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Roberta 9" Walker & Roberta 7 1/2" Non-Walker


Roberta was one of the early companies to use hard plastic. By 1950 they offered a rich line of plastic character dolls in many sizes and baby dolls with plastic heads and latex or vinyl bodies. 

Roberta's history is of selling dolls of very uneven quality. Many of their dolls were cheap imitations of more expensive dolls. Others were quite excellent.

To fill the "Ginny-type" market niche, Roberta sold 8 1/2-or-9 - inch tall "Roberta Walker" and a smaller (7" - 7 1/2") strung (non-walker) doll that is identical to Doll Bodies Products' Mary Lu with unique molded-on slippers with a bow.

Roberta Walker:

  • 8 1/2 - 9 inches tall
  • head-turning walker
  • molded-on hair underneath wig
  • countersunk painted hip pin joints
  • excellent detail on fingers and toes
  • individual, separate fingers
  • unusual knee dimple with 2 lines underneath
  • standard arm hook
  • Similar or identical to the PMA and Virga 9-inch walkers, and the Fab -  LustreCreme 9-inch dolls.

: My collection
The boy in the middle is a marked Doll Bodies Products doll. The two girls are unmarked, and could be either Roberta or Doll Bodies Products. All three are strung dolls, but the boy's head is not moveable, whereas the girls' heads are quite poseable.

Mary Lu
Some Roberta Mary Lu's are marked "Doll Bodies Products." Doll Bodies Products, Inc. also sold this doll under its own label. They are easily distinguishable from others by their unique molded-on bow-in-front shoes.

  • non-walker with moveable legs
  • molded-on painted shoes with bows in front
  • slightly shorter and chubbier than most similar dolls
  • molded eyelashes
  • eyelashes painted faintly below eye
  • individual fingers on left hand
  • 2nd and 3rd fingers molded together on right hand
  • either unmarked or marked "Doll Bodies Products" on back
  • This doll came in a boy version called Johnny  
  • made in 1952 and 1953

Roberta's "Haleloke" is perhaps their most famous doll. She is a larger doll - about 17 - 19 inches tall


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