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Top 10 Fighting Games

We've played every single fighting game ever* and have narrowed down the best of the best to create a list so controversial it will make your nose bleed. If you saw our Top 10 Worst Fighting Games you knew this was coming.

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One of my all time favorite top tens. I agree with every game on this list.

P.S. First 1!!!!!


no darkstalkers 3?
no kof?

i mean, doa bouncing boobs best than this 3 games?

btw, i wanna play soul calibur 4...


u right !

those all are amazing gamess :)

I'm not..

I'm not a HUGE Fighter fan, but I loves my World Heroes and Marvel VS Capcom 2. Why isn't World Heroes on HAR!?

Wheres KOF? ¬¬' Omg!

Wheres KOF? ¬¬'


no snk love?

No KOF? NO KOF?? KOF didnt even crack the top ten..OMG is right......wow...maybe it should have been top ten 2-d fighters of all time and leave the 3d stuff on its own Category...Im terrible at 3d fighters, maybe thats why......lol...oh well..I agree with #1 being SF3, by far the best solid gameplay mechanics, but how does KOF98 or Sam showdown 2 not make the list..??