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If You're Serious About Small Vintage Dolls, This book is a Must-Have:


Duchess Dolls RANDI

Photo: Ebay listing
Little Miss Marie

Photo: Ebay listing
NORMA ORIGINALS, INC. produced a beautiful doll that holds a special place with collectors. She is virtually the same as Virga's Lucy, with middle finger fused, and molded-on T-strap shoes. The shoes are painted white, however, like the PMA dolls. Her face is richer in color, and her clothing exceptionally well-made. 

Photo: Carol Stover

KIM was a small company connected with Beehler Arts


Mollye was the name of the line of doll fashions made by Molly Goldberg. 

In the 1950's Mollye produced doll clothing only - very fine doll clothing.

  This vinyl doll is marked "Mollye" and is from a later period - 1960's or beyond.

A painted lash Ginger-type doll

My collection

Here is a strung doll with moveable legs that is otherwise identical to the costume dolls produced by Duchess and others.

Photo: mine
Early PMA-type strung fashion doll

Ebay listing
Sears Doll of Nations series was from the 1980's, not the 1950's. The dolls are all vinyl, and abot 9 inches tall.

   Photo: Ebay listing
8-inch doll made in Germany during the 1950's

Photo: Ebay listing

Here's an outfit for 8-inch dolls by Motion Toys, for "Madamoiselle Sande"
MBC made jointed composition fashion dolls during the 1940's.


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