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Monday May 26, 2008
Indiana Jones teaches at Marshall

In 1961, Marshall College became Marshall University.

But Marshall College lives on in film as the workplace of an adventuring, bullwhip carrying, fedora-wearing archaeologist.

The fictional version of Marshall College is featured somewhat prominently in the newly-released "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

Filmgoers won't see Indy cheering on the Thundering Herd, dining at Jim's Spaghetti House or scarfing down Stewart's Hot Dogs.

In fact, the fictional Marshall College is meant to be in Connecticut and scenes that feature the college were filmed at Yale.

But some at Marshall University in Huntington have adopted the campus where Indiana Jones might dine in the faculty lounge as if it's their own.

"It's great," said Bill Bissett, Marshall University's chief of staff. "When you go to the Web site and you see Marshall College pop up -- these films have such a tremendous following. To have the connection back to our history with a film that takes place in the 1950s when we were also a college at that time, creates a lot of excitement.

"We're proud of our university status that was achieved in 1961. This film creates a nice historical bookmark for movie fans."

Marshall College is first depicted in the Indiana Jones films in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." It apparently was named for the film's producer, Frank Marshall. Dr. Henry Jones Jr., wearing glasses and a tweedy jacket, is depicted lecturing at a chalkboard. He's soon summoned out by a couple of Army intelligence officers who send him on his quest for the lost Ark of the Covenant.

According to fans who have tracked such things at, the professor's biography up to that point has him teaching at the University of London in 1925 right after grad school, getting fired in 1927 because he is depressed, accepting a teaching position at Princeton in 1930 and then winding up at Marshall College.

Most of this history is depicted in books about Indiana Jones, rather than in the movies.

By the third film of the series, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," he's teaching someplace called Barnett College. There's some disagreement among fans with too much time on their hands whether this is a new campus or, instead, Marshall-Barnett College.

Sample exchange on a fan site

Fan called "renderking fisk": "Sorry guys... It's Marshall-Barnett College."

Another fan called "junior jones": "I like that. Is that your theory or something official?"

A third fan called "lightning": "Although Marshall is the popular name for the college in Raiders, the name never appeared on screen. Barnett, on the other hand, did. Since the Indy's classroom is the same in both movies, (including the buildings visible through the window) I am forced to conclude that he taught at Barnett in both movies."

Nevertheless, in the new movie that debuted this weekend, he's on the staff at Marshall College.

That's the site of an extensive chase scene filmed at Yale.

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