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Processes that have been certified with the maxi mum quality distinction.


On August 1 of 2001 Boca Juniors A.C. took on the commitment of giving a better service each day during the shows it organizes in the Alberto J.Armando Stadium, be they sports events or shows of another kind. The aim was to implement a system of quality management which would enable the institution to achieve a standard of excellence in order to satisfy its members, sympathizers, the general public, clients and the media. As a consequence of this quest the quality certification according to the ISO9001:2000 norm was attained, awarded by the Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) in 2001.

This achievement meant a great pride for the institution, no doubt, but at the same time implied a great challenge : to be able to sustain over time the evaluation of its processes, seeking to improve them every day in response to a highly demanding audience.

As an objective manifestation of this commitment Boca Juniors has obtained the corresponding Re-certification dated March 20 of the current year, the validity of which extends until the same day of 2008, a time span unique in the world awarded to a club.

The Recertification process required several facets in which Boca had to demonstrate its commitment to quality with objective proofs. Among these, to be audited by the BVQI during several on-going events, including the one that took place on March 20 of this year on which occasion Boca played Independiente on home ground within the Clausura tournament.

The audit decided the club deserves the recertification and highlighted several observations, among them:

Andrés Ibarra, Boca Juniors General Manager; Gustavo Nudel, BVQI Commercial Manager, and Boca Quality Team: Omar Toti, Juan Massa, Diego Massa, Carlos Barreiro, Mariano Heck, Patricia Sanchez, Andrés Gelber.

The audit decided the club deserves the recertification and highlighted several observations, among them:

- Operations showed good focus on the processes defined in the area. The sector was praised for its high productivity, strong focus on safety, tracking of effectiveness of actions taken, and tracking of controllable and uncontrollable variables (during planning and execution) in order to implement preventive measures.

- The results for Internal Audits were positive due to its depth and good detection of deviations and improvement opportunities.

- Press proved to have a strong focus on the client and the implementation of new initiatives and improvements to reinforce their high perception .

- Facilities good general condition.

- Good impression regarding access to the Stadium.

- Great personnel's knowledge of first aid and different alternatives for possible emergencies.

- Big improvements in stadium infrastructure to separate away fans' access.

Room for improvement
- Reinforcing focus on some processes/areas in order to align them with the defined goals.
- Improving the general public perception through press opinion.

Focus on the client

Initiatives underway for better service and attention

What surprised BVQI the most was that, besides the required processes, they found an initiatives program with a strong focus on quality of client service and a continuous projection in time.

The main initiatives include:

* Building remodeling:

Main gate, museum and megastore: A program will be implemented to remodel the main access to the stadium, at 805 Brandsen, in order to highlight its architecture, optimize circulation and exhibition of murals and memorabilia. This program also includes the construction of a megastore to provide club members, fans and tourists with a more comfortable space and a wider range of products.
Finally, the idea is to connect the main access, the megastore and the museum so as to improve the image of the institution and complete an attractive and comfortable tour.

Third deck: Remodeling work is underway in parts of the third deck to install seats and make the spectators feel more comfortable.

Dorms: Currently, the club has dorms that can accommodate 100 youth division players who dream of playing for Boca's first team. This area will be remodeled to increase its capacity and optimize the rooms for studying, eating and leisure.

Stadium gates: There are programs underway to optimize two aspects:

* Building works to improve access and prevent crowd concentration is underway. The first phase focuses on improving access to boxes and premium seats.
* Cutting edge technology:
New software and hardware will improve access control with regard to safety and quickness to prevent crowd concentration.

Youth hostel

Creation of a corporate area:
Companies will have a special area in the stadium with vip service. With that in mind, we are remodeling one section in the second deck, where we'll add two boxes and better, more comfortable seats. This service will provide companies with season tickets so as to allow them to invite clients and foreign contacts for public relations purposes. It also includes transportation, museum visits and catering services for their welcome and at half time.

New credential system for club members and season ticket holders: We are changing the system and technology used to optimize this process. The change involves instant in house printing of credentials so that members can have their credentials right away.

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