About Hensley
Serving the greater Phoenix and Prescott areas for 53 years. . .
Founded in 1955, Hensley has succeeded at all levels of business and, in the process, become one of the leading corporate citizens in the Phoenix, Chandler, and Prescott areas. We are one of the largest, privately held companies in the state.

Jim Hensley began the company with 15 employees and, in the first year of operation, sold 73,000 cases of Anheuser-Busch beers and held a six percent market share. Today Hensley is the third largest Anheuser-Busch wholesaler in the nation (out of nearly 800) with sales that in 2007 exceeded 23 million cases of A-B beers sold and nearly a 60 percent market share. Hensley operates a sales and delivery fleet of more than 600 vehicles and services a customer retailer base consisting of 5,000 accounts. Hensley has three warehouse facilities, one in Phoenix, Chandler, and Prescott Valley. The company's dedication to develop brand and consumer awareness for all A-B products allows us to provide the finest retailer service in the industry, ensuring that only the freshest quality beers reach consumers.

Upon Mr. Hensley's passing in 2000, Cindy Hensley McCain assumed the role of Chairman of the Board. Robert Delgado, who was named President in 1994, also serves as Chief Executive Officer.

While Hensley's business is to sell fresh A-B beers and provide excellent customer service, our philosophy is to do much more. As a longstanding member of Phoenix and its surrounding communities, the company expends great effort to sell responsibly -- and promote responsibility. We are a nationally-recognized leader in campaigns to reduce alcohol abuse, underage drinking, and drunk driving.

The Phoenix, Chandler, and Prescott areas are enhanced by Hensley's presence, not only through the company's role as a conscientious wholesaler of beer, but as a conscientious supporter of local charitable organizations and efforts. The company launched the Hensley Employee Foundation in 2001 which serves as a vehicle through which we are able to give back to the communities we serve. What sets the Hensley Employee Foundation apart is the personal commitment from our employees -- employees who not only contribute financially to this internal foundation, but who make organizing and participating in charitable work part of their lives. The foundation, along with Hensley's corporate contributions, has donated millions of dollars since its inception to organizations active in healthcare, education, housing, community development, human services, anti-poverty, consumer awareness, and social welfare programs. We are proud to be making a difference.

Building partnerships one case at a time, with service, integrity, and quality products.

Hensley will be a national leader in beer distribution by excelling in four key relationships: with our employees, our customers, our community, and with Anheuser-Busch and its Alliance Partners.

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