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If You're Serious About Small Vintage Dolls, This book is a Must-Have:


Most Hollywood Dolls are of the "Costume" variety, with fixed, standing legs and molded-on shoes. 

Hollywood Dolls did make one 8-inch "Ginny-type": 

Photo courtesy of Carol Stover                Photo: My collection

This is a thick-necked, skinny-legged, big-handed doll that is quite distinct from other dolls of this genre. She is neither strung nor a head-turning walker. Her head, arms, and legs are attached in an entirely different manner - I don't know the correct terminology, but it is sort of a screw-and-bearing mechanism. 

This doll has very large hands compared with other dolls of this size range, and her legs seem unusually straight and skinny. Her feet have detailed toes. She is made of a very solid, heavy plastic.

Judd & Judd refer to a "Little Red" 8-inch strung or walker doll made by Hollywood. I have never seen one.

 EBay listing photos
These are 6 & 8-inch Hollywood costume dolls - note the rather bizarre-looking faces.

 EBay listing photos
1940's composition Hollywood doll

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