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AIR for Linux:Release Notes

From Adobe Labs

March 31st, 2008

The release notes cover the following products:

  1. Adobe AIR for Linux alpha
  2. Adobe AIR SDK
Table of contents

System Requirements


Supported Linux Distributions

Supported Languages: English only. The final version of AIR for Linux will include support for other languages.

Supported Desktop Environments: GNOME or KDE

Package Management Systems: RPM or Debian

Minimum GTK+ version: 2.4.13

Window Managers: Metacity (default for GNOME) or KWin (default for KDE)

Transparency: Support for transparency in AIR applications requires a compositing window manager and additional X server extensions:

Installing Adobe AIR

Installation of AIR on Linux requires administrative privileges. You may invoke the installer as a normal user without administrative rights, and the installer would automatically elevate it to an administrative operation by asking for the admin password (root password for non-Debian systems and sudo user’s password for Debian systems)

The runtime gets installed in /opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0

Runtime Installation/Uninstallation Details

Application Installation / Uninstallation Details

Tips and Tricks

Features Available

The following features are available with this release:

Features Not Available

Known Issues for AIR on Linux

The following is a list of known issues with this release:

Runtime Installation

Application Installation


File system

Drag and Drop / Clipboard

Windowing / Menu


Local Store




Known issues with ADT

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