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"Ayecha": Where Do You Stand?

Jewish tradition teaches that the existential question “Ayecha” “Where do you stand?” was first posed by God to Adam in the Garden of Eden, to facilitate his introspection on the unique role and purpose he had within the universe.

Ayecha’s training, curricula and outreach programs provide resources for appreciating commonalties and differences among Jews and leveraging Jewish Diversity awareness into building stronger, more vibrant, Jewish relationships and communities.  Ayecha’s workshops facilitate “safe space” for introspection and growth in building more inclusive Jewish environments.

Ayecha embraces the question “Who is a Jew?” as an opportunity to explore the depth and substance of Jewish identity: Who is included? Who is excluded? Is there a place for YOU in the Jewish community?

We believe there is.  Ayecha is a place for Jews to come together, foster community, and reach out to the larger Jewish population, so that when faced with the question “Where Do You Stand?” with integrity, we can answer  “We Stand Together.”

From the Classroom to the Board Room…

Ayecha offers quality educational resources for learning, teaching, and leveraging Jewish Diversity.

Widening the Lens …

Ayecha workshops, curricula and programs assist rabbis, educators, and Jewish outreach professionals in utilizing a diversity lens to service a wider and more vibrant Jewish community.

Facilitating Introspection…

Ayecha programs facilitate crucial introspection and dialogue on individual and communal relationships with difference. Across a wide spectrum of Jewish identity and affiliation, Ayecha consultation services help to resolve the conflict between aging stereotypes and modern realities within the Jewish community.


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