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St Aloysius College is located in the heart of Mangalore situated on the top of Light House Hill with a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea.

The College is affiliated to Mangalore University and offers Graduate and Post-Graduate Diploma and Ph.D. programmes in a wide variety of subjects in Humanities, Sciences, Commerce and Management. The College also teaches Pre-University Courses in Science, Commerce and Arts.

The education of youth all over the world has been one of the main concerns of the Society of Jesus ever since the Society was founded by St.Ignatius of Loyola in 1540 who wanted his followers to aim all their work for the Greater Glory of God.

The College traces its origins to 1880 when some European Jesuits who had landed in Mangalore three years earlier put up a College for the education of Catholic Youth.

The St.Aloysius College is managed by the Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society which is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and admits students without discriminating against any religion, caste or creed and seeks to establish a collegial environment in which those of diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs can participate in the community in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect.

Rector 0824-2445813 Jesuit Residence 0824-2423576
Principal 0824-2444461 Degree Office 0824-2422589
Vice-Principal 0824-2426631 AICA/AIBA 0824-2426631/3000005
Principal (SAPUC) 0824-2428154 PU Office 0824-2446275
Principal( SJEC) 0824-2425497 SAEC-Office 0824
Headmaster( SAC) 0824-2424216 Headmaster( Mid Sch) 0824-2444911
Hostel( boys) 0824-2448645 Hostel( ladies) 0824-2440370
SACAA 0824-2429848 IGNOU 0824-2447274
Lab for Appl.Biology 0824-2423246 TTI 0824-2443539


St Aloysius College
P B 720
Mangalore- 575 003


History Of The Institution.
1878,31st Dec. Landing of the Jesuits in Mangalore.
1880,12th Jan. First three classes opened in a bungalow rented for the purpose.
1882 College affiliated to the University of Madras.
1885,12th Jan. SAC Building on the Edyah Hill inaugurated.
1897 First issue of the Mangalore Magazine(College Annual) published.
1900 Red Building opened.
1901,22nd August. Br Moscheni completes Fresco Paintings in the Chapel.
1905,12th Jan. Silver Jubilee Celebrations.
1908 Separate two-storeyed building for the College classes opened.
1908 Seperate Building for the Primary & Middle school opened.
1908 Boarding House and Hostels started.
1928 Extension of a two-storeyed building for science and the library.
1930 Golden Jubilee Year.
1939 White Building for the High School opened.
1940 Addition to the College Building for English & language classes.
1946 Foundation Stone laid for Colllege Extension Building.
1955 College affiliated to the University of Karnataka.
1956 College affiliated to the University of Mysore.
1963 Evening High School started.
1964 College Auditorium opened.
1969 Staff Quarters for College teachers constructed.
1976 Primary & Middle School New Building opened.
1978 Vocationalised Courses for P.U.C opened.
1979-1980 Centenary Year, Centenary Building for the Library, Reading Room and Vocationalised Courses opened Inaugration of the Aloysian Service Centre, Ullal Opening of Post Graduate Course in Business Managment & Course for Companies Secretaryship