Ryan Taylor

Debut: March 27, 2004 vs. Bino Gambino
Home Town: Phelan, California
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs
Birthday: January 26, 1987
Role Models: Sting, Chris Jericho, Paul London, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Rob Van Dam
Trained By: Jesse Hernandez
Finisher: The So-Cal Effect, Liontaimer, Phoenix Bomb
Catch Phrase: "Being wild is in the blood!"
E-Mail: Wickedly_xtreme@yahoo.com
Titles Held:

EWF Most Improved Wrestler (2006), EWF Rookie Of The Year (2004), EWF Cruiserweight (2), EWF Match Of The Year (2007), Great Goliath Battle Royal Winner




Making his name known and his voice heard, Ryan Taylor has been known for being the young lion of the EWF. His skills and technical prowess are unmatched and his cocky attitude and charismatic spirit is only one of a kind. His style of technical attacks, along with various leg strikes and high flying arsenals are part of what makes this up and coming superstar into the world of professional wrestling stand out above the rest.

He first became fascinated with the world of sports entertainment when he was 3. “My older brother loved watching it and he got me hooked on it too” says Taylor. When he was first watching wrestling he loved guys like Sting, the Ultimate Warrior, and Shawn Michaels. It was their flamboyant look and charismatic tone that just shocked him and made him a huge fan.

Then when Ryan started to become a little older he played a lot of sports: baseball, football, wrestling, soccer, volley ball, and gymnastics. He was a natural athlete, and good at most any sport, anything from football to hacky sack. “Hey, if there was a competitive edge to it then I was in!” says Taylor.

When he was 16, he decided to stop playing a million sports and just focus on one. The one that he has never tried but always loved since the very beginning, Professional Wrestling. So on august 16, 2003 he walked into the School of Hard Knocks, and set out to make his dream a reality. “Its funny”, he says, “but really the most influential wrestler in my life was Jeff Hardy, I mean, I saw how well he did in the WWE and he wasn’t much for size. He was just really charismatic and flamboyant, and he lit a fire inside of me that has never burned out and never will.”