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Interview: Belladonna (March 2004)


The current queen of porn on sex with Jenna Jameson and why Justin Timberlake's so sexy

Belladonna has enjoyed a whirlwind four years in the adult industry since she joined on a whim four years ago.

Extended Bio
Interview 1
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She's been the focus of a two-year ABC "Prime Time" investigation into the porn industry and she's morphed from hot starlet to hot producer, joining one of the industry's best and biggest players, John Stagliano's Evil Angel Productions, as a featured player.

Bella was recently voted by Mr. Web Review readers as the sexiest adult starlet going and in honor of her selection, our webmaster and resident question-ask man, Evan, sat down with Bella for 90 minutes on the eve of the '04 Adult Entertainment Expo to ask her about life as a celebrity, retiring to become a full-time masseuse and her upcoming Vivid feature film with Jenna Jameson.

Q. You cut all your hair off recently. What was people's reaction to Bella with the Annie Lennox look?

"I wanted to change my hair color and I wasn't necesarily going for any kind of look. I've (cut it off) before, so it wasn't scary. I was a little worried about what poeple would think, but at the same time, I didn't care because this is me. This is my life.

"Even if I wasn't in porn, I would've done it, and it's grown out now, short and blonde. A lot of people really like it and there were some people were like, 'I really don't know about that.'"

Q. I see the first scene you ever did was in Real Sex Magazine with Chris Cannon. What happened? How nervous were you?

"I had fun. I was a little nervous because I had never been in front of a camera naked before. I loved the attention and having a makeup artist and trying to do new things. That was the first time I'd ever done anal in my life. It was one of those things.

"They said, 'You wanna do anal?' And I was like, 'If I say no, will they still hire me?' I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't do anything to prepare for it, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought. I was working with a real pro. You can have guy go in there and hurt you or you can have a guy go in there and take his time. Lucky for me I had the latter."

 Q.  We read interviews from these starlets who claim they cum every time in a video. How realistic is that with all the stops and starts in a shoot?

"Depends on the girl, really. If a person wants to cum, then they can cum. I like to. I mean, even if I'm not fucking, I"m still masturbating. It hasn't always been like that, but it's how I am these days. But sometimes I am too worried about what everyone's going to look like or there's too much going on. And sometimes people don't know when I have one. I can come really quietly. But I can be very vocal if I need to."

Q. Growing up, what was your introduction to porn? Drive-in movie? Dad's stash?

"My first boyfriend was 15 and got me to watch it. I didn't know anything about it, what it really was. My reaction? Oh my god. I thought it was sick and gross and I didn't know why people had to watch that.

"I was raised Mormon, you have to understand. My dad was a Bishop and I was taught that masturbation is not good and that sex is only for making children. Then I got older and started doing it and realized I'm not a bad person. I like sex on camera. That's not bad. A lot of times you think, 'People will think I'm disgusting.' But really, who cares what people think? They're not coming to my grave to be buried with me."

Q. Who are the five sexiest starlets out there right now in the industry and why?

"In porn? I would say Katja Kassin. She's fucking drop dead gorgeous with a curvaceous body and a sweet face. She's a great performer, submissive and dominant at the same time. She's an amazing performer. She's got the whole package, I think.

Jenna Jameson for sure. I'm not saying that because she's No. 1. She really is fucking No. 1. She's fucking gorgeous, but also a really cool person who has this incredible feeling about her when she's having sex with you. She makes you feel incredible. The sounds she makes, the way she looks at you. She's all there.

Images courtesy: Belladonna

Justine works for Andrew Blake productions. She's so fucking sexy and once again, a great performer. I'm naming people who bring a feeling to the scene and enjoy every fucking second of it, from makeup to the cum shot.

Avy Scott is beautiful, gorgeous with a voluptuous body. Oh my god, I love her butt. She is so perverted and horny and knows exactly how to suck on a woman or a man. I know because I lived with her for a very long time.

"There's so many great girls in this biz. This is a hard decision. But fifth I would name Sophie Evans. She can take it like a fucking champ and she's so fucking sexy and she's got that accent. She's Hungarian and most of the time you don't see girls go all out. She really gets involved and 100 percent loves it."

I've seen you on Night Calls 411 quite a bit and on Lexington Steele's show, Lex In The City, on Playboy TV. I know most of the action is simulated on there, but you girls are rubbing on yourselves for 90 minutes. Doesn't something get wet for real? Give us the stories, Bella.

"It depends on whom you get to simulate with. Some of the girls are stand offish and some are doing it because the cameras are on, and some of the other girls I really like. There's a black girl that's always on there as a dancer, I can't remember her name, but she's got an amazing body and she talks dirty to you and smacks your ass and it's great.

"If you get a good partner, you can get into it. There might be like a lick or finger here or there, but there's 30 people watching you. it's kind of hard to let go and be free and do your own thing. They've told us to not be so graphic. We get carried away sometimes."

Q. You're a big-time porn director now and your stuff is especially hot. Other former stars are now making great directors. Why is that transition so easy?

"It wasn't so easy for me. It was an opportunity my ex boyfriend, Nacho Vidal, made for me. I would tell him all these perverted stories and he said, 'Why don't you direct?' I was scared to death. I didn't' want to be responsible for a whole movie. I can perform very well. But to be responsible for the whole thing? II was very scared. I didn't think I could do it. But Nacho pushed me. He got me motivated and I tried it with Sineplex  and had fun. I got to play around with my ideas. I did try and it was successful.

When I left (Sineplex), Nacho told John Stagliano to watch Bella's movies and three or four days later, I had a job at Evil Angel and it's probably the most incredible thing I've had happen to me because Evil Angel is like a big fucking deal and everyone knows that.

"For me to have a chance to be a director for John Stagliano is a blessing from God. You own yourself. You own everything you do and you make your futureS is a blessinig fro God. You own yourself. You own everything you do and you make the future.

"My first movie Evil Pink was diff thian anything i'v shot. slow and paassiontate but also perverted at same itme. I dont' think a lot of peopel exepcete that from me. Next ones aren't going to be so slow.

Q. How do you figure out what's going into a movie? Do you just shoot a gazillion scenes and put them together at random or do you have "Bella Perversions 67" in mind and shoot 7 scenes for that?

"It's really not that planned. The first movie I did, I had this idea and this idea and this idea. I got to the set and decided there. I don't' shoot tons of scenes and let them sit there. I shoot five scenes for a specific movie. The second movie I've worked on for Evil Angel has taken longer because I've been busy with feature dancing and store signing and have been on the road for the past four months. After January's done I'm only shooting for myself. I'm only shooting my Evil Angel movies and I'm not going to do any more features or store signings for awhile."

Q. Where do you see porn going in terms of delivery in the future. Do you still think it'll be mail order dominated or will it all be internet download? And what about virtual porn? Think we'll have that soon?

"I think a lot of it will be internet download. That seems to be what people like. More private. Very easy. The quality will improve every year. Then again, I can't assume anything. i don't' know. I personally like DVDs. A lot of people don't' also like computers. I would definitely think internet over most anything else, though, but I want to see a 3D Bella. Hell yeah. I would definitely like to see that."

Q. Is porn going to be all gonzo all the time soon? Do you think there's an audience anymore for storyline driven porn and is it shrinking?

"I think there's an audience out there if it's good enough. The Fashionistas proved storyline features can be a great way to do movies. There should be more great fucking movies with fucking great sex.

"Gonzo though is right to the point. It's in your face. it's changing and getting more aggressive and perverted. It's people having imagination and wanting to see something their girlfriends won't do or people think is disgusting but yet they'll jack off to it."

Q. Most folks reading this will watch some Bella or Jenna and get themselves off or get their partners started. In your private life, do you turn on some XXX to get the party started?

"(Laughs). No to tell you truth. I don't' watch that much porno. I really haven't found the person I enjoy watching it with. I don't' need it myself because I have this crazy imagination. I would like to start watching more.

Q. Do you think the industry is getting too extreme right now. Ass-to-mouth is common place and we're seeing all these bukkake movies and pissing movies. Are we going too far?

"I don't think it's going too far if there's an audience out there for it and people enjoy doing it . If people enjoy doing it, people will like to see it. Believe it or not, there's things I don't' care for. I tried gang bangs once and I didn't care for it. It doesn't turn me on.

"Five guys, great, but not 12. Bukkake? I wouldn't mind doing that. I don't' know how much cum I would like. A2M doesn't bother me if its my own ass. You don't' go sucking on anyone's asshole. Because of STDs and stuff, I shy away sometimes. Some girls just aren't so clean. I know what comes out of my asshole because I clean it all the time."

Q. How do you prep for an anal scene now?

"I actually don't' go and buy an enema bottle. i use an enema bag and clean myself out real good the night before and make sure there's nothing in there. Even before I got out for a scene, I stick a toy down there deep to make sure it's clean."

Q. Speaking of ass-to-mouth and anal, you're the queen of anal. Most guys want to try it but their women are scared to death. Is there a good way to try anal?

"You have to be very horny if you're ever going to do it. You have to be warm, you know, in a good comfy position. I like to be in the spoon position, touching your clit and making sure you're really relaxed and making sure the guy who does it understand it's your asshole and it's going to hurt a little.

"Talk dirty while you're doing it. I personally prefer spit but if there's lube, I use
Eros. (Some types of) lube can burn your asshole. I would tell them use a butt plug before or a glass toy on yourself and get it loosened up and get into it."

Q. Does it hurt?

"There's times when it can get challenging. That's the whole fascination about anal. If it wasn't like that it wouldn't' be so good. It's ooh yeah, that's  a little tight but go ahead and do it. It's kind of sex I like."

Q. I see you are doing some feature dancing now. Give us your best road stories. Lap dancing tales?

"I don't' do lap dances anymore because I've had bad experiences with people who assume isince Im a porn star and do laps that they'll get more than they bargained for. i do give a great lap. As for road stories, well, I get a lot of the girls wanting to fuck me everywhere I go. it's really a compliment to me. They're groping me and shit like that. That's best road story of all. I haven't chosen to have sex with anyone. I kind of watch out for myself nowadays."

Q. Wondering can you go to the mall without being noticed? And what do people do when they do recognize you?

"I can go without getting noticed but I have been noticed in places. People are really cool. They go, 'Are you Belladonna?' If people recognize me and start talking to me, I'm nice because it's a compliment. I don't' go places and people scream and get cameras out but it's nice to be noticed and appreciated for your work."

Q. Name 2 male and 2 female mainstream celebrities you'd like to shag?

"Hell yeah. This is a good one. Charlise Theron and Christina Ricci. Charlise turns me on because she's very classy and mysterious. You don't' know a lot about her. She turns me on. She really does. Christina is one of those cute voluptuous little girls. She's got this body to die for and a face you want to suck on.

"Men? Edward Norton drives me nuts because he's an incredible actor. I also love Brad Pitt. He just drives me crazy."

Q. I want to talk about what happened with you and Sineplex and how you landed at Evil Angel. I understood you to have a 5-year deal with Sineplex. What happened?

"It was kind of a bullshit story. Things went wrong and promises weren't' kept. I had to get out. I didn't have a feeling of trust."

Q. i see they still have still up and making money off your name even though you're gone.

"I'm not involved with that anymore. it just goes to show you."

Q. Your
new Evil Angel site is looking good? What is up with that one?

"Enter Belladonna is the site I'm doing with Evil Angel. Three guys with Evil Angel came up with the name and really have been trying to mend wounds from the last website. It's a good website but you couldn't download pictures. I wasn't there. It was kind of just done.

"Enter Belladonna is me. I have a diary on it. I show pictures from the road. I just really wanted to get involved with my fans."

Q. I've heard you say many times that ABC "PrimeTime" didn't show all of the story. What did they leave out? I know you feel a bit misunderstood in terms of your feelings for this industry.

"I never said I was anti-porn. When someone follows you around for two years and they're a mainstream company, well, they told me it wasn't going to be like that. No one said they'd show an hour long of me.

It was bullshit, made up lies, like me waiting for a contract. They took things out of context totally. Some things I said were true. At times, I felt pressured into doing things, but I made a choice to go on and do it. But I still think a lot of people don't' realize when you're 18 and there's tons of people in the business and you don't know who they are, they pressure you.

"I'm not going to lie and say everyone's great and they never treat you bad, but i think it's bullshit when people don't' want to hear the truth. I was honest about having STDs. That shit goes around and lot of people don't give a fuck. After that aired, that's when we started being required to have an STD test. So some good came out of it.

"But I will never do something like that again. (ABC) emailed me and wanted to do a follow up. I said, 'No thank you. I don't want to be embarrassed again.'"

Q. Being from Biloxi, MIss, you are the prototypical small town girl. What got you out of there?

"I only lived there for a couple  years. My father was in the AIr Force and we moved every two or three years. I lived in Mississippi, Idaho, Germany, California, Utah and Spain."

Q. You are known for your booty. What's the story there?

"I think it's just genetics, honestly. I'm thanking my parents every day for this ass. I eat good. I eat very healthy but I can eat a lot of food. I'm not a afraid to get bigger because then I get really curvaceous and I like that."

Q. Besides you, which female stars have the best bottoms going?

Katka Kassin, Gina Lynn, mmmm. Jewel DeNyle has a great ass. Sophie Evans has an incredible ass. Kylie Wild has a great ass."

Q. Seems the industry is moving away from the big chest to the big butt. You like the trend?

"I think it's great the industry is going to the ass. If a girl has tiny tits and a big fat ass, hell yeah, let's go with that. I love all tits, too. But I think there's a look to a natural tit and a feel to a natural tit that's indescribable versus a fake tit."

Q. If you've got to be with one man the rest of your life, do you want 11 inches hung low or just a standard 6 or 7?

"I prefer maybe like an 8. I would prefer 6 or 7 over a big one. It could be a little thick. I've been with Nacho for three years and I know what's it like to be with a fucking huge dick all the time and sometimes you can't walk if you fuck four times a day."

Q. When, growing up, did the guys begin noticing 'the body?'

"They used to call me bubble butt and when I was 11 or 12 is when it started. I didn't get tits until I was 15 though."

Q. How do your religious parents handle your profession?

"It's not something we even talk about that much, so it's not an issue. They've never said one mean thing to me about it and never thrown it in my face and never made me feel bad about it. I know this isn't the job they want their child to have."

Q. Do you think about a life after porn?

"I plan for my future every day, at least for the past six months. I've set up mutual funds I can't touch until I'm 60. I plan to retire when I'm 25. I'm 22 now and I plan to go to massage therapy college and when I'm 26 I'll open my own massage business.

"That's what i want to do for the rest of my life. This will be a wonderful nest egg, are you kidding me? Being a director for Evil Angel gives me a chance to make money. I get a percentage of U.S. and Europen sales.

"SInce I'm a producer, I pay for everything out of my own pocket, though.
Evil Pink costs me $20 grand to shoot and I paid a lot more after that to do editing and distribution, design of the box cover, everything. I really work hard but I know that I will definitely work harder on the next one. I've been pleased with the results financially, amazing pleased. I will make money off that movie for the rest of my life, as long as it keeps selling.

Q. Let's change gears. Is Justin Timberlake sexy?

"Yes. I like the way he moves and how his clothing looks on his body and his personality and how he's changed. As long as you keep changing and stay fresh, people will watch you."

What about
Britney Spears?

"I love her body. I think she's beautiful. But I would prefer Christina Aguilera because she has a woman's voice and can sing anywhere and anything and sounds great and she's a fucking woman. She speaks her mind. But I'm not putting Britney down. She's doing her thing, too."

Q. Your take on Michael Jackson. Did he sleep with those little boys or is it all about money. And should a 45-year-old be sleeping with kids anyway?

"I think if he is sleeping with kids and isn't a pevert and a pedophile, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. If I have kids at 45, I'll let them sleep in my bed too. I don't' have the right to assume. I know what the mainstream bullshit media can do to people. I know i don't believe half the shit on TV and in the papers."

Q. I read in an interview where you named your three favorite people to work with and two were black, Lexington Steele and Justin Slayer. First wondering what it is about those guys that gets your motor running and can you talk about the alleged interracial backlash running through the industry now?

"You want to know what I really think? Anyone who says (interracial scenes can hurt a career) should be slapped in the face.

"If people don't want to watch it, don't watch it. But that's what I hate about this industry. That pisses me off. I hate racist people. I hate when people say, 'It's going to hurt your career if you do a black guy.' Kiss my fucking ass. Look at me. I love black men. It hasn't hurt me.

"But about the guys? Oh god, Justin Slayer is fucking incredible. HIs body, his smoothness, his talking when he fucks me. He wants to dig inside you. He so does it for me. Lex is so responsive. He's so into you and so loving it and so (makes sex voice) 'Ooh, it feels good.' It's a challenge to work with him because he's so big and so long. In your vagina, he just goes deep. It's crazy deep up in there."

I want to know about the upcoming
Jenna/Bella movie for Vivid Video. Tell us about the scene and how did it go down. The old queen of porn vs. the new one.

"It's called Bella loves Jenna. I shot the movie for her and wasn't planning on it being "Bella Loves Jenna." I did a scene with Jenna and one with Nacho Vidal that was so incredible, that they decided to call it 'Bella Loves Jenna.'

"She fisted me but I don't' think they can show it. It was a hot girl-girl scene. Great location and wardrobe. Jenna and I alone was wonderful. I got off. Oh yeah."

Q. Is Bella dating anyone right now?

"Actually no. I am having sex with one person. But I have a couple people I talk on the phohe that don't live in the country. It's not hard for me to maintain a relationship if you have right person. I haven't' had right person come into my life.

Q. Curious how you came up with your feature name.

"My friend in Utah, a girl I knew whose name was Bella and I thought it was so beautiful and was name I chose. My agent at time said Bella is beautiful and you say Bella donna and it means beautiful woman, so I chose that."

Q. So is this 'Beautiful Woman' going to settle down one day?

"That's was something that used to be on my mind but where I'm at in my life now, I would imagine myself being with a child but not with a husband, having a very open life. I could even adopt but definitely not until my late 20s or earlys 30s. We'll see."

Copyright February 2004 � Mr. Web Review




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