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If You're Serious About Small Vintage Dolls, This book is a Must-Have:


Elite was a small, lesser-known American doll company, that had two 8-inch hard plastic doll lines: Vicki and Vicki-Lee. 

Photo: my collection


Vicki was Elite's "flagship" model- very high quality. Her head has a beautiful porcelain-like finish. She is a head-turning walker with molded eyelashes and bendable knees.

Some refer to Vicki as "Fortune Pam with toes" and, indeed, she has Pam's head (coloring and plastic finish are more similar to the Virga dolls) and arms (softer and lighter-colored plastic than the rest of her body, with the characteristic Fortune "tube" hook.)

Her legs, however, are jointed at the knee, and have fully detailed feet and toes. 


Vicki's clothes were well-made. Like Fortune Pam, Vicki is unmarked. 

Photo: Ebay listing

Vicki had with lots of accessories (sold separately, of course). These are cute and functional but made of cheaper materials.

Vicki Lee

Photo: my collection

Photo: my collection
Elite's other doll of this size was Vicki Lee. As of yet, I have found no reference to her in the literature, but I have seen her at doll shows, and have purchased this one on EBAY. She has a lovely face similar to A&H Gigi, and toeless plain feet like the Uneeda dolls. 

She is strung, and she wears simple, cheaply made clothing. Her pink-and-cream box is similar to Vicki's, and uses similar graphics. 

My suspicion is that either Vicki-Lee (being strung) was Vicki's pre-cursor, or she was Elite's "budget" doll. 

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