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This engraving of 1829 by Richard Bankes Harraden (1778-1862), published in Illustrations of the University of Cambridge (1830), shows the attractive Gothic screen wall which formerly closed the court on the west side. Probably inspired by Wilkins's more grandiose screen at King's College (1823-8), its demolition in 1939, leaving only the stonework footings, has deprived the court of a much needed visual feature. Perhaps one day it can be reinstated. The wrought-iron gates which lead into the Deer Park from the south-west corner of Gisborne Court were set up in 1955. Dated 1893, they had originally formed part of the formal gardens laid out at Panshanger, Hertfordshire, by the 7th Earl Cowper. The college acquired them at the time of the demolition of Panshanger in 1954 and replaced the earl's coronet, which formerly adorned each gate, with a wrought-iron scroll.

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