Undergraduates in the Room Over the Perne Library

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A conversation piece of undergraduate life in any period in a college interior is a great rarity, and this must be one of the most attractive in existence. Probably painted by R. B. Harraden in c.' 840, this oil painting was acquired by the college in 1962 from Leggatt Bros. The room depicted is the attic over the western extension of the Perne Library completed in 1633. Until 1727 it was presumably part of the Long Gallery of the Master's Lodge. From 1952 to 1984 the whole space over the Perne Library housed the Ward Library but it is hoped to return it to undergraduate accommodation. The stylish Regency furniture and festooned curtains, the flower vases and the well-provided tea-table, all suggest a life of considerable elegance and comfort.

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