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"Ayecha": Where Do You Stand?

Jewish tradition teaches that the existential question �Ayecha� �Where do you stand?� was first posed by God to Adam in the Garden of Eden, to facilitate his introspection on the unique role and purpose he had within the universe.

Ayecha�s training, curricula and outreach programs provide resources for appreciating commonalties and differences among Jews and leveraging Jewish Diversity awareness into building stronger, more vibrant, Jewish relationships and communities.  Ayecha�s workshops facilitate �safe space� for introspection and growth in building more inclusive Jewish environments.

Ayecha embraces the question �Who is a Jew?� as an opportunity to explore the depth and substance of Jewish identity: Who is included? Who is excluded? Is there a place for YOU in the Jewish community?

We believe there is.  Ayecha is a place for Jews to come together, foster community, and reach out to the larger Jewish population, so that when faced with the question �Where Do You Stand?� with integrity, we can answer  �We Stand Together.�

From the Classroom to the Board Room�

Ayecha offers quality educational resources for learning, teaching, and leveraging Jewish Diversity.

Widening the Lens �

Ayecha workshops, curricula and programs assist rabbis, educators, and Jewish outreach professionals in utilizing a diversity lens to service a wider and more vibrant Jewish community.

Facilitating Introspection�

Ayecha programs facilitate crucial introspection and dialogue on individual and communal relationships with difference. Across a wide spectrum of Jewish identity and affiliation, Ayecha consultation services help to resolve the conflict between aging stereotypes and modern realities within the Jewish community.


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