Francesca Battistelli Opens Her Heart With July 22nd Release, “My Paper Heart”

Publish Date: May 28, 2008

Fervent Records is proud to announce the CD release from new artist Francesca Battistelli, a talented singer/songwriter who has been ready to share her adventurous musical talents since she was just six years old. Her major label debut, My Paper Heart, releases July 22nd.

It was inevitable for Francesca Battistelli to pursue a musical career, being born to parents with an extensive theater background. They met when her dad was the assistant conductor for the traveling production of “The King and I”; her mom played the part of Anna, the show’s female lead (alongside Yul Brynner as the King). And then, at just six years old, Battistelli was inspired after catching “The Secret Garden” on Broadway. Feeling a musical calling, she explains, “There was just something about live theater, especially musical theater, that has always resonated with me.”

From her parents’ experiences and her younger years of dance lessons and theater training, she knew her own path in the competitive arts world wasn’t going to be easy. Battistelli developed an insatiable work ethic, helping to pave the way for who she is today.

With a passion for writing and performing music, from being inspired by everyone from jazz greats her dad introduced her to as a child to strong singer/songwriter contemporaries like John Mayer, Sara Bareilles and Nichole Nordeman, she crafted what’s now her debut with Fervent Records. Produced by Ian Eskelin (2008 Dove Award winner for Producer of the Year), Battistelli’s soulful sound of fusing pop, jazz, rock, gospel, and R&B, with lyrics full of encouraging and personal reflections on life and faith is bound to resonate with people of all ages.

The first single, “I’m Letting Go”, displays Battistelli’s encouragement to others to not to settle for anything less than what God has planned for them, has already garnered the ears of radio stations nationwide with advanced adds on every format from CHR to AC to Inspo. Here are what some stations are already saying about Battistelli and “I’m Letting Go”:

  • “Francesca is where modern music currently is and not two years behind a mainstream trend like many in the format’s past.”
  • “This might just be the breakout song of Summer 2008!”
  • “What a refreshing song! You know that summer is around the corner with songs like this. Roll down the window and watch your phones heat up!”
  • “Move over Colbie Caillat, make room for Francesca! This is the perfect song for Summer 08!”
  • “This is absolutely a smash.”

Already a touring staple with her own solo dates as well as opening for labelmates Big Daddy Weave, Battistelli will continue touring the country along with appearing at festivals this summer.

Find out more about Battistelli and preview her debut album, including the very catchy “I’m Letting Go”, on her YMZ artist page.

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