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>Comparison video: how Clark plays Mario Kart and how I play Mario Kart.
05.27.08 / Joe
>Things We Learned Last Week
05.26.08 / Joe
>The Week in Links
05.23.08 / Joe
>Jesus people, do we have to hate WiiWare already?
05.21.08 / Joe
>Photos from Mario Kart
05.19.08 / Joe
>Things We Learned This Week
05.19.08 / Joe
>Clark POV
05.18.08 / Joe
>The Week in Links
05.17.08 / Joe
>Sony 2008/2009 lineup - when is Nintendo going to do this?
05.16.08 / Joe
>Let's make this t-shirt better.
05.14.08 / Joe - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

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Comparison video: how Clark plays Mario Kart and how I play Mario Kart.
Tuesday / 05.27.08 / 11:28PM / Joe / comments: 0

I wanted to record a little of Clark playing Mario Kart because it's pretty funny. And then I had the idea to compare his style with how I play the game.

Warning: my bit gets a little blue.

At least it has a happy ending.


I think the unlockable characters are all spoiled in the Time Trial section as well.

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Things We Learned Last Week
Monday / 05.26.08 / 09:03PM / Joe / comments: 0

I turned it up to 11.

You recall my whining about my WiFi seeming weird... mainly surfacing in impossible-to-watch videos on the new Nintendo Channel. The solution was to change the router to broadcast on wireless channel 11, rather than the default 6.

Have you checked out the Professor Layton trailer? It's really nice. And remember, this is a preview movie of a puzzle game on the DS! Double-nice.

This is how awesome GTAIV is.

GTAIV has this intriguing bit o' marketing where you use your in-game cell phone to tag songs as you hear them on the various Liberty City radio stations. Then you receive a [real world] email with a link to buy and download the song sans DRM. (Info here, but be wary of the unnecessary iTunes jab.) I had heard of this service - called ZiT - but I did not know the proper phone number to call. I remembered seeing ZiT billboards on bus stations, so I cruised around looking for bus stops... but then I thought to check the in-game internet. After a brief stop at tw@, I found the phone number.

To summarize, I used a fake internet to find a fake phone number to mark real songs heard on a fake radio so I could get a real email and download songs on the real internet. Genius.

Taco Bell's vegetarian menu options.

Slim, as you would expect. We ventured into the Bell because we had coupons for free Fruitisto Freeze, or Fruitupa or El Fruitaco or whatever they are. It's a mango slushie with frozen strawberries on it, so it's great. Anyway, the bean burrito (89 cents) and the cheese roll-up (79) are just about the only meat-free options. Good to know.

Wii Fit so sold out.

I wasn't intensely driven to buy Wii Fit, but I figured I'd pick it up if I saw it. Turns out, I can't even see it. Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Target were all cleaned out this week, although I could have enjoyed some official Wii Fit exercise mats and towels if I so desired.

My TRU did have 40 or so Wiis in stock on Wednesday night, with 25 available today (although I suspect those were from two different shipments, last week's and this week's). Nintendo is really trying to make sure Wiis are available when the big games drop.

Two-man PixelJunk Monsters means starting over.

Suck! When Mike and I spent a weekend doing single-player levels (because I had yet to buy a second PS3 controller), I looked forward to eventually revisiting the tougher levels in multiplayer. Unfortunately, if you select 2P, you get a second, duplicate map. So we had to start over.

It's so much nicer in co-op, we couldn't believe we spent that much time playing it solo.

All gold medals pwned.

I now have gold medals on every Cup, every CC, including Mirror. Much to my surprise, this does not unlock everything.

There's a ton of extra characters and karts, but the requirements get rather steep to find them all. This weekend I unlocked Birdo, Toadette, and Funky Kong. (Funky Kong? Really?) There's plenty more to find - including alternate costumes for Miis - but you need star ranks on every Cup to do so. Nuts.

Getting ready for Wizard World Philly.

Got my event pass, got my train ticket. Josh and I are booked for mega comics hoopla.

Unbelievably, it's impossible to find out a weekend schedule on the stupid Wizard World website. Josh had to go here to find it. Hello, Wizard? You suck.

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The Week in Links
Friday / 05.23.08 / 11:14PM / Joe / comments: 0

Metal Gear Solid - Lupin III Style (YouTube)
Just plain beautiful.

Rock-and-Roll Fantasy (Newsweek)
Article on Harmonix. Nothing much in there that gamers don't already know, but a nice light read about the unexpected success of Guitar Hero and the evolution to Rock Band.

Creating My Own Level in LittleBigPlanet (Kotaku)
Everything about LittleBigPlanet is worth reading. Everything.

[continue reading "The Week in Links"]

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Jesus people, do we have to hate WiiWare already?
Wednesday / 05.21.08 / 11:03PM / Joe / comments: 0

babymario.jpgBarely two weeks old and everybody already hates WiiWare. The Associated Press has declared the launch lineup disappointing. A recent Nintendo World Report podcast whined about the games being too casual, too boring, and too lacking in big-name releases.

There was a really funny comment on Kotaku the other day, where somebody pointed out that the entire enthusiast industry complains that Nintendo ignores and sometimes outright stifles third-party games... and then turns right around and bitches because WiiWare debuted with a pile of diverse third-party games and absolutely no first-party titles. And we all know that Dr. Mario and Pokemon Ranch have been out in Japan for weeks! Waaaaaah!

I think the list of almost 60 WiiWare games stands toe-to-toe with the original content on PSN and XBox Live Arcade. Nintendo has a real chance of achieving late-game parity here, which is unique since the Wii featureset oscillates between Totally Exclusive (Remote, Balance Board, Miis) and Barely Competing (online play, download storage, HD graphics). The Strong Bad game is a total coup.

[continue reading "Jesus people, do we have to hate WiiWare already?"]

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Photos from Mario Kart
Monday / 05.19.08 / 08:21PM / Joe / comments: 2

Hey Nintendo. How silly is it that I have to point a camera at my TV to try to get screenshots of the great Mii integration in Mario Kart? You know, like you allowed to do in Smash Bros and then even saved to the Wii Message Board in Metroid Prime 3? I talk to you a lot, and you never answer.

Clark likes to tool around in Time Trial mode. Just unlocked the Quacker this weekend.

[continue reading "Photos from Mario Kart"]

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