have to hear that kid say “professor” one more time, I will kill him).  At the register, after paying, I asked if the store had any Wii’s in stock, to which they replied, none in awhile.  I started to walk out, when I was possessed to ask if they had any used Wii’s.  The response startled me, “Yeah, we have a couple”.
    Picture via IGN.

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    Curse of Darkness boasts a weapon forge system I can sink my fangs into.

    By Stephen Munn | May 24, 2008

    Konami’s Koji Igarashi might not be too pleased with how his 3D Castlevania games have fared at retail, but I’ve genuinely enjoyed the ones I’ve tried. Personally, I think if Castlevania is going to succeed (fiscally) in 3D it probably will have to go first-person, perhaps with an over-the-shoulder view like Resident Evil 4. They’ve clearly gone for the third-person Devil May Cry feel with his most recent two efforts, Lament of Innocence on PS2, and Curse of Darkness for PS2 and Xbox.

    Anyway, I want to talk about the weapon forging system in Curse of Darkness for PS2 which I’m currently playing in my PS3. Let me be clear that I don’t like weapon forging systems, generally speaking. In games where you can forge weapons, I don’t forge them. If it’s required, I don’t play the game. However, the way I pick up games in the Castlevania franchise can fairly be viewed, in a general sense, as blind. As a result, here I am forging weapons to progress in Curse of Darkness, and surprisingly enough, I like it.

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    Triston has five reasons he hates Gamestop, here’s my thoughts.

    By Stephen Munn | May 24, 2008

    Triston Mcintyre at Blorge has a few issues with Gamestop, and to an extent I have to say I agree. We dance a delicate line at Gamestop as gamers. On the one hand, it’s really the only persistent place in the US where you can go and browse a good selection of used games. On the other hand, the prices are much better online at places like (for both buyers and sellers). In the end, you never really know for certain what you’re getting when you’re not holding it in your hands. That’s an edge brick and mortar shops will always have. Mcintyre points out that he spends a lot of time shopping at Gamestop, even though he dislikes the place. I’d bet that’s a common sentiment.

    My personal favorite item on the list is the first. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a Gamestop and had to turn right back around again due to the odor. I’d swear someone pinched a loaf right there in the middle of the store, and I’m not going to breathe that if I don’t have to. His theory on the unwashed gaming masses is an interesting one. I’m inclined to say Gamestop is one of the few boutique stores that most men will spend more than a minute or two in of their own volition, and this may be the result.

    The broken or powered-off demo kiosks are a pain, but I wouldn’t touch those controllers if I were him anyway. Crowds of kids are a foregone conclusion… I know I huddled in the electronics aisle of my Toys R Us whenever I could as a kid, and Gamestop would have been a fantasy land to me if it existed at the time. Heck, when Funcoland appeared, I dreamed of going there, and that place sucked. Rude idiots work at his Gamestop, it seems, so he needs to find another Gamestop. My Gamestops usually have no more than one fanboy at the counter, and he or she doesn’t seem to be judging me.

    Of course, we have our own issues with Gamestop here at Aeropause.

    Source: Blorge. Hey, “Sourceblorge”. That’s pretty funny.

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    SingStar PS3 Pulls It Together

    By Paul Munn | May 23, 2008

    SingStarThe headline on the Giant Bomb review of SingStar might lead you to think something’s wrong with the game, but that’s quickly rectified by the clear, four-star rating. The review is very well written in a style I admire — listing the nuts and bolts of features and exactly how they work at the same time as rating the overall experience and how it comes together. It shows that the team that made SingStar knew what they were doing. They used the online connectivity of the system, PlayStation Eye camera, and an ability to record predetermined sections of your performance together to build a compelling and fun experience. The online, gamer-driven rating system and absolutely packed 200-song store to buy new songs from isn’t just a step into the current generation, it’s a leap.

    And while I myself have next to no interest in Karaoke singing games, it’s really nice to see a developer pull it together like this and produce something that seems to use the console to its fullest. Yes it’s a Sony product that’s apparently not falling short of its potential. Someone take a picture before this moment passes.

    For the full review, hit this link.

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    ESA Continues to Lose Members, This Time id Is Out

    By Joe Haygood | May 23, 2008

    The ESA has been hit with several high profile departures as of late, starting with Activision Vivendi, and then followed by LucasArts. Now, one of the bigger benefactors of the ESA fighting, id Software, is leaving the Association. No word from id Software on their exit, but it really is a bit shocking to see so many high profile developers leaving the ESA. One has to wonder if this could lead to the end of the ESA, as it cannot continue to lose member support.

    With this departure, it leads me to believe that developers are starting to think that they need to control the way their product is represented to the government and the public. Why should id or Activision Vivendi have the ESA preach their case to the public, when the companies that made the job might be able to put better spin on the product.


    Latest Comment

    Shane @ 2008-05-23 13:35:32
    The reason for so many departures must stem from one overall concern from the Developers/Publishers - but what is it?? More..

    Topics: Industry | 1 Comment

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    90 minute MGS4 cut-scenes? *GAG*

    By George Walker | May 23, 2008

    Reports are coming in that Metal Gear Solid 4 is going to have 90-minute cutscenes. If you read my previous article about my involvement with the Metal Gear series, my reaction will probably not surprise you.

    Great, just what I wanted. Who knows how many hours of over wrought, post-modern, drawn-out dialog there will be, but this just makes me want to avoid the $500 entry price that much more.

    Latest Comment

    Richard Windsor @ 2008-05-23 18:40:12
    I heard this earlier today and my first thought was to cancel my order for the game. I have never had a huge love for the over winded cut scenes in MGS. I really hope that this 90 minute cut scene is at the end. I know you can skip the scene but damn man! I guess we know why they are using the entire Blu-ray Disc, too bad they decided to use it on something like that. More..

    Topics: PS3 | 4 Comments

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    XBLA delisting and No Spring Update: What it Really Means

    By George Walker | May 23, 2008

    So, I’m sure everyone has heard all about the interview with Marc Whitten (general manager of Xbox Live). This is the interview where he reveals there will be no spring update and also mentions delisting poorly performing XBLA titles.

    I need to address both of these issues, because while a lot of people are foaming at the mouth over not having a spring update, people need to make special note of what Whitten actually said.

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    Latest Comment

    Shane @ 2008-05-23 13:38:48
    I too am glad to hear that at least they will be updating the DRM licenses for XBL content. Also, where the heck did that huge Spring Update list spring from - is what I wanna know. More..

    Topics: Articles, Indie, Industry, Microsoft, XBOX 360, Xbox Live Arcade | 1 Comment

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    Former Gamespot Reviewer Hired by Harmonix

    By Joe Haygood | May 23, 2008

    Alex Navarro, former Gamespot reviewer, has been hired on as part of the creative team at Harmonix, according to the latest Giant Bomb podcast.  Beyond his work as a reviewer and editor, he is also an accomplished drummer and music aficionado.  No word on exactly what his role is at Harmonix as of yet, but if he can get them to design a drum set that will allow the pads to be tilted, I will be grateful.  While Alex will no longer be freelancing reviews, I feel it is only proper to close out the article with one of his finest video reviews ever, Big Rigs.

    Latest Comment

    Matthew Kellar @ 2008-05-23 20:48:49
    That's pretty awesome. More..

    Topics: Industry | 1 Comment

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    BBC America - Video Games Responsible For Higher IQ’s

    By Richard Windsor | May 22, 2008

    Jack Thompson is about to lose his license, E3 is not far off, and this summer looks to have some high quality games. So what could make things any better? How about finding out that playing video games can increase your IQ! I can hear you scoffing at me through your monitor, but according to the BBC show Newsnight that is just the case. Tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on BBC America they will run the story for the first time. Below is the teaser from their website.

    An investigation into why children’s IQs are rising despite complaints from parents that their kids spend too much time playing video games and surfing the internet. This special report reveals that there’s some evidence to suggest that gaming is part of the reason why 21st century school children are apparently getting smarter.

    I have not seen what info they have to back these claims up, so let’s just hope they have a bunch of smart people using big words during the show. I also hope their experts are British, because we all know a British accent makes you sound smarter.

    More - BBC America

    Latest Comment

    Sifer2400 @ 2008-05-23 07:55:31
    "I also hope their experts are British, because we all know a British accent makes you sound smarter." lawl i plan on watching this today and gametrailers tv that should be entertaining More..

    Topics: Culture, Industry | 1 Comment

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    Alone in the Dark Soundtrack

    By Shane | May 22, 2008

    Godfree from Gamertag Radio dropped us a line to let us know that they “scored” a copy of the Alone In The Dark soundtrack which is performed by the Grammy award winner Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices with music composed by Olivier Deriviere. Here are a few free sample snippets for you to check out:

    1. Prelude To An End
    2. Edward Carnby
    3. Truth
    4. Crying New York
    5. Why ?
    6. Who Am I ?
    7. Loneliness
    8. No More Humans

    Thanks, Godfree. Read on for the complete track list and press release:

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    Topics: Music | No Comments »

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