Recognized World Champions

AWA World
Heavyweight Champion

"The Disciple of Wrestling"
Brian Logan






1) Pat O'Connor

Pat O'Connor was recognized as the first AWA World Heavyweight Champion in May 1960, but was given 90 days to defend the title against Verne Gange or be stripped of the title.

Jan 9th, 1959 Saint Louis, MO

2) Verne Gagne

The title was awarded to Verne Gagne after
Pat O'Connor failed to defend the title against Gagne.

Aug 16th, 1960  

3) Gene Kiniski

Defeated Verne Gagne

July 11th, 1961 Minneapolis, MN

4) Verne Gagne (2)

Defeated Gene Kiniski

Aug 8th, 1961 Minneapolis, MN

5) Mister M (Bill Miller)

Defeated Verne Gagne

Jan 9th, 1962 Minneapolis, MN

6) Verne Gagne (3)

Defeated Mister M (Bill Miller)

Aug 21st, 1962 Minneapolis, MN

7) Crusher Lisowski

Crusher Lisowski won the Omaha version of the World Heavyweight title from Fritz Von Erich on February 15, 1963 in Omaha, Nebraska.

July 9th, 1963 Minneapolis, MN

8) Verne Gagne (4)

Verne Gange won both the Omaha version and the AWA World title.

July 20th, 1963 Minneapolis, MN

9) Fritz Von Erich

Fritz Von Erich won both the Omaha version and the AWA World title.

July 27th, 1963 Omaha, NE

10) Verne Gagne (5)

Verne Gagne won the AWA World title. He then defeated Fritz Von Erich on September 7, 1963 in Omaha, NE to unify both titles.

Aug 8th, 1963 Amarillo, TX

11) Crusher Lisowski (2)

Defeated Verne Gagne

Nov 28th, 1963 Saint Paul, MN

12) Verne Gagne (6)

Defeated Crusher Lisowski

Dec 14th, 1963 Minneapolis, MN

13) Maurice Vachon

Defeated Verne Gagne

May 2nd, 1964 Omaha, NE

14) Verne Gagne (7)

Defeated Maurice Vachon

May 15th, 1964 Omaha, NE

15) Maurice Vachon (2)

Defeated Verne Gagne

Oct 20th, 1964 Minneapolis, MN

17) Mighty Igor Vodic

Defeated Maurice Vachon

May 15th, 1965 Omaha, NE

18) Maurice Vachon (3)

Defeated Mighty Igor Vodic

May 22nd, 1965 Omaha, NE

19) Crusher Lisowski (3)

Defeated Maurice Vachon

Aug 21st, 1965 Saint Paul, MN

20) Maurice Vachon (4)

Defeated Crusher Lisowski

Nov 12th, 1965 Denver, CO

21) Dick The Bruiser

Defeated Maurice Vachon

Nov 12th, 1966 Omaha, NE

22) Maurice Vachon (5)

Defeated Dick The Bruiser

Nov 19th, 1966 Omaha, NE

23) Verne Gagne (8)

Defeated Maurice Vachon

Feb 26th, 1967 Saint Paul, MN

24) Dr. X (Dick Beyer)

Defeated Verne Gagne

Aug 17th, 1968 Bloomington, MN

25) Verne Gagne (9)

Defeated Dr. X (Dick Beyer)

Aug 31st, 1968 Minneapolis, MN

26) Nick Bockwinkle

Defeated Verne Gagne -
(Nick Bockwinkle wrestled to a Double-Count Out against WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Bob Backlund, on March 25, 1979 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)

Nov 8th, 1975 Saint Paul, MN

27) Verne Gagne (10)

Defeated Nick Bockwinkle

July 18th, 1980 Chicago, IN

28) Nick Bockwinkle (2)

Nick Bockwinkle was awarded the title when Verne Gagne retired.

May 19th, 1981  

29) Hulk Hogan

During this match, manager Bobby Heenan hit Hogan with a foreign object. When he attempted to throw it to Bockwinkle a second time, Hogan caught it and used it himself. Since both men had used the object, the ref. allowed the victory to stand.

Apr 18th, 1982 Saint Paul, MN

30) Nick Bockwinkle (3)

After hearing Heenan’s claims that Hogan won the title unfairly, American Wrestling Assoc. president Stanley Blackburn made the controversial decision to suddenly strip Hogan of the title and return it to Bockwinkle.

Apr 24th, 1982  

31) Otto Wanz

Defeated Nick Bockwinkle

Aug 29th, 1982 Saint Paul, MN

32) Nick Bockwinkle (4)

Defeated Otto Wanz

Oct 9th, 1982 Chicago, IN

33) Hulk Hogan (2)

To insure that the controversy of their previous encounter would not happen again, this was a no DQ match.  Hogan Defeated Bockwinkle.

Apr 24th, 1983 Minneapolis, MN

34) Nick Bockwinkle (5) 

After the match Blackburn came down to the ring and tried to have Hogan disqualified for having thrown Bockwinkle over the top rope. But since this was a no DQ match, Blackburn simply stripped Hogan of the belt and again returned it to Bockwinkle. Understandably upset at the way he had been treated, Hogan left the American Wrestling Assoc. shortly thereafter.

Apr 24th, 1983 Minneapolis, MN

35) Jumbo Tsuruta

Defeated Nick Bockwinkle

Feb 22nd, 1984 Tokyo, Japan

36) Rick Martel

Rick Martel wrestled to a Double Count-Out against NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair, on October 2, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan.

May 13th, 1984 Saint Paul, MN

37) Stan Hansen

Defeated Rick Martel

Dec 29th, 1985 East Rutherford, NJ

38) Nick Bockwinkle (6)

The title was awarded to Nick Bockwinkle when Stan Hansen left the promotion after not appearing in a match on June 28, 1986 in Denver, Colorado, but Hansen took the belt and defended it on All-Japan cards in July of 1986.

June 28th, 1986 Denver, CO

39) Curt Hennig 

Defeated Nick Bockwinkle

May 2nd, 1987 San Francisco, CA

40) Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler unified the World Class Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title by defeating Kerry Von Erich on December 13, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois to become the first Unified World Heavyweight Champion, but was stripped of the AWA World Heavyweight title on January 20, 1989 after the CWA split with the American Wrestling Association.

May 9th, 1988 Memphis, TN

41) Larry Zbyszko

Larry Zbyszko wins the title in a battle royal after eliminating Tom Zenk. 

Feb 7th, 1989 Saint Paul, MN

42) Masa Saito

Defeated Larry Zbyszko

Feb 10th, 1990 Tokyo, Japan

43) Larry Zbyszko (2)

Defeated Masa Saito

Apr 8th, 1990 Saint Paul, MN

44) Brian Logan

Defeated Larry Zbyszko

Apr 18th, 2008 Fayetteville, WV


Tag Team Champions

Team Elite
(Sonny Roselli & Larry Huntley)






1) Team Elite

Team Elite (Sonny Roselli & Larry Huntley) defeated Marko Estrada & PeeWee to become the first American Wrestling Affiliates World Tag Champions.

May 25th, 2008 Coverdale, Canada


Heavyweight Champion

Robbie Cassidy







The National Heavyweight Title History will be made Available Soon!



Shooting Star Champion

M.E. Howerton






1) Dice Del Ray

Dice Del Ray won a tournament to become the First AWA-Shooting Star Champion

  July 17th, 2005  Oak Hill, WV
2) Shane Mathues

Defeated Dice Del Ray

July 24th, 2005 Oak Hill, WV
3) Dice Del Ray (2) Defeated Shane Mathues Aug 2nd, 2005 Oak Hill, WV
4) Allen Lynch Defeated Dice Del Ray Sept 13th, 2005 Oak Hill, WV
5) Flex Defeated Allen Lynch Nov 24th, 2005 Oak Hill, WV
4) Allen Lynch (2) Defeated Flex  Jan 28th, 2006 Oak Hill, WV
7) Noah Lott Defeated Allen Lynch  Feb 7th, 2006 Oak Hill, WV
8) Hillybilly Defeated Noah Lott Mar 11th 2006 Oak Hill, WV
9) Brett Taylor Defeated Hillybilly May 16th, 2006 Oak Hill, WV
10) Flex (2) Defeated Brett Taylor Jun 6th, 2006 Oak Hill, WV
11) Jason Kincaid Defeated Flex Aug 18th, 2006 Mullens, WV
12) Jesse Ortega Defeated Jason Kincaid
*AWA Convention / CWF-Mid Atlantic SUPER SHOW EVENT*
Dec 2nd, 2006 Burlington, NC


Jesse Ortega was stripped of the title. Aug 1st, 2007  

13) Jr. Alou

Jr. Alou won an 8-Man Gauntlet match for the Shooting Star Title at Thanksgiving Thunder. Nov 17th, 2007 Fayetteville, WV
14) M.E. Howerton Jr. Alou was stripped of the title for failure to perform at Mountain Mayhem and the Shooting Star title was awarded his Challenger and #1 Contender M.E. Howerton Apr 18th, 2008 Fayetteville, WV