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Men on Men 2000 edited by David Bergman and Karl Woelz (Plume)

  • Queer Fear edited by Michael Rowe (Arsenal)
  • Circa 2000: Lesbian Fiction at the Millenium edited by Robert Drake and Terry Wolverton (Alyson)
  • Same Sex Love in India edited by Ruth Vanita and Saleem Kidwai (St. Martin’s)
  • Kosher Meat edited by Lawrence Schimel (Sherman Asher)


Out of the Ordinary edited by Noelle Howey and Ellen Samuels (St. Martin’s)

  • Coming Out of Cancer edited by Victoria Brownworth (Seal)
  • Home Fronts edited by Jess Wells (Alyson)
  • Mama’s Boy edited by Dean Kostos (Painted Leaf)
  • Revolutionary Voices edited by Amy Sonnie (Alyson)

Children's/Young Adult

Out of the Ordinary edited by Noelle Hawley and Ellen Samuels (St. Martin’s)

  • Holly’s Secret by Nancy Garden (FS&G)
  • Revolutionary Voices edited by Amy Sonnie (Alyson)
  • The XY Survival Guide by Benjie Nycum (XY)
  • Eight Seconds by Jean Ferris (Harcourt)


Hedwig and the Angry Inch by John Cameron Mithcell, music and lyrics by Stephen Trask (Overlook)

  • The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told by Paul Rudnick (Overlook)
  • Five Lesbian Brothers by Five Lesbian Brothers (Consortium)
  • The Beginning of August by Tom Donaghy (Grove)
  • I, Carmelita Tropicana by Alina Troyano (Beacon)

Gay Biography/Autobiography

Bosie by Douglas Murray (Talk Miramax)

  • Marcel Proust by Jean-Yves Tadie (Viking)
  • Brave Journeys by David Mixner (Bantam)
  • The Mentor by Jay Quinn (Haworth)
  • Lies by Ned Rorem (Counterpoint)

Gay Fiction

The World of Normal Boys by K.M. Soehnlein (Kensington)

  • The Notorious Dr. August by Christopher Bram (William Morrow)
  • The Married Man by Edmund White (Knopf)
  • Guess Again by Bernard Cooper (Simon & Schuster)
  • Between Dances by Erasmo Guerra (Painted Leaf)

Gay Men's Mystery

The Limits of Justice by John Morgan Wilson (Doubleday)

  • A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice (Talk Miramax)
  • Name Games by Michael Craft (St. Martin’s)
  • Love’s Last Chance by Krandall Kraus (Alyson)
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay by Casey Nelson (Alyson)

Gay Poetry

Pastoral by Carl Phillips (Graywolf)

  • Boss Cupid by Thom Gunn (FS&G)
  • The World in Us by Michael Lassell and Elena Georgiou (St. Martin’s)
  • Word of Mouth by Timothy Liu (Talisman)
  • Plasticville by David Trinidad (Turtle Point)

Gay Studies

The Isherwood Century by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman (University of Wisconsin)

  • Left Out – The Politics of Exclusion by Martin Duberman (Basic)
  • Creating Change by d’Emilio, Turner and Vaid (St. Martin’s)
  • Shorter Views: Queer Thoughts and the Politics of the Paramilitary by Samuel R. Delaney (Wesleyan University)
  • Male Lust by Kerwin Kay et al (Haworth)

Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy

Kirith Kirin by Jim Grimsley (Meisha Merlin)

  • Queer Fear edited by Michael Rowe (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Merrick by Anne Rice (Knopf)
  • Angel Lust by Perry Brass (Belhue)
  • Jumping off the Planet by David Gerrold (Tor)


Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (Little Brown)

  • It’s Not Mean if It’s True by Michael Thomas Ford (Alyson)
  • Bruce! By Bruce Vilanch (J P Tarcher)
  • Post-Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel (Firebrand)
  • The Femme’s Guide to the Universe by Shar Rednour (Alyson)

Lesbian Biography/Autobiography

Lifesaving by Judith Barrington (Eight Mountain)

  • Truly Wilde by Joan Schenkar (Basic)
  • My Dangerous Desires by Amber Hollibaugh (Duke University)
  • Soldier: A Poet’s Childhood by June Jordan (Basic)
  • The Room Lit by Roses by Carole Maso (Counterpoint)

Lesbian Fiction

Valencia by Michelle Tea (Seal)

  • Affinity by Sarah Waters (Riverhead)
  • Tea by Stacey D’Erasmo (Algonquin)
  • The Powerbook by Jeannette Wintersen (Knopf)
  • Black Girl in Paris by Shay Youngblood (Riverhead)

Lesbian Mystery

Mommy Deadest by Jean Marcy (New Victoria)

  • The Case of the Orphanned Bassoonists by Barbara Wilson (Seal)
  • Booked for Murder by Val McDermid (Spinsters Ink)
  • When Evil Changes Face by Therese Szymanski (Bella)
  • Death Understood by Claire McNab (Naiad)

Lesbian Poetry

Mercy Mercy Me by Elena Georgiou (Painted Leaf)

  • The Horse Fair by Robin Becker (University of Pittsburgh)
  • A Map to the Next World by Joy Harjo (W.W. Norton)
  • And on the Eighth Day Adam Slept Alone by Nancy Boutilier (Black Sparrow)
  • Signs of Love by Leslea Newman (Windstorm Creative)

Lesbian Studies

Lesbian Art in America by Harmony Hammond (Rizzoli)

  • Margaret Mead Made Me Gay by Esther Newton (Duke University)
  • The Girls: Sappho Goes to Hollywood by Diana McLellan (St. Martin’s)
  • Girl Reed by Bonnie J. Morris (Coffeehouse)
  • My Dangerous Desires by Amber Hollibaugh (Duke)

Spirituality/Religion (tie)

Gay Spirituality by Toby Johnson (Alyson)
It’s Never About What It’s About by Krandall Kraus and Paul Borja (Alyson)

  • The Silence of Sodom by Mark Jordan (University of Chicago)
  • Interviews/Entrevistas by Gloria E. Anzaldua (Routledge)
  • ReCreations edited by Catherine Lake (Queer)

Small Press

Kamikaze Lust by Lauren Sanders (Akashic)

Between Dances by Erasmo Guerra (Painted Leaf)

  • Outline of My Lover by Douglas A. Martin (Soft Skull)
  • Bridge Across the Ocean by Randy Boyd (West Beach)
  • Undertow by Amy Shcutzer (CALYX)


The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff (Viking)

  • As Nature Made Him by John Colapinto (HarperCollins)
  • Trans-Sister Radio by Chris Bohjalian (Harmony)
  • Out of the Ordinary edited by Noelle Hawley and Ellen Samuels (St. Martin’s)
  • Are You a Boy or a Girl? By Karleen Pendleton Jimenez (Green Dragon)

Visual Arts

Faeries by Keri Pickett (Aperture)

  • Lesbian Art in America by Harmony Hammond (Rizzoli)
  • Stars in My Eyes by Don Bachardy (University of Wisconsin)
  • Black and White Men by James Spada (Pond Street)
  • As I See It by Greg Gorman (powerHouse)

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Diva Book of Short Stories edited by Helen Sandler (Millivres)

  • Reading the Landscape: Horror edited by Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel (Overlook)
  • Love Shook My Heart 2 edited by Jess Wells (Alyson)
  • Rebel Yell: Stories by Contemporary Southern Gay Authors edited by Jay Quinn (Harrington Park)
  • Take Out: Queer Writing from Asian Pacific America edited by Quang Bao, Hanya Yanagihara, and Timothy Lui (Asian American Writers’ Workshop)


The Greatest Taboo: Homosexuality In Black Communities edited by Constantine-Simms (Alyson)

  • His Hands, His Tools, His Sex, His Dress: Lesbian Writers on Their Fathers edited by Catherine Reid and Holly K. Iglesias (Alice Street Editions/Haworth)
  • In a Queer Country edited by Terry Goldie (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Lesbian Rabbis: The First Generation edited by Rebecca Alpert, Sue Levi Elwell, and Shirley Idelson (Rutgers University)
  • Out in the Castro edited by Winston Leyland (Leyland)


Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon (Scribner)

  • Gaslight by Carol Guess (Odd Girls)
  • How I Learned to Snap by Kirk Read (Hill Street)
  • Monster: Adventures in American Machismo by Brian Bouldrey (Council Oaks)
  • Outbound by William Storandt (University of Wisconsin)


The Scarlet Professor: Newton Arvin by Barry Werth (Doubleday)

  • Familiar Spirits: A Memoir of James Merrill and David Jackson by Alison Lurie (Viking)
  • The Masks of Mary Renault by Caroline Zilboorg (University of Missouri)
  • The Sappho Companion edited by Margaret Reynolds (St. Martin’s)
  • Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay by Nancy Mitford (Random House)

Children's/Young Adult

Finding H.F. by Julia Watts (Alyson)

  • Empress of the World by Sara Ryan (Viking)
  • Love Rules by Marilyn Reynolds (Morning Glory)
  • Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez (Simon & Schuster)
  • Spot by Todd Tuttle (Window)


See Dick Deconstruct: Literotica for the Satirically Bent by Ian Philips (AttaGirl)

  • Dirty Words by M. Christian (Alyson)
  • His Tongue by Lawrence Schimel (North Atlantic)
  • Hot & Bothered 3 by Karen X. Tulchinsky (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica by Lori Selke (Black)

Gay Men's Fiction

The Practical Heart by Allan Gurganus (Knopf)

  • The Heart is Deceitful in all Things by JT LeRoy (Bloomsbury)
  • In the City of Shy Hunters by Tom Spanbauer (Grove)
  • The Marble Quilt by David Leavitt (Houghton Mifflin)
  • The Rose City by David Ebershoff (Viking)

Gay Men's Mystery

Rag and Bone by Michael Nava (G.P. Putnam)

  • Boy Toy by Michael Craft (St. Martin’s)
  • The Butcher’s Son by Dorien Grey (GLB)
  • Making a Killing by Warren Dunford (Alyson)
  • Sex and Murder.Com by Mark Richard Zubro (St. Martin’s)

Gay Men's Poetry

Source by Mark Doty (HarperCollins)

  • Before Time Could Change Them by Constantine Cavafy (Harcourt Brace)
  • Harmless Medicine by Justin Chin (Manic D)
  • Hard Evidence by Timothy Liu (Talisman House)
  • Love Speaks Its Name by J.D. McClatchy (Knopf)

GLBT Studies

Courting Justice: Gay Men and Lesbians v. the Supreme Court by Joyce Murdoch and Deb Price (Basic)

  • All the Rage: The Story of Gay Visibility in America by Suzanna Danuta Walters (University of Chicago)
  • Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, 1910-1969 by William J. Mann (Viking)
  • The Evening Crowd at Kirmser’s edited by Ricardo J. Brown and William Reichard (University of Minnesota)
  • Lesbian Empire: Radical Crosswriting in the Twenties by Gay Wachman (Rutgers University)


Fraud by David Rakoff (Doubleday)

  • Drama Queen by Patrick Price (St. Martin’s)
  • Hoochie Mama by Erika Lopez (Simon & Schuster)
  • The Inflatable Butch by Ellen Orleans (Alyson)
  • My Little Book of Neuroses by Michael Thomas Ford (Alyson)

Lesbian Fiction

Days of Awe by Achy Obejas (Ballantine)

  • Hoochie Mama: The Other White Meat by Erika Lopez (Simon & Schuster)
  • Light, Coming Back by Ann Wadsworth (Alyson)
  • Pages for You by Sylvia Brownrigg (FS&G)
  • Yin Fire by Alexandra Grilikhes (Alice Street Editions/Haworth)

Lesbian Mystery

Merchant of Venus by Ellen Hart (St. Martin’s)

  • Back to Salem by Alex Marcoux (Alice Street Editions/Haworth)
  • Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy by Mabel Maney (Harper Entertainment)
  • Moving Targets by Pat Welch (Bella)
  • Witchfire by Lauren Maddison (Alyson)

Lesbian Poetry

Fox by Adrienne Rich (Norton)

  • Here by Letta Neely (Wildheart)
  • Mr. Bluebird by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg (Painted Leaf)
  • Skies by Eileen Myles (Black Sparrow)
  • Why Things Burn by Daphne Gottleib (Soft Skull)

Photography/Visual Arts

Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together, 1840-1918 by David Deitcher (Harry N. Abrams)

  • Intimacies by Tee A. Corinne (Last Gasp)
  • Male Nude Now by David Leddick (Universe)
  • Queer Pulp by Susan Stryker (Chronicle)
  • Strongman: Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon by Robert Mainardi (Council Oak)


Pages for You by Silvia Brownrigg (FS&G)

  • Any Kind of Luck by William Jack Sibley (Kensington)
  • Mirrors by Marianne K. Martin (Bella)
  • Substitute for Love by Karin Kallmaker (Naiad)
  • Vadriel Vail by Vincent Virga (Alyson)

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

Point of Dreams by Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett (Tor)

  • Bending the Landscape: Horror edited by Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel (Overlook)
  • Bound in Blood by David Thomas Lord (Kensington)
  • Gumshoe Gorilla by Keith Hartman (Meisha Merlin)
  • Vampire Vow by Michael Schiefelbein (Alyson)

Small Press

Conversaciones! by Mariana Romo-Carmona (Cleis)

  • Calendar Boy by Andy Quan (New Star)
  • Creating Man by Michael G. Cornelius (Vineyard)
  • Scared Straight: Why It’s So Hard to Accept Gay People and Why It’s So Hard to Be Human by Robert N. Minor (HumanityWorks!)
  • The Wild Man by Patricia Nell Warren (Wildcat)

Spirituality (tie)

Queer Commentary and the Hebrew Bible edited by Ken Stone (Pilgrim)

Escaping God’s Closet: The Revelations of a Queer Priest
by Bernard Duncan Mayes (Univ. Press of Virginia)

  • Coming Out Young and Faithful edited by Leanne McCall Tigert and Timothy Brown (Pilgrim)
  • Crossing Over: Liberating the Transgendered Christian by Vanessa Sheridan (Pilgrim)
  • Gifted by Otherness by L. William Countryman and M.R. Ritley (Morehouse)


Omnigender: A Trans-religious Approach by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott (Pilgrim)

  • Best Bisexual Erotica, Volume 2 edited by Bill Brnt and Carol Queen (Black/Circlet)
  • Crossing Over: Liberating the Transgendered Christian by Vanessa Sheridan (Pilgrim)
  • Dragged!! To His Senses by Jonathan Branton (Yellow House)
  • Synthetic Bi Products by Sparrow L. Patterson (Akashic)

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Black Like Us edited by Devon Carbado, Dwight McBride and Done Weise (Cleis)

  • Bend Sinister – The Gay Times Book of Disturbing Stories edited by Peter Burton (GMP)
  • Queer Fear II edited by Michael Rowe (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Rebel Yell 2 edited by Jay Quinn (Southern Tier/Harrington Park)
  • Summer Share by Chris Kenry, William J. Mann, Andy Schell and Ben Tyler (Kensington)


The Man I Might Become edited by Bruce Shenitz (Marlowe & Company)

  • Found Tribe edited by Lawrence Schimel (Sherman Asher)
  • From ACT UP to the WTO edited by Benjamin Shepard and Ronald Hayduk (Verso)
  • GenderQueer edited by Joan Nestle, Riki Wilchins and Claire Howell (Alyson)
  • This Bridge We Call Home edited by Analouise Keating and Gloria Anzaldua (Routledge)


Surviving Madness by Betty Berzon (University of Wisconsin)

  • Famous Builder by Paul Lisicky (Graywolf)
  • Insurgent Muse by Terry Wolverton (City Lights)
  • The Chelsea Whistle by Michelle Tea (Seal)
  • Wild Animals I Have Known by Kevin Bentley (Green Candy)


Ridiculous! by David Kaufman (Applause Theatre & Cinema)

  • Gay Revel of the Harlem Renaissance edited by Thomas Wirth (Duke University)
  • Glenway Wescott Personally by Jerry Rosco (University of Wisconsin)
  • Rare and Commonplace Flowers by Carmen L. Oliveira (Rutgers University)
  • Wild Heart by Suzanne Rodriguez (Ecco)

Bridge Builder Award

Betty DeGeneres, author of Love, Ellen and
Just a Mom

Children's/Young Adult

Letters in the Attic by Bonnie Shimko (Academy Chicago Press)

  • Felicia’s Favorite Story by Leslea Newman (Two Lives Publishing)
  • King & King by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland (Tricycle)
  • Lovers’ Legends: The Gay Greek Myths by Andrew Calimach (Haiduk)
  • The Sissy Duckling by Harvey Fierstein (Simon & Schuster)

Editor's Choice

The World Turned by John D'Emilio (Duke University)


Best Lesbian Erotica 2003 edited by Tristan Taormino (Cleis)

  • Bedroom Eyes edited by Leslea Newman (Alyson)
  • Best Gay Erotica 2003 edited by Richard Labonte (Cleis)
  • Cocksure by Bob Vickery (Alyson)
  • The Sperm Engine by Stephen Greco (Green Candy)

Gay Men's Fiction

At Swim Two Boys by Jamie O’Neill (Scribner)

  • Avoidance by Michael Lowenthal (Graywolf)
  • Boulevard by Jim Grimsley (Alogonquin)
  • Letters to Montgomery Clift by Noel Alumit (MacAdam/Cage)
  • The Martian Child by David Gerrold (Forge)

Gay Men's Mystery

The Snow Garden by Christopher Rice (Miramax)

  • Hot Spot by Michael Craft (St. Martin’s)
  • Murder in the Rue Dauphine by Greg Herren (Alyson)
  • The Hired Man by Dorien Grey (GLB)
  • The Lodger by Drew Gummerson (GMP)

Gay Men's Poetry

Hazmat by J.D. McClatchy (Alfred A. Knopf)

  • The Christmas Poems by Krandall Kraus (AttaGirl)
  • Landscape with Human Figure by Rafael Campo (Duke University)
  • Ten Tongues by Reginald Harris (Three Conditions)
  • Theory of Devolution by David Groff (University of Illinois)


Skipping Toward Gomorrah by Dan Savage (Dutton)

  • Gaydar by Donald F. Reuter (Crown)
  • Is It a Date or Just Coffee? by Mo Brownsey (Alyson)
  • Screening Party by Dennis Hensley (Alyson)
  • The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories by Alisa Surkis and Monica Nolan (Kenisngton)

Lesbian Fiction

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters (Riverhead)

  • Lucky in the Corner by Carol Anshaw (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Godspeed by Lynn Breedlove (St. Martin’s)
  • Stay by Nicola Griffith (Doubleday)
  • This Place Called Absence by Lydia Kwa (Kensington)

Lesbian Mystery

Good Bad Woman by Elizabeth Woodcraft (Kensington)

  • Accidental Murder by Claire McNab (Bella)
  • Death by Prophecy by Lauren Maddison (Alyson)
  • Immaculate Midnight by Ellen Hart (St. Martin’s)
  • The Weeping Buddha by Heather Dune Macadam (Akashic)

Lesbian Poetry

Mules of Love by Ellen Bass (BOA Editions)

  • Body Language by C.C. Carter (Kings Crossing)
  • Passing by Eloise Klein Healy (Red Hen)
  • Red by Melanie Braverman (Perugia)
  • Unraveling at the Name by Jenny Factor (Copper Canyon)

LGBT Studies

Sex-Crime Panic by Neil Miller (Alyson)

  • From Identity to Politics by Craig Rimmerman (Temple University)
  • Love in a Dark Time by Colm Toibin (Scribner)
  • Queering India edited by Ruth Vanita (Routledge)
  • Soul Beneath the Skin by David Nimmons (St. Martin’s)

Pioneer Award

Barbara Grier, Naiad Press

Judy Shepard, The Matthew Shepard Foundation


The Winter of Our Discoteque by Andrew W.M. Beierle (Kensington)

  • Boyfriend Material by Jon Jeffrey (Kensington)
  • Different People by Orland Outland (Alyson)
  • Nora and Liz by Nancy Garden (Bella)
  • She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not by Leslea Newman (Alyson)

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

Queer Fear II edited by Michael Rowe (Arsenal Pulp)

  • Daughters of an Amber Noon by Katherine V. Forrest (Alyson)
  • Seeds of Fire by Karin Kallmaker writing as Laura Adams (Bella)
  • The Devil Inside by Randy Boyd (West Beach)
  • Wired Hard 3 edited by Cecilia Tan (Circlet)

Small Press

Kings Crossing Publishing, Robin G. White, Sha Mendon


Courage to Love by Geoffrey Duncan (Pilgrim)

  • Found Tribe edited by Lawrence Schimel (Sherman Asher)
  • Lovers’ Legends: The Gay Greek Myths by Andrew Calimach (Haiduk)
  • Queer Jews edited by David Scneer and Caryn Aviv (Routledge)
  • Queering Christ by Robert E. Goss (Pilgrim)


Dress Codes by Noelle Howey (Picador)

  • Brazen Femme edited by Chloe Brushwood Rose and Anna Camilleri (Arsenal Pulp)
  • GenderQueer edited by Joan Nestle, Riki Wilchins and Claire Howell (Alyson)
  • Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (FS&G)
  • Some of the Parts by T Cooper (Akashic)

Visual Arts

A Hidden Love by Dominique Fernandez (Prestel)

  • On the Couch – Volume One by Tom Bianchi (Bruno Gmunder Verlag)
  • Out/Lines by Thomas Waugh (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Outlaw Representation by Richard Meyer (Oxford University)
  • Paul Cadmus: The Male Nude by Justin Spring (Universe)

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Pulp Friction edited by Michael Bronski (St. Martin’s)

  • All I Want for Christmas by Jon Jeffrey, Chris, Kenry, William J. Mann, and Ben Tyler (Kenisington)
  • Best Lesbian Love Stories 2003 edited by Angela Brown (Alyson)
  • M2M edited by Karl Woelz (AttaGirl)
  • Telling Moments edited by Lydia Hall (University of Wisconsin)


Queer Crips edited by Bob Guter and John R. Killacky (Harrington Park)

  • Boyfriends from Hell edited by Kevin Bentley (Green Candy)
  • Mortal Secrets edited by Robert Klitzman and Ronald Bayer (Johns Hopkins University)
  • The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name edited by Greg Wharton (Boheme)
  • Pinned Down by Pronouns edited by Toni Amato and Mary Davies (Conviction)


Naked in the Promised Land by Lillian Faderman (Houghton Mifflin)

  • Cleopatra’s Wedding Present by Robert Tewdwr Moss (University of Wisconsin)
  • Going the Other Way by Billy Bean (Marlowe & Company)
  • Highsmith: A Romance by Marijane Meaker (Cleis)
  • She’s Not There by Jennifer Finney Boylan (Broadway)


Beautiful Shadow: A Life by Andrew Wilson (Bloomsbury)

  • Intertwined Lives by Lois W. Banner (Alfred A. Knopf)
  • Lost Prophet by John D’Emilio (Free)
  • Original Youth by Keith Fleming (Green Candy)
  • That Furious Lesbian by Robert A. Schanke (Southern Illinois University)

Children's/Young Adult

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan (Knopf Books for Young Readers)

  • Geography Club by Brent Hartinger (HarperTempest)
  • Gravel Queen by Tea Benduhn (Simon & Schuster)
  • Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters (Little, Brown & Company)
  • Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez (Simon & Schuster)


Prok by Brian Drader (Scirocco Drama)

  • Forbidden Acts by Ben Hodges (Applause Theatre & Cinema)
  • Motifs & Repetitions & Other Plays by C.E. Gatchalian (The Writers’ Collective)
  • The Band Plays by Mart Crowley (Alyson)
  • Women in Turmoil: Six Plays edited by Robert Schanke (Southern Illinois University)


Best Lesbian Erotica 2004 edited by Tristan Taormino (Cleis)

  • Best Gay Erotica 2004 edited by Richard Labonte (Cleis)
  • Hot and Bothered 4 edited by Karen X. Tulchinsky (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Masters of Midnight by Michael Thomas Ford, William J. Mann, Sean Wolfe, and Jeff Mann (Kensington)
  • Quickies 3 edited by James Johnstone (Arsenal Pulp)

Gay Men's Fiction

Lives of the Circus Animals by Christopher Bram (William Morrow)

  • Beijing by Philip Gambone (University of Wisconsin)
  • The Book of Salt by Monique Truong (Houghton Mifflin)
  • War Against the Animals by Paul Russell (St. Martin’s)
  • Where the Boys Are by William J. Mann (Kensington)

Gay Men's Mystery

Blind Eye by John Morgan Wilson (St. Martin’s Minotaur)

  • Bourbon Street Blues by Greg Herren (Kensington)
  • Dead Egotistical Morons by Mark Richard Zubro (St. Martin’s Minotaur)
  • It Takes Two by Elliott Mackle (Alyson)
  • Wearing Black to the White Party by David Stukas (Kenisington)

Gay Men's Poetry

Sky Lounge by Mark Bibbins (Graywolf)

  • Middle Earth by Henri Cole (FS&G)
  • Otherhood: Poems by Reginald Shepherd (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Saying the World by Peter Pereira (Copper Canyon)
  • The Healing Art by Rafael Campo (W.W. Norton)


Dykes and Sundry Other Carbon-Based Life-Forms to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel (Alyson)

  • Chelsea Boys by Glen Hanson and Allan Neuwirth (Alyson)
  • Men are Pigs, But We Love Bacon by Michael Alvear (Kensington)
  • My Big Fat Queer Life by Michael Thomas Ford (Alyson)
  • That’s Why They’re in Cages, People! by Joel Perry (Alyson)

Lesbian Fiction

Southland by Nina Revoyr (Akashic)

  • And Then They Were Nuns by Susan J. Leonardi (Firebrand)
  • The Way the Crow Flies by Anne-Marie MacDonald (HarperCollins)
  • This Wild Silence by Lucy Jane Bledsoe (Alyson)
  • What Night Brings by Carla Trujillo (Curbstone)

Lesbian Mystery

Damn Straight by Elizabeth Sims (Alyson)

  • Cry Havoc by Baxter Clare (Bella)
  • Epitaph for an Angel by Laruen Maddison (Alyson)
  • Owl of the Desert by Ida Swearingen (New Victoria)
  • The Woman Who Found Grace by Bett Reece Johnson (Cleis)

Lesbian Poetry

The Dirt She Ate by Minnie Bruce Pratt (University of Pittsburgh)

  • Embers by Terry Wolverton (Red Hen)
  • Final Girl by Daphne Gottlieb (Soft Skull)
  • Swirl by Susan McCabe (Red Hen)
  • The Beautiful by Michelle Tea (Manic D)

LGBT Studies

Time on Two Crosses edited by Devon W. Carbado and Donald Weise (Cleis)

  • Anything But Straight by Wayne Besen (Harrington Park)
  • Love in the Time of HIV by Michael Mancilla and Lisa Troshinsky (Guilford)
  • Queer Street by James McCourt (W.W. Norton)
  • Strapped for Cash by Mack Friedman (Alyson)

Photography/Visual arts

Women Seeing Women edited by Lonthar Schirmer (W.W. Norton)

  • A Face in the Crowd edited by John Peterson and Martin Bedogne (Prospect)
  • Familiar Men by Laurie Toby Edison (Shifting Focus)
  • Focus on Living by Roslyn Banish (University of Massachusetts)
  • Vacation in Ibiza by Lawrence Schimel and Sebas (Eurotica/NBM)

Romance (tie)

Last Summer by Michael Thomas Ford (Kensington)

Maybe Next Time by Karin Kallmaker (Bella)

  • Best Lesbian Love Stories 2003 edited by Angela Brown (Alyson)
  • Daytime Drama by Dave Benbow (Kensington)
  • They Say She Tastes Like Honey by Michelle Sawyer (Alyson)

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Necrologue edited by Helen Sandler (Diva)

  • Elf Child by David M. Pierce (Southern Tier)
  • The Red Line of Yarmald by Diana Rivers (Bella)
  • The Substance of God by Perry Brass (Belhue)
  • Vampire Thrall by Michael Schiefelbein (Alyson)


Keeping Faith by Fenton Johnson (Houghton Mifflin)

  • Anything But Straight by Wayne Besen (Harrington Park)
  • Gay Perspective by Toby Johnson (Alyson)
  • Gay Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak (Red Wheel/Weiser)
  • The Man Jesus Loved by Theodore W. Jennings (Pilgrim)


She’s Not There by Jennifer Finney Boylan (Broadway)

  • The Drag King Anthology edited by Donna Troka, Kathleen Lebesco, and Jean Noble (Harrington Park)
  • Trans-gendered by Justin Tanis (Pilgrim)
  • Transgender Journeys by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott and Vanessa Sheridan (Pilgrim)

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