True Heroes

Action starts on May 5, 2003, weekdays at 7pm!

Cast: Christopher Lee as Chen Junhao, Phyllis Quek as Cai Kexin, Moses Lim as Chen Rongyao, Jeanette Aw as Chen Huimin, Allan Wu as Wang Feng, Yvonne Lim as Irene, Alan Tern as Jiang Yijie, Lin Meijiao as Zhong Xiaolan, Huang Wenyong as Wang Jiancheng, Li Wenhai as Ge Ming, Cavin Soh as Wu Zhiguang, Jin Yinji as Chen Meizhen, Zzen Zhang as Wang Wei

Executive Producer Yeo Saik Pin skillfully incorporates action, love, friendship and family ties into this series based on real cases from the police files.

Born into a family line of police officers, it is no wonder that Chen Junhao would aspire to be one too. Enlisting himself into the Police Academy after his graduation from college, Junhao strives hard to achieve his dreams.

His hard work pays off when he’s awarded the ‘Best Trainee’ title upon the completion of his Academy training.

Being the eager beaver, he had high hopes of being posted to the Criminal Investigation Department. However, when he found out that he’s been assigned to a Neighbourhood Police Post in Ang Mo Kio handling matters he deemed as trivial, his hopes were dashed.

Things don’t get any better when Junhao has to work hand in hand with aloof colleague, Wang Feng whose way of handling matters doesn’t seem to correspond with Junhao. Inevitably, communication between the 2 colleagues break down and Junhao is left once again, feeling despondent.

His low morale and despondency is noticed by an astute and mature veteran, Kexin who is aware of the situation. Through her guidance, Junhao gradually adjusts into the neighbourhood, building rapport with the residents and finally finding joy in his work.

Just when Junhao is getting into the swing of things, trouble starts to brew.

Enter Wu Zhiguang, a futures stockbroker and Junhao’s good friend who unscrupulously uses Junhao’s status as a cop to swindle, ruining their friendship and almost tarnishing Junhao’s reputation.

Meanwhile, Wang Feng gets a promotion, making him Junhao’s superior. Wang Feng’s lack of understanding coupled with the betrayal of his friend soon drives Junhao to resign only to be stopped by Kexin. Together, they bring Zhiguang to justice. Their friendship soon develops into romance when Kexin chooses her career over moving to the States to be with her rich boyfriend, Hanliang.

However their relationship suffers a hiccup when Junhao gets acquainted with Irene, a delinquent who ceaselessly clings on to him, through his call of duty. His approach to handling the situation and the subsequent events that occur hurts Kexin and causes her to leave the country.

With the departure of Kexin, Junhao loses interest in his work and gets chided by Wang Feng. Unable to take it anymore, Junhao retorts, leading Wang Feng to do some soul- searching.

Working together with his sister, Chen Huimin who is also the significant other of Wang Feng, and through a life- saving event, Junhao and Wang Feng reconcile and become best partners in their crime- fighting career.

Their good performance pleases their superior, Gurmit who not only informs Junhao of his promotion, but also the whereabouts of Kexin when he senses a void in Junhao’s love life.

Filled with hope, Junhao goes to look for Kexin only to find that she’s not there…

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